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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Kerabu Kerang

I’m making Kerabu Kerang today. I remembered when I was pregnant with Yna , I’ll asked my mom to make it for me almost every week toward the end of my pregnancy. I can really eat them with or without rice. I was supposed to be an appetizer but in my home , we’ll have to do a whole lot of it coz everyone loves to eat it in large quantities. So,,,,, preparing it in one big basin is normal in my house.

If you were to do it the conventional way………hmmm……memang leceh laaa. Loads of cutting , you’ll have to make the kerisek , squeeze the coconut for its milk , you’ll have to get the cockles meat first before steaming them , kena celur taugeh……..soooooo many things to do. Pity my mom laa masa I pregnant dulu. Asyik dok kena buat Kerabu Kerang…….

So this my version of simplifying the method of preparing one of my favourite food in the world! Warning…..this is my way OK but of course , still using all the ingredients that my mom would :-)

Hehehe.....got this at Giant , save me all the time nak kopek kerang and what not. Huhhhhh! Dulu kalau nak makan kerabu kerang.....ingat lagi.....me & my brother laa jenoh dok kena kopek kerang ni.....eeeee........pass......pass......

One more thing that’s been bugging me is the fact that there are people who insist that they’ll have to trim the tail of each bean sprout before cooking or eating them! Oh! My……get a life laaa.

What is the big fuss if you were to eat those bean sprouts as it is. I know this because I’m living among those kind of people. Nearest to me are my inlaws………it seems that you’ve committed a crime if you were to cook ‘em straight without trimming the tail…..it’s a must to them OK. WTF…….

If there’s a scientific evidence saying that if I makan taugeh with the ekor , I’ll get sick or die or anything laa yang akan menggangu my health……………OK fine,,,,,,I’ll siang ekor – ekor taugeh tu walaupun it will be a waste of time……..duhhh! Tapi kalau tak de kes – kes kronic sebab makan taugeh dengan ekor – ekor nye……go to hell lah! Ohhh….maybe sebab cantik kot kalau masak taugeh tanpa bontotnya? Hmmmm……like I said , get a life. Unless……unless you are a majikan *yang bingai & heartless , I’d say* and you can always ask your poor maid to do it for you. Kerja bodoh laa tu kan. Elok – elok maid you boleh buat kerja rumah lain for 2 hours *sebab nak siang taugeh sekilo……* ni tersadai maid tu dok siang ekor taugeh untuk majikan bodoh sombong dia. Seriously , I don’t understand why we must do this. Well , those people mesti ada reason dia laa…..whatever it is , I’ll pass. Kapish!

Taugeh.....on the left tak trim ekor...........on the right yang trim ekor. Apa kes?????

Back to my Kerabu Kerang........ni tak boleh elak laa....kena jugak celur taugeh & kerang. I'll do the taugeh & kerang for less than 30 seconds.

Done 'celur-ing'......

Slice some Onions , Red & Green Chilies , Bird's Eye Chilies.....amount is up to you.

Add everything in one big basin or salad bowl.

In another small bowl combine all these ingredients together........kerisek *I used the ready made ones* - salt - crushed black pepper & thick coconut milk *again , I used the instant one laa*................mix 'em up nicely.

Some lime juice & add it to the coconut milk mixture. Do add a little bit of sugar if the mixture gets too salty or too sour.

Add coconut milk mixture to the cockles & beans sprouts.

Mix 'em all up.

That's it. With my parents around , just the kerabu & some ikan goreng is enough for lunch. Seriously. But I masak sardin for MP laa....town boy tu mana reti makan kerabu - kerabu ni......So nanti dia boleh makan nasi dengan sardin , goreng telur sikit for him , jalan.

Kitchen paper towels………an essential for me to do all the cleaning up around the kitchen each time after my cooking sessions. Making my life easier.

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