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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Aku Mmasak Ari Tok!

Thursday , 16th July 2009
After so long tak jengok dapur,,,,,,,,today I masak. Alah my cooking you guys tahu laa kan , for sure yang senang-senang je lah. I spent say around 30 minutes in the kitchen today. Still capek lah nak lepak lama-lama kat dapur. Pagi tadi bangun , I took out some chicken cuts that I bought last nite at Giant BA. I started cooking at 3pm and I was done just in time MP & Yna balik.

Innovative gilerr kan......bawak notebook gi dapur. Beb , have to find time in between laa....kalau tak , penuh draft. Photo uploading takes so much of my time , plus so damn bloody lama to upload batches of 5 pix at a time. No choice , sambil masak.....wa upload photo! Nasib baik kat dapur ada coverage.

I'm making Chicken with Kacang Ma today. One of my favourite dish. Kacang Ma is a kind of herbs and it's good for the blood circulation , it's widely grown in Sarawak. Kat Sarawak selalunya orang lepas bersalin yang makan benda alah ni. It tastes slightly bitter but Yna suka & MP pun suka *knowing my town-boy partner laa pulak kan.....surprisingly Kacang Ma ni tekak dia boleh terima pulak*

It's so easy to cook. In a big basin , in goes chicken cuts from 1 chicken. Then add a packet of Kacang Ma + some vegetable oil , I used olive oil. Then in goes some chopped or sliced ginger & garlic. Then some crushed black pepper. Some sugar & salt to taste. Dashes of sesame oil , not too much coz sesame oil has a very strong flavour.

Mix well......

In goes everything into a wok , add some water , just enough to braise it & cover it.

Hmmmmm....nak insert jugak tuh!

Stir the chicken well , by this time it will be half cooked. Add more water......

Cover it up but do check on the chicken from time to time , when it gets a bit dry......then you're done. Actually it all depends on you. If you want a slightly soupy version , no problem. It's all up to you. You can even bake it if you like......

Next am making a simple spinach soup with dried shrimps. Yna loves this one. Semalam kat Giant , dia yang suruh I beli bayam. My dumb & dumber way of preparing this soup.........some sliced shallots & of course a generous portion of udang kering. Rinse through the udang kering first.

Cut your spinach any way you like. Bayam ni leceh sikit sebab I beli yang ikat.....so kena laa bilas banyak kali. Kalau tak,,,,,,makan pasir laa jawabnya. Kalau dah gone kes punya malas , I'll buy those pre-washed spinach , yang dalam salad pack tu....haaa....tu dah bersih , terus makan je. So.....on with my oil free spinach soup......add water in a pot & in goes the shallots........

After a 30 seconds , in goes some chopped garlic & prawns.......bring to boil......

When the soup's bubbling away , add spinach into the soup........

At this point , you can add some salt or in my case , am using fish sauce.........heat off.

That's it. Done.

Next am making Sambal Belacan using some Udang Salai.....Yup! Those big delicious prawns.

Cut a generous piece of my belacan Bintulu. Since am not gonna pound the sambal belacan due to malas......in a bowl , in goes all the prawns + just enough air panas or air masak sejuk (please make sure it's air masak OK) + crushed belacan into the water mixture. I used just enough water to make the blending process easy. Too much water and you'll have a watery sambal belacan.

Using a blender (to make my life much easier) , in goes 6-7 red chillies + the above water & belacan mixture + more belacan & just blend it.

You can add lime juice to it but am passing on it for today. I called MP to buy some cucumber as an accompaniment for my sambal belacan.

On the right is my belacan Bako stock , on left is my belacan Bintulu stock. Tahan lama lagi nih......ye lah.......masuk dapur pun boleh kira dengan jari kan.....

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