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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All Smiles

Sing : "Pagi yang gelap , kini sudah terang...." oooppp stop stop , sampai situ je.....hehehe! Saja kekwat nak nyanyi pepagi ni. Semangat nak update blog sebelum pergi kerja. Hari ni happy walaupun akan bekerja dari tengahari sampai malam. Later kena ke Kementerian Tenaga & Inovasi kat Putrajaya , new job....Insya'allah. Then lewat petang ke Universiti Tun Razak , mula job.....Alhamdulillah.

Nice view of the city from this verandah aaaa.........I'm sure kalau malam lagi cantik. Nak tahu from where I snap gambar ni? Hehehe......memang saspen. Hahahaha! Suka I buat you peeps saspen....Hmmmm......nanti lah I kasi tahu......biar lagi saspen.....suka suka suka I.

Hari ni I lepak-lepak kejap in between work kat studio , lari kejap to settle-kan kerja yang I kena buat. That's me having a drink with Kak Ram - Kak Ning & Ellaine. Tapi kat mana ek???? Hahaha......

OK laa.......tak nak jadi kijam laa.....I was at my Dr. A's house today to deliver barang for him. Ada-lah benda yang I diminta-tolong-buat-kan untuk doctor I ni. I was warmly greeted & treated by Dr. A's family members Kak Ning & his niece Ellaine. Met & chatted a bit with Dr. A's son , Adam. He's into drums,,,,,hmmmm.......I play the drums too! Cool. We talked about martial arts & scuba diving which Adam has interest in as well. Lagi laa cool!

So peeps,,,,,that was my day yesterday. Tu je.....tak de apa-apa pun yang extra ordinary..........kan kan kan......hahaha!

Am off to work now..........happy of course.

A note for me : The LOA is at work *wink*

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  1. salam kak rima, i know ellaine, my sister's friend.heheh..kak rima, visit www.milkadeal.com and see how your vocal studio can feature there, the outreach to new potential students is really great. top 10 blogger will blog abt the vocal studio and taknak cakap la but your jobs nanti sooo many, tak menang dek tangan.
    email me k..i will email u to let u know..