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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Off To New Blog Address On Yna's Birthdate

Today, 28th November 2012 it is Yna's 11th birthday. Will post more on her pre & post birthday highlights soon. As for tonight nothing muy grande , just a simple family dinner. Today , am off to BBB5!  Jom....click HERE

TQ for reading BBB4. Bye now......

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Merry Diwali

Long overdue.......

Firstly , I hated the new blogger outlook kat dashboard. Tak suka. Dah bertahun guna format lama , tetiba ditukar pada yang baru ni......kekok nak menulis. Ada some good features that comes with this new outlook but I just don't like it.....plus am gonna have to move to a new blog address soon. Due to no more photo space for me to upload my pics onto BBB4. 

Anyway,,,,,back to updating this blog of mine. Lama sepi. Tuan tanah busy.....hehehe!

Sabtu lepas (November 24th) selesai sudah Majlis Pembukaan MAHA 2012 di MAEPS, Serdang. Glad that the Ministry Of Agriculture's choir performed well. The choir group sang 3 songs at the opening ceremony. Been working on this project since June. Now , I've another one or two rehearsal sessions with the choir before their closing performance on November 4th. Will upload some photos later. Tengah edit......

In between my busy working schedule , I managed to squeeze in some time for mi familia. 

In honour of my Ceylonese grandpa (on mom's side) , I took the opportunity to introduce Diwali to my kids. Yes, besides being partly Chinese,,,,,,am partly Indian too. Proud of my roots.

On Diwali Eve recently , I took my kids to visit the Batu Caves in Selayang. A famous Hindu shrine in KL. The last time I visited Batu Caves was back in the late 90's with my friends.

Beautiful work done on the Lord Murugan statue.

Some may be uneasy with me visiting Batu Caves and I'm not going to say "ada aku kisah" or anything. Let's educate ourselves with some facts first. OK....let's open up a little bit here. Yes , it's a place of worship for the Hindus......but it's also a tourist attraction site. Visitors from all over the world come to visit this very temple daily and I think we locals should too. Not many Malay visitors were here during my visit but I can tell Muslim tourists from Indonesia were there that day. We did the same when we travelled overseas to China & India. Without hesitation we'll visit their Buddhist & Hindu Temples. We did the same in Bali by visiting the famous Tanah Lot Temple & other Hindu temples there. We have no sceptical feelings when we visited the Oh! so many Wat Siam in Thailand.....come on now , don't look at me as if I'm an apostate. Shishhhh.......

I was there with my kids & 2 vocal students , Khalil & Ikhmal. We had a fun time feeding the birds. Ashel was so excited to be surrounded by the pigeons. He was happily running around & chasing those birds away!

Our next mission......to climb a very steep flight of 272 steps all the way up to the cave. It's free , no entrance fee.

Before we start climbing , we bought some drinks. As you go up , make sure to hide your drinking bottles sebab ada monyet-monyet yang berkeliaran kat tangga , they'll come to you sebab mahukan minuman dalam botol tu. 

I took my time. Penat siol!

The kids dah lama sampai but they had to wait for me....hehehe! Akhirnya sampai jugak ke atas......time to enter the cave.


Exploring deeper into the cave.....

More shrine in the cave......

Hmmmmm......there's a Dark Cave. Dunno what's in it....

Turun dari gua......another round of playing with the pigeons! 

We continued exploring the site by visiting these colourful stalls that's situated outside of the temple. 

Brightly coloured flowers everywhere , all set for Diwali the next day.

Oh my goodness......an array of Indian sweet treats for Diwali! Eh.....tart nenas pun ada OK.....that's new....hehehe!

I went nuts tasting these delicious sweet stuff. I love them. 

Ghee Balls , Milk Candy , Coconut Candy.......arrrghhhhh......sweet heaven!

I bought those sweet treats. They're not cheap as its basic ingredients consists of fresh cow's milk , sugar & ghee. I spent almost RM100 buying bits of what I like. I bought 2 types of milk candy. The one from this small milk bottle shape stall sells milk candy that's not too sweet but has a very creamy taste. OK for me but I love the sweeter ones that I bought at a different stall *wink*. 

