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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eating Out & Eating In

2nd day in the new year......still cuti lagi.....mana nak pergi? Still sticking to the Ampang-Hulu Kelang route,,,,,,I suggested the newly opened Axis Atrium to MP. He was like....where is this place? Told him that it's near my parents place......MP tanya lagi,,,,,apa ada kat situ? I told him that the place baru bukak & tak semua space kedai yang bukak lagi.....Then MP cakap kalau tak banyak kedai bukak,,,,,tak payah pergi lah. I counter balik,,,,,kalau tempat tu penuh & semua kedai bukak , bukannya dia suka pun.....hehehe! Nasib baik mood dia OK di awal-awal tahun baru ni.....off we went to Axis Atrium.

We ate at Bara 1 Bistro. I've eaten here once with Kak Siti.....

Decor cantik........cuma service kena up sikit. Waiter & waitresses tak alert , walaupun time orang tak ramai.

The food's good. OK. MP pun tak complaint. Spaghetti Meatballs for Adriel. Chicken Pie for MP. I ordered Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce , lupa pulak nak snap gambar.....

Yna had Penang Fried Kuey Teow and some Ceasar Salad to be shared.

Adik Mok in action...

Owh Yes,,,,MP ordered a bowl of Mee Kari.......Mana cukup makan pie sebijik tu....hehehe!

Masa tengah makan , I dengar nama one of our vocal students being called by the emcee kat ruang legar shopping complex. Betul pun.....it's Wan.

Wan masuk singing competition.......yang jadi emcee tu is the Ketua Juri cum emcee of the day. Dua orang gentlemen yang tengah duduk tu , juri jugak.

Wan in action........

Finally , Wan dapat nombor 3....OK laa tu!

3rd day in the new year.......malas nak pergi mana-mana. Semalam dekat Axis Atrium ada Carrefour , so we bought some stuff for my cooking today.

Ni untuk Adik Mok......fried some prawns with garlic , no oil....then add some turmeric powder , salt , sugar & a bit of water....

Adriel loves them......

Made a quick & simple Spinach Soup with Prawns. Kali ni I guna bayam hidroponik.......tak laa jenuh nak cuci pasir kat akar-akar bayam tu. Very easy to handle.....All I had to do was just to give it a thorough rinse & roughly chop it. The soup was pretty simple but tasty *wink*. Heat up water , in goes the spinach , add chopped garlic , add fish sauce & add prawns. Done in minutes *wink* *wink*

Yna & me wanted Ikan Pekasam with Petai. Yum Yum YUM! And MP wanted lauk Sardine....both easy to cook. So 30 minutes in the kitchen , am done cooking.

Our 1st new year's home cooked lunch. Adriel enjoying his u---nang!

Later at night , my brother & family dropped by the house. He brought a belated birthday give for Yna....lucky girl!

Dapat sling bag Ed Hardy......Hmmm....Ed Hardy tu siapa? Entah.


  1. Ikan pekasam dgn petai tu buat camte..goreng sekali dua2 terus ke?Ermmm..nmpk sedap!!
    Jap2..ed hardy tu bkn wrestler ke..ke bkn..hihi

  2. zeta : senang je. mula-mula goreng ikan pekasam then masukkan bawang,,,,kasi semi garing sikit , then masukkan cili padi hiris,,,,kasi cili layu sikit then masukkan petai.....