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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Protein In My Diet......

In my attempt to lighten up myself , I was told to increase my protein intake. So , this week I’ve stocked the fridge with loads of soy based food & drinks. My main source of protein will have to be tofu. Tofu had always been one of my favourite food.

Tofu & Tempe.......diet melayu....hehehe!

Thing is , my parent’s here staying at my house……still having the raya blues. That means , I still have to cook lunch & what not for the household. I can’t be selfish and just think of my myself & my diet.

Tauhu & Tempe Goreng dengan Sambal Kicap

Made this Sambal Goreng with Tofu, Tempe, Anchovies & Ground Nuts. Yna suka.....

If it was just me , I can live with a roast beef sandwich day & night for as long as it takes…….but with others around me , I have to compromise. So , what I did was to cook an everyday meal or dishes using various sources of protein for the whole family to eat including me. Fair enough I’d say.

This is one of my favourite tofu savouries. It's Tofu Stuffed with Mince Meat & Lettuce. I picked it up from an Indonesian friend of mine. I'll usually make loads of this stuff and eat 'em as snacks throughout the day.

Minced meat & lettuce for the stuffing. I will usually hiris halus lettuce then tumis-kan bawang putih with some chilly paste then masuk-kan minced meat , letak garam sikit. Goreng sampai daging cincang masak then masuk-kan shredded lettuce , mix well sampai lettuce betul-betul layu.

Prepare an egg mixture by cracking few eggs + white pepper & salt. After stuffing the tofu with minced meat , I'll dip the tofus in egg mixtures and fry 'em. Served with chilly padi......eat as many as I want!

Will I succeed in losing the kilos that I wanted? I was told that with my Herbalife intake , I can still consume my normal meal but in moderate quantities , of course…..Well we’ll see how it goes.

Fish........another source of protein. Tapi diet ala -ala Melayu ni , jadilah Asam Pedas....huhuhu!

Beef......another source of protein yang jadi Lemak Cili Api Daging........santan tu pulak apa kes.....huhuhu! ado! ke laut laa diet.......

Eggs are an important source of protein too. One of my favourite ways of doing the telur dadar is the way Mak Nani aka Datin Rosnani Jamil did it. Mak taught me how to do it.

Mixtures of eggs - chili paste - chopped onions , garlic & spring onion

So far this had been my routine , hmmmm…..will ask Dr. A later on to be sure if am doing it right…..Am giving it a try my way first.

(*) From the moment I wake up till 3 or 4pm – I can usually go without any food or drink. Used to it.

(*) Always had a late lunch. I’ll have either fried mee hoon or fried soo hoon or soto or belasah nasi macam biasa….hehehe!

(*) Savouries are my choice for dinner or supper. I usually opted for mini epok – epok , sausages , chicken or fish fingers , crackers & tuna mayo , murtabak….things like that.

(*) I don’t drink coffee or tea or milo or horlicks & etc…..My choice of daily fluid consumption will have to be H20 , apple or orange juice , soy milk. Now that I’m on Herbalife………it’s plain water , soy milk & HL’s tea mix. No juices for now.

(*) Tit bits like keropoks , marukus , nuts , chips ……hmmm……those are a must haves for MP while watching TV. I’ll join him just to rasa – rasa or kacau – kacau…..hmmm to kacau – kacau my diet laa kan…..hahaha! I love nuts though.

(*) Now , with raya cookies & cakes & other sweet treats that’s still in the house post-raya……huhuhu! Ngeri laa…..sugar intake ke laut jugak laa….

(*) 1 big meal a day , that’s the goal laaa…..walaupun………

Lunch today Fish Asam Pedas - Stir Fried Bok Choy in Oyster Sauce - Telur Dadar - Stuffed Tofu

Beef It Up!

Lama tak main masak-masak kat sini...hehehe! Put my work behind , put Adriel's hospital episode behind........let's do some dumb cooking , shall we?

