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Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Is My Dr. Ashar

[Taken from BBB]

If you’ve been reading my blog , you’ll know how much I adore Dr Ashar. Kapish! I speak highly of him. He’s an intelligent man , a wise man , a caring & a good doctor. And Yes,,,,,as my doctor , I do love him. Did I say something wrong by using the word ‘love’ here? Firstly , it’s my favourite word. Hmmmmmm………the last time I checked , using the word love is fine. I love my doctor…….so…….go on…..lock me up in a cell then……..

So far , I’ve only been writing about my Dr. A but had never pasted any photos of him here. I could have just googled for photos of Dr. Ashar from the net and paste ‘em here but I didn’t. Reason is , I truly respect this man. He’s nice to me ever since I became his patient in 2001. Never once he made me feel bad or anything near bad as my gynae. To my eyes , having a datukship or not , he’s still the same doctor…..still the same person. EXCEPT…….he’s not a very talkative doctor. Maybe a turn off for many BUT am alright with it. So far , I’ll just have to ask Dr. A anything.......anything that I was not clear about. He’ll answer me just fine. Cool.

Yesterday , for the first time I took some photos with Dr. Ashar. He seemed not to mind but still I don’t feel that it’s appropriate for me to just put it up on my blog before asking his permission first. Why did I feel that way? I have no idea. It just does not feel right inside.

So , I sent a text message to Dr. A asking him whether it’s OK for me to use the pics that we took earlier for my blog and he said OK. Yes!
I adore both of them........

Hmmm.....tak jadi laa pulak.......one more.....one more ya doc......

Hehehe.......me , my Dr. A & my baby
A note for me : Is my partner jealous whenever I speak highly of my Dr. A?
He should.....hehehe!

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