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Friday, December 31, 2010

Good & Bad Ending Of 2010

Hahhhhhh.........last day of 2010. Seriously time flies so fast. Zapp....zapp....zapp....dah esok.....then dah February.....then dah my birthday....Roger awal-awal nih.....hehehe!

Tak de plan apa-apa pun coz everywhere will be chaotic......bukan MP je tak game to go anywhere but am in the same boat with him on this one.

Lunch time nak kena isi perut so still kena keluar jugak. Nak hala ke Ampang , tak kuasa nak hadap jam kat depan Sri Ukay. Nak ke belah One Utama/Curve , lagi laa haru.........tak kuasa nak queue berejam dari depan Sri Pentas........Hmmmm........so I suggested to MP that kita keluar ikut Sungai Sering/Ukay Perdana masuk jalan dalam & terus ke Wangsa Walk.

Dah lama ajak MP makan kat Restoren Ayam Penyet tapi dia tak nak. Hari ni he gave it a try.

Udang for Adriel , Daging for MP & Chicken for Yna

Pecel Lele aka Ikan Keli Sambal for me.......

This Sup Bakso is for MP & Adik Mok........Gado-gado to be shared.
Yna nak potong rambut pendek. Dia nak buat Bob Hair Cut.........teringin , sebab kawan-kawan kat sekolah ramai yang potong rambut macam tu. I personally suka dia rambut panjang , infact I've never had super short hair in my entire life before. Tak pe lah.......let her wear it , see if she likes it.

Chopping off her long beautiful locks.

Uwaaaaaaaaa...........I yang sedih tengok rambut dia kontot. Seriously , I tak biasa.

Hari ni I made an appointment with my school mate Nik. Nak discuss pasal health card and Nik is the one with all the experience handling such matters. I'm thinking of buying it for my kids & myself........up till now , MP's still not showing any interest. NVM.....I'll bear for it. And Nik came out with a superb payment plan which I'd say will not be a big burden to me. After this , am gonna try my luck to convince MP one more time about getting us medical coverage. Harap-harap lah terbuka hati dia..........

Malam Tahun Baru MP tetap ada appointment mengurut badan dengan Pak Hamid di Gombak.....so while waiting for MP to come home , we ordered some pizzas & etc from Domino's. New Year count down was fun with the kids and we enjoyed the fireworks that neighbours played when the clock strikes 12! Yay! Yes dengan si kenit pun teriak Yay! Yay! Yay! It was great.

Then.......actually earlier I received a disturbing sms from a friend........hmmm.....now , an ex-friend....the same sms was being sent to my other girlfriends who was with me few days ago *will post about it later*.......Didn't wanna make things worse , I replied wishing her well in the new year despite all the things she claimed in her disturbing sms to friends on New Year's Eve..........duhhh.....what a moment to do so.........anyways,,,,that's typical her........just can't wait till after midnight or the next day or something. Without a doubt , guess she's thrilled making others miserable when people are standing by to celebrate the coming new year with loved ones and she just had to throw the bomb right that very minute.......a friend , konon.....kate-nye......

The surface of what happened..........hmmm...........nothing. All I know , when friends gathered.....we talked. We talked about loads of stuff and yes,,,,,we'll talked about friends. What we like & what we don't like,,,,,some may say it's true , some may say otherwise. Isn't that normal? So happens few gatherings lately , this ex-friend weren't together..........maybe dia rasa yang kita-kita dok berkumpul & hanya berborak pasal dia sahaja.........Aiyoo.....

Apa yang I faham...........kalau I'm not in a gathering,,,,,,kemungkinan akan jadi bahan bualan antara kawan tu ada,,,,,redho je lah. Kita tak boleh lupa yang kawan kita tu semua ada MU-LUT yang tidak bisa ditutup. Pasti ada kawan yang tak senang dengan kita & pasti ada kawan yang sangat senang dengan kita. Kalau I jemput kawan datang rumah I & di belakang I kengkawan nak mengumpat kata rumah I kotor ke , bersepah ke.........bagi I senang je......lain kali bila I jemput,,,,,,,jangan datang. Benda tu tak jadi kudis pun pada I. Lu tak suka rumah aku , gi mampus....boleh , bahasa tahun baru cam tuh????

Sama jugak macam what I do with my blog.........I tahu ada orang suka & ada yang tak suka tapi masih kepo dok baca jugak..........ada aku kisah? I nak kutuk & puji siapa pun kat blog I , itu hak I. Most kawan-kawan tahu about my love affair with my blog. You suka , baca. You tak suka , jangan baca. So simple to not interfere with peoples life sebenarnya. Tapi bila kita ada ketidakstabilan minda.........hmmm........dari hanya sekeping gambar pun kita boleh buat andaian-andaian yang melampau.

SO.....this ex-friend of mine removed me & some other friends from her FB list. What to do , itu hak dia. So by removing us boleh bagi dia inner peace.........then it's done. We do not have to tell other friends , I trust that the rest will know soon enough. I pun tak nak sebab kita-kita semua boleh bawa mudarat pada jiwa seorang individu yang ramai sedia maklum memang sudah kacau jiwanya. Kang tetiba mati pulak kang,,,,,,,,,,,kita-kita yang dah dibuang ni jugak yang salah.........KEBABOOM!

Tu lah ending of 2010 for me. The day before I lost an uncle *a sad event for me & family* , today I lost a friend yang bermasaalah *am sad but fine* , tapi yang paling best was my dream last night.........it made me smile & something for me to hold on to. I know he knows.....yay! *wink*

A note for me : We look at ourself in the mirror and we can see only ourself. We're happy with what we see but have we ever ask others how do we look in that same mirror? Do they like what they see?

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  1. Salam,

    When you were talking abt insurance before & I happened to see Kak Nik in one of your entries, I knew it she would be the best person to advise you on your medical coverage/investment matters. She belongs to an established financial planning group which I joined before. You are in a safe hand.. just follow her advise... :)

    Silaturrahim membawa rezeki & keberkatan... when someone breaks a close ties, we on the other hand just work on the opposite - initiate to strengthen the bonding instead... insya-Allah... but you know your situation better rite.. :)

    Happy New Year 2011...