But before that,,,,,,a little bit of updates on yours truly , hehehe! Lately I've been spending most of my time catching up on my favourite TV shows......I stayed up till 2am most of the nights. Tak tahan jugak kadang but what to do......nak tengok jugak TV.....I can't afford to miss the Americal Idol auditions *simply hilarious* , 24 *hmmmm......I was glued to my seat with each episode* , Private Practice *in love with the plot & drama* , cook & travel shows on Travel Channel & AFC , SCI's , NCIS , Criminal Minds , Supernatural...........

Dalam semua TV show tu yang MP layan is only the American Idol auditions & SCI series..........yang lain-lain dia tak minat. Kalau dia tengok program-program tu , baru laa I tengok TV dengan dia,,,,,kalau tak I'll have to watch most of my TV shows on Astro in Yna's room. TV kat family hall tu , MP will layan tengok Animal Planet! Dia suka aaa tengok singa kejar anak kambing laa , buaya tangkap anak lembu tepi sungai laaa..........adegan yang ngeri-ngeri tu. Memang favourite channel dia. I pulak tak kuasa nak tengok........so ganas.

SO,,,,,few nites ago , I saw this cook show on Brazilian cooking. They were cooking a black bean stew called Feijoada. It's the national dish of Brazil. Dish ni guna black beans as its main ingredients....banyak pakai daging , sausages & ribs in it. Inspired by the usage of various parts of meat cuts & sausages in Feijoada........I decided to improvise my pasta sauce today. I was so tempted to add red beans to my sauce but knowing that Yna will not like it........forget it lah. But I'm sure it will be equally delicious with red beans..........hmmmmm........

There you go.......for my pasta sauce today , I guna daging , beef bacon strips , minced meat & beef sausages. Some veggies like sweet cherry tomatoes , baby carrots , 1 large yellow onions , shiitake mushrooms & chopped garlic.

EVOO , pasta sauce & spaghetti..........ni a must laa kan....

I will always , always start with cooking my pasta first then only I'll start with other preparations. Boil some water , add salt to the water.......add your pasta to boiling water for 12 minutes or so......

While waiting for my pasta , I use that 12 minutes to sort out my meat portions....kali ni I saja beli daging yang ada lemak sikit.......nyum nyum nyum......adding a little sin to your food will not kill you , right.......don't feel guilty eating.....feel guilty not eating.......Kesian makanan itewwwwwww! Hehehe!

Here's my dumb & dumber way of experimenting the sauce with all the meat produce........EVOO in the pot - heat on - add bacon strips - fry till it's semi cooked & then in goes carrots & onions......

Straight away throw in lots of chopped garlic - mixed Italian spices & black pepper.......let it sweat a bit......

Then in goes ALL meat into the pot.....tak yah tunggu lama-lama...tak kuasa......Kali ni I tak pakai plain water for the gravy , I guna air tapisan dari spaghetti yang I celur tadi for the extra gravy. It has starch in it so the gravy will thickens........simmer till daging masak.

When the meat's done , add mushrooms & tomatoes.......I letak tomato sebijik-sebijik coz it will eventually burst in the pot later on.

In goes my favourite pasta sauce , some salt & sugar to taste..........

Tu dia......dah masak dah. My lunch & dinner with the kids for today.

Wohoooo...........my happy & sloppy baby says it all *wink*

Family BBQ : Makan Time

Finally it's makan time......dari pagi I tak makan , memang dah al-kebulur. MP balik , lepas solat Maghrib baru dia join makan sekali. Yna really enjoyed the lamb.

When eating BBQ lamb , I love eating it with this Mint Jelly & 1000 Island. MP likes the Iced Tea....ber-round-round dia minum.

While we're eating inside , more lamb on the barbie.......

- The End -

Family BBQ : The Food

Some Dragon fruit & Grapes for dessert.

I enhanced this bottled Lemon Tea with slices of fresh lemon.

Selection of dips & sauces. Butter for the dinner rolls.

Food on the table.......

Broccoli & corn with butter. Potato & Carrot mix. Butterhead & Iceberg Lettuce salad.
Some Dinner Rolls & Butter.

All in a tray........

Lamb & Chicken Wings

Squids & Prawn Kebabs

Bits of everything in my dinner plate!