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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Perlis Job : Flying Off

Over Due : December 15th 2010

Ni before I left for Perlis last year.....makan-makan with my nephews & parents & kids kat rumah my parents.

Ni kerja MP.......

Tetiba he was in the mood to buat semak! Yang kena bersih-kan????? Akak jugak....

Beli jiwa anak-anak coz nak tinggal-kan depa for 4 days....Yna loves chocolate so , got a box of Ferrero Rocher......dia makan sorang!

Ni kes beli jiwa anak lelaki ku pulak.......dia suka ball.....bought him a big ball!

Siang tadi I had lunch with Dr. A's staff , Kak Ram and her daughter Bella kat Kampung Baru. Ternampak pulak bola-bola besar ni bergantungan dekat kedai makan tu. RM25 sebijik......Adriel was so excited when he saw the big ball.......my feelings masa tu,,,,,priceless.

I dapat jemputan to be a judge in a singing competition in Arau , Perlis with Kak Siti & many others. I have to be in Perlis for 4 days........This pics was taken in the car on the way to LCCT.

Ni lah tugas-nya , Festival Kebudayaan Universiti-Universiti Malaysia 2010. Held in UiTM Arau.

Mulanya Kak Siti nak bawak her daughter & I pun pagi tadi terus roger-roger kat MP if I could take Yna along with me........After finalizing with Kak Siti , dia tak jadi bawak anak dia , so I had to cancel my plans to bring Yna along. She was excited when I told her that am taking her along but then crushed. So so sorry baby girl. I promise you,,,,,next time ya.

Our flight was with Air Asia to Alor Setar.....then officials drove us to Kangar.

Checked-in at Putra Palace , Kangar.

Semua juri dapat bilik sendiri.......

I know that I will miss baby Adriel like anything so I brought along one of his 'BOL' with me....Missing my kids,,,,,one of the reasons why I do not wanna continue acting.......

Nite peeps.

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