Later we joined MP at Ali Maju Restaurant in Ukay Perdana. We had a hefty Indian dinner. Cheese Nan , Chicken Tandoori , Chapati , Prata......simply delicious Indian food.

Yes! My Indian sweet treats all for me , me , me.......

Happy Diwali to me.....hehehe!

A note for me : One day , I would like to make a trip to Sri Lanka. There's no chance of me meeting family members of my late grandpa , Abdul Raman but enough for me to just be able to explore his land of birth , knowing that I am part of it too. I've never met you Dada Gyi and never will but you are inside of me no matter what. With love.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Salam Awal Muharram

Salam all ,

Taking this opportunity to wish all Muslim readers a very Barakah Awal Muharram. Happy New Year. I've just finished writing a new affirmation list for me to recite daily and it will be a motivation for me throughout the year. Something for me to hold on to. 

I have things that I would want to achieve in life.....big things......I can feel it coming.....Insya'Allah. 

A note for me : Izinkan Ya Tuhan.......

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Raya Qurban 2012

Long overdue......masa Raya Qurban baru ni I was still staying at my parent's place. Bila time Raya Qurban , kat area rumah my parent's ni meriah sebab ramai warga taman tu tak balik kampung masing-masing. Hari pertama raya , my mother buat ketupat daun palas & ayam rose recipe my late grandmother. Neighbours hantar food to the house......memang tak payah masak as the house will be over loaded with Raya Qurban food. Alhamdulillah.

Pagi raya......cousins dah berkumpul.

Mummy busy,,,,,,,memang tak ada masa yang sesuai nak beli baju raya. So , sarunglah balik baju Raya Puasa.

Sejak kahwin , ni 1st time dapat beraya awal-awal pagi dah ada kat rumah my parents.

Kuih raya.....muffin orang putih and muffin Melayu. Ashel sangat suka makan bahulu.

Ni hari kedua raya. Surau depan rumah my parents buat majlis Qurban. Selalunya buat majlis Qurban on the 1st day of raya Qurban tapi disebabkan raya Qurban falls on a Friday this year , AJK surau decided to perform Qurban the following day. Macam biasa , my dad ada duty mengelolakan daging Qurban kat surau dengan geng surau dia.

Lepak-lepak sekejap kat surau then we make our way to a friend's house for a Raya Qurban feast.

Haaaa......balik rumah.....time to masak daging Qurban for dinner.

Our dinner menu on the 2nd day of Raya Qurban. I cooked the Masak Hati Udang & Daging Goreng Kunyit. My dad masak Singgang Tulang. Lauk Daging Masak Hitam tu orang surau yang masak.

Happy sangat dapat berkumpul with my brother , his wife , my nephews , my parents and together with my family pada raya Qurban tahun ni. My family is everything to me. I have a big dreams that I would want to do with them. Insya'Allah.

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Yna's 1st Telemovie

Awal November , Yna dapat peluang berlakon........Alhamdulillah. Selangkah lagi Yna bertapak dalam industri hiburan......she dances , she sings and now she acts. Bukan nak jadikan career tapi nak kenalkan Yna dengan dunia lakonan. Kalau dia suka , boleh lah ambil job lain in future.

Terlupa pulak nama telemovie ni but was told that it's for RTM. The location was in Balakong.

Yna played the younger character of Ms Nadia Mustaffa. 

Yna masa disolek oleh make-up artis , Finas. She had to wear a wig. I thought she looks pretty cool in that wig.

Scene di gelanggang futsal with 2 other young boys.

The production & technical crew.

Yna on set of her 1st telemovie and I'm nervous......hehehe!

My old friends in the industry. Singer and actress , now a TV producer & director Ms Ritadewi. The cameraman is Matta.....So kembang sekejap when Rita told Yna that "your mother's a good actress , you know...." huhuhu! Flattered.

