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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simple Creme Caramel

I cooked this dishes few days ago. I made Lemak Ikan with Tempoyak. And Braised Chicken in 5 Spices Mix.

Well , if you've been reading my post.....by now I'm sure you dah tahu 'my method' of masak lemak........so , spare the pics la kan. Malas nak snap , snap , snap the same ol' thang. What I did today was just add some tempoyak aka fremented durian to the gravy at the end of the cooking session.

I soaked some dried mushrooms for my next dish.

I need some Snow Peas & Baby Carrots

Some ready to cook chicken fillets

Take 5 , have a carrot...........

Bring to boil some water & chopped garlic & add the 5 Spices Mix & add baby carrots

Add mushrooms & its remaining mushroom infused water to the gravy

Add some Oyster Sauce with Dried Scallop that I loved so much to the gravy , some S&P to taste. Not too much salt though coz the oyster sauce is already salty........

When the gravy reaches boiling point , add chicken to it

Make some cornstarch mixture to thicken the gravy

gravy being tested

Lastly add Snow Peas , stir well , heat off and you're done

Next , MP's fav Telur Dadar.......eggs + oyster sauce + spring onions + white pepper + chopped garlic

Lunch is ready :-)

After cooking lunch I made these Creme Caramel. Hehehe. Jadi OK. It's an instant mixture , so if I can do it , trust me , you can do it too :-) I made the caramels a day before Yna's birthday.

I tried this one. It says on the label that it makes 4 servings but I managed to make 6 from each pack , nice.

It's so easy to do , just follow the instructions on the pack. First the milk. Get the ml's correct. Then heat the milk & add the vanilla custard mixtures.

Mean while get this prepared......It's the burnt sugar mixture that came with the custard mixture.

Carefully pour the custard mixture into the containers..........it's hot , be very careful , ya......
OK.....done pouring.

Leave it to cool in the fridge for an hour or so.....that's it.

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