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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going Japanese

Lately I've been having this I don't what cravings over Japanese food! Especially the Salmon Sashimi. Kak Siti loves Japanese food too and she can really eat. Lately I've been Japanese restaurant hopping. The other day me & Kak Siti had lunch at Ichiban Boshi in Pavilion.

The next week me , Kak Siti & her niece Hanim had another Japanese lunch at Sakae Sushi , also in Pavilion. Hmmm.........yummy raw salmon.

Some jelly fish & beef donburi for me.

It was a good lunch,,,,,,of course laa kan coz Hanim yang belanja......hehehe! Thanx girl.

On my own with my family , I dragged everyone to Octopus Sushi Bar & Grill in Wangsa Walk. The nearest Japanese food restaurant from home. A bit pricey with the salmon but what to do,,,,,,,I wanna eat them!

MP & Yna had beef donburi. MP's fav Agedashi Tofu.

Just last week , I belanja my family at Sushi King. MP loves sushi so , he's not complaining much tapi.....ada gak laa "Kenyang ke....." hehehe!

Since am payin'.......I ordered quite a feast , hehehe! The salmon belly was good. Yna loves it. The salmon skin was good too. Yang lain , tak ingat laa nama Jepun dia. Tapi ada spicy salmon skin *which Adik Mok loves* , ada udang , tako balls & dunno what fish set......

A bowl of beef donburi & some yasai tempura......

MP stuffed up with plates & plates of sushi's while I enjoyed 2 plates of thickly cut salmon sashimi.......heaven!

To date.......I have not taken rice for a week now. I had roast beef sandwiches for dinner. Loaded up on protein intake. Back to my Herbalife shakes. Felt lighter but loads and loads to shed off! Hahhhhh........motivation , I wanna look good. Kapish.
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