Hari yang sama.....lepas shooting , we went to Wangsa Walk. Nak makan. Terserempak dengan another production team. Semua kawan-kawan seangkatan I tengah shoot. Dari jauh Kak Liza Abdullah *still dengan trade mark bulu mata tebal* , dah teriak Rima Rashidi! Reaction production crew yang muda-muda belia kat set tu , siapa laa pulak Rima Rashidi ni.....hehehe! Blur sangat. Kak Liza masih kecoh macam dulu juga. Ashel salam dengan semua orang but her.....hahaha! I told Kak Liza kot Ashel perasan yang Kak Liza selalu bawa watak jahat dalam TV agaknya......Gigih Kak Liza pujuk Ashel , kata Aunty tak jahat....Aunty baik.....hahahaa! I also met Abang Jumal Khan , a good friend of mine. He's an actor - script writer & now a Production Manager. 

Yna was in awe when she knew that I kenal baik dengan Abang Awin aka Ridzuan Hashim. Yna suka tengok filem KL Gangster *sebab si Zizan berlakon dalam filem tu*. Dalam movie tu Abang Awin played King......tu yang dia teruja sangat tu. *Nak cari gambar lama I dengan Abang Awin , nak tunjuk kat Yna :-) * Those yang close dengan Ridzuan Hashim memang akan address him as Awin,,,,,why Awin,,,,,tak pernah tanya pulak. I've known him dari dia belum kahwin dengan Didie Alias lagi.....Oh my.....how time flies.

Baik Kak Liza , Abang Jumal , Rita & Matta.....all threw me the same question,,,,,tak nak berlakon lagi ke? hmmmmmhh.....*long sigh* *thinking*...........few days ago ada satu production house called me , they're doing a show for Astro....a show on non-active celebrities , nak tahu their latest story and at the end of the show kena nyanyi........I tak perlu fikir panjang , I politely said no. Am not prepared. Not prepared to mess up my privacy....not yet. I love this life that I'm living. A simple and moderate life and I can enjoy it to the fullest *walaupon*......

A note for me : I want to act in an all A list cast film with Afdlin Shauki , Zamarul Hisham , Nasir Bilal Khan , Fauziah Nawi , Susan Lankester , Harith Iskander , Douglas Lim , Adibah Noor , Eman Manan & Ogy Ahmad Daud.....and JoZan in it....hehehe! Guess I have to make my own movie then.....hehehe! But.....who knows , rangka script dah lama ada dalam otak........mana tahu ada rezeki untuk jadi film producer pulak lepas ni *wink*......beranganlah dulu , tak rugi pun :-)

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Song : RAPUH by Agnes Monica

I love this song from the first time I heard it. 

There's no official music video for this song but there's plenty unofficial ones on You Tube made by Agnez Mo's fans. I've watched more or less most of it on the net but chose the one below for my Rapuh link *wink* 

A note for me : Being busy daily is not an excuse for me not to remember you. You're always with me wherever I go. Today , November 5th 2012,,,,,I've been madly in love with you for 4 years , 4 months & 4 days. I miss you so much. Ya Tuhan.....Izinkanlah.....

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Over A Month In Ampang

Been over a month now since I stayed at my parents' place in Ampang. Rumah dah OK cuma tak berkesempatan nak balik mengemas & mencuci what's being left behind. I just don't have the time. Kalau ada break 2 hari , I'll be too tired to go anywhere & I'd rather rest and concentrate on my music & vocal arrangements. I have 3 more choir performances up my sleeves , a weekly choir lecture & a performing arts camp for kids coming up......for now I can only plan Yna's birthday in my mind......need to do my Mamo Test that's still pending.....and Yes! I'm in so much need for that holiday..........

Tapi takkan nak lepak rumah parents forever pulak........even though my dates are filled with vocal classes *sigh*........I have to find time to get things settled at home. My home. My parents suka-lah bila anak & cucu duduk sekali tapi diaorang faham that anak-anak dah ada kehidupan masing-masing.

On one fine day......we went for makan-makan kat Axis Atrium sebab dekat dengan rumah my parents. MP nak makan kat Old Town,,,,,,while waiting for our food , terjah Subway tengok what's their special offer of the day. Bought 3 of those. I can live with sandwiches......

