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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hang Outs

One of the nights my girlfriend & schoolmate Liza came by the house.....saja borak-borak & lepak-lepak. Lama jugak tak jumpa Liza walaupun kami duduk dekat. Kalau dari Giant BA nak balik rumah lalu satu jalan pun tak berjumpa.

I prepared some hot drinks for me & Liza , some Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies , My dad's mango & some mix fruit jeruk from Penang.

Baru ni jumpa gang lagi kat Alexis , Great Eastern Mall. Tak de agenda apa-apa pun , just minum-minum , gelak-gelak & borak-borak kosong je.....

Awat termenung tu Kak Lizza oii??? Tengok kite-kite ni , tersengeh sokmo.....hehehe!

Hmmm.......mobile upload in progress......ambil gambar , terus upload ke FB....pantes Cik Shiema.

Gambar kiri : Shiema-Intan-Lyna.........then Intan balik,,,,,,,Kak Lizza datang.....

This was last Thursday , ada kelas kat UniTAR....we had a meeting earlier at MOSTI in Putrajaya , so lepas meeting terus ke Sunway. Sebelum kelas mula , we had tea at Restrees Kopitiam. Food not bad. Price pun very reasonable.

We had Popia Basah , Wild Mushroom Soup.....sedap.....

The Ubi Rebus was good as well. Tauhu sumbat is an all time favourite of mine. Hmmm.....now dah kenyang , baru boleh pergi mengajar dong!

Hari tu *entah tak ingat bila , tapi baru-baru ni laa jugak* , I went out for an early coffee session with my girlfriend Fifi at Starbucks , Ampang Point. Then we adjourned to Great Eastern Mall. Kak Aida & King joining us there. We had our makan session at Shyet-Li's Kopitiam.

After makan-makan , we headed to Starbucks *GE Mall* for another round of coffee session with Zack before heading home. Great day with the girls.

This is Shana , my student from Sabah. Sweet & nice young girl. Lately , I've been spending a lot of time with her coz I'm now in the midst of venturing into a new business. An online business. That's why I'm quite busy actually. Tengah buat survey & etc for this business of mine with Shana. Nanti lah , will write more about it kalau business tu jadi.........Insya'allah. So today I took Shana for lunch at Taiwan House , Ampang Point. 1st time Shana makan kat sini & she loves it. The next day Shana ada kelas vokal........lepas kelas we went for a Japanese lunch kat Sushi King dengan Kak Siti.......syok sangat makan , lupa nak snap photo.

A note for me : Tak sabar nak buat business baru.....yes!

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