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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family BBQ : The Preparations

Having BBQ with the family tonight. My dad cakap nak makan lamb since last week.......hari tu masa pergi Tesco on Friday , I bought everything. Mula ingat nak buat during the weekend tapi MP tak de & my dad pulak last minute ikut kawan dia pergi Trengganu. Today since semua ada......OK then......it's barbeque nite tonight.

Pagi tadi keluarkan semua meat & seafood to naturally thaw it.

Lepas daging dah lembut , basuh and marinated the lamb. I bought 4 trays of lamb all together. I used a whole bottle of Master Food's Mustard-Honey & Herbs to marinate the lamb. Tasted simply delicious.

I only use the wings *bahagian drumettes dah pakai buat kari* , I marinated the wings with some chopped garlic + honey + black pepper + salt + sweet soy sauce.

For my squids & prawns , I used turmeric powder + chili powder & salt.

Cut some capsicums *yes...more capsicums this week* , yellow onions & whole mushrooms and made some colourful looking prawn kebabs.

Oh! Yes.....at the end I added some Thai Chili Sause to the squids. Everything done.

Moving to some veggies now , at first I wanted to just boil some baby potatoes but decided to add some baby carrots too.

After the boiling's done......I charred or cooked the potatoes & carrots with some butter , to get the burn effect. Too hassle to put on the barbie later on.

Rebus jagung and blanced some broccolis with the corns as well.

To retain the colour of the broccolis , I soaked them in ice cold water......

Corn & Broccoli with butter.........

I made a simple salad using Butterhead & Iceberg Lettuce. Sprinkled dashes of EVOO & in goes some salad cream , mix well.....done.

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