We thought of keeping those sandwiches for dinner later.........but......our food took forever. Kids tak sabar,,,,,I pun tak sabar.....hehehe! So we ate them!

Lepas makan sandwich *still have to wait lagi* makanan pun sampai......Yna & MP ordered Steamed Ginger Chicken Rice.

I ordered dry wanton noodles with BBQ chicken.....datang sini jarang order benda lain , usually it will be this.

On another nite.....sampai rumah lepas kelas pun dah lewat tapi teringin sangat nak makan satay kambing Suwarno. Tapi sebelum tu , MP kena print some papers. Pergi Ampang Point , me & the kids tunggu dalam kereta betul-betul tepi pushcart kepak ayam bakar ni. Beli......3 kepak and 2 cucuk pedal ayam. Makan dalam kereta.

Mood MP OK hari ni. Actually I told him in the mid-morning that I wanna go to Kampung Baru for satay kambing. Teringin. Petang masa I tengah mengajar MP called asking what time I'll be home. Fast  forward , we made it to Suwarno juga malam ni. MP was patient even though sebelum nak ke Kg Baru tu , my student Khalil called , kereta dia tak boleh start kat Great Eastern Mall. From Ampang Point , terus ke GEM ambil Khalil,,,,,,hantar ke rumah Uncle dia di Wangsa Maju. Then MP called his mechanic to attend Khalil. Sampai Kg Baru......jalan nak pergi ke Warung Suwarno tu ada Pasar Malam pulak. Parking was a nightmare.........tapi MP cool je malam ni....Rare.....huhuhu! 

Ni 1st time cuba Gule Kambing *Gulai Kambing* kat Suwarno ni. Memang sentiasa ada dalam menu kat Suwarno tapi tak pernah cuba. MP yang makan Gule Kambing ni dengan nasi. I boleh makan , tak rasa hamis kambing , very tender.

Macam biasa for me......satay kambing + bakso kosong + tauhu goreng + bergedel + kacang goreng & nasi putih *not in pic*......delish!

Rice crackers cicah dengan kicap cili padi berapi yang pedas nak mampos!......tapi sedap.....hehehe!

While makan-makan , MP rajin melayan Mas Joko baju biru kat sebelah tu.....Mas Joko tu loghat Indonesia dia pekat.....dah masuk kali ketiga I nampak Mas Joko makan duduk tempat yang sama kat Warung Suwarno ni sambil layan Astro Pelangi & Bintang. Boleh pulak MP melayan berborak walaupun banyak cakapannya yang MP kurang faham......tu satu kelebihan MP , rapport dia dengan orang memang fantastic.

More food! One nite after I finished my classes......went for a Japanese dinner. Had this big crave for salmon sashimi. So yes,,,,,the 4 of us had a big Japanese dinner that nite.

I had 3 plates of Salmon Sashimi & Yna had 3 plates of it as well. Yum! Yum! 

After all food's gone.......time for dessert. We had a delicious serving of Green Tea Ice Cream.......Ashel extremely loved it.

On another day,,,,,,,MP had a craving for ice cream pulak.....hahaha! Tak sempat habis his food at Johnny's,,,,,dia balun Banana Split sampai licin dulu.

Ashel enjoying his food while his sister waiting for her food to cook.....hehehe!

After the early dinner that we had......tapau Subway and headed for some delicious Pralines n Cream flavoured ice creams at Baskin Robbins. MP had his ice creams already so , duduk diam-diam main solitaire sambil tunggu kita makan pulak :-)

Kat area rumah my parents ada funfair. Betul-betul tepi Galaxy Shopping Centre. Tengok dari luar.......hmmmm.....the rides have evolved  into a much sophisticated ones. Tapi still lah.....ride at your own risk. Yna wanted to go to the funfair but due to the unpredictable rain....I had to say no to her. Plus , I don't quite like the free entrance concept. It makes the area crowded with people for nothing. They came to the funfair with no intentions to go on any rides or to even play the carnival games........

Funfair brought back memories to me. When I started singing , funfair-lah tempat boleh kata semua penyanyi-penyanyi cari rezeki. Tak kira-lah penyanyi yang bernama besar ataupun penyanyi baru. Funfair is the place to perform! Dulu nak masuk TV susah , bukan macam sekarang. Dulu-dulu jarang sekali company buat annual dinner. Kalau ada pun , company-company besar,,,,,,jarang-jarang sekali panggil artis untuk buat persembahan. In short , platform untuk penyanyi buat show tak banyak. 

Ingat lagi , dulu kalau penyanyi dapat RM1,500 nyanyi kat funfair ni , kira dah besar laa tu.....then makin lama baru demand up sikit harga ke RM2,500 - RM3,000 per show.....masa tu tokeh-tokeh funfair pun dah tahu , penyanyi mana boleh buat duit *can pull the crowd* dan yang mana yang kureng......selalunya time cuti sekolah , banyak-lah funfair kat merata cerok seluruh Malaysia. Dalam satu malam , selalunya ada 2-3 orang artis & pelawak. Kalau artis nama dia strong kat area-area tertentu , artis tu akan buat persembahan solo. I grew up as a singer masa zaman funfair ni. Ada masa I was being paid to perform solo. Dapat-lah bayaran lebih. Siang tu , riuh laa lori dok pukul canang kat area yang I kena perform tu suruh penduduk setempat datang ke fun fair malam nanti....huhuhu! Poster funfair bertampal nama-nama artis yang akan perform kat pokok-pokok.....I usually will get very scared for many reasons especially kalau kena perform solo. Takut hujan , takut tak de orang datang , takut kena tipu dengan tokeh funfair......tapi Alhamdulillah , selalunya my Mom will be with me......semua pengalaman menyanyi di funfair was priceless. 

Show sekarang banyak yang ala-ala konsert Jom Heboh tu. Perform macam tu senang. Keluar stage,,,,,nyanyi je. Sepuluh orang artis keluar , tanya soalan sama...."Apa khabar semua?" Huhuhu! Show kat funfair dulu betul-betul perlukan skill berkomunikasi dengan penonton. Penonton kat funfair ni nak penyanyi tu bercakap dengan diaorang. Kena buat macam kawan. Kalau yang nak feeling diva....memang kena baling botol. Hello! Dulu tak de botol plastik mineral  water OK,,,,,kalau ada botol terbang,,,,,tu semua botol kaca.....kena kepala,,,,,bocorrrr! 
Hahaha! Lagi satu , kena pandai kawal penonton bila atas pentas....sebab kalau kena show kat Sabah & Sarawak......selalunya the audience will be half drunk! Kadang tu tak sempat buat latihan dengan band boys.....pun boleh belasah nyanyi sampai sejam setengah. Penyanyi mee segera sekarang boleh buat macam tu? I can dare you that they aren't capable. Repertoire lagu pun main peranan penting jugak. Pergi kawasan kampung atau pendalaman , jangan-lah berangan nak nyanyi lagu English ke....lagu-lagu R&B ke......memang kena boo......lagu rock kapak mesti ada.....lagu joget mesti ada.....lagu ala-ala dangdut mesti ada.....lagu yang penyanyi tu jadi famous mesti kena ada.....

Jauh beza dengan penyanyi-penyanyi baru sekarang. Most can sing but cannot perform *wink*. Penyanyi sekarang kerja senang sangat.....30 minutes , they can make an easy RM12-18K. Dulu , 1 jam setengah berhempas-pulas atas stage funfair....ye menyanyi , ye menari , ye berceloteh dengan penonton.....semua yang boleh dilakukan oleh seorang penyanyi supaya penonton yang bayar tiket masuk ke funfair tu , terhibur.....all the effort for a merely RM1,500 per show. Tu belum lagi yang cuma dapat RM500 or RM800 dari show promoter.....yang kena tipu lagi....

Anyway.......itu dulu....sekarang dah banyak platform untuk penyanyi cari makan dan tak perlukan funfair lagi *wink*.

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