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Monday, January 10, 2011

School Starts

Yna starts school for 2011 session. Masuk year 4. Alhamdulillah she was being placed in a good class. Untuk tahun ni school fees naik from RM2,400 to RM2,900 per term. Term ni lepas , 2 more terms to go this year.......hahhh. Since Yna dah naik upper primary , duit deposit pun naik lagi RM900. Another unexpected changes was being made by the school , no more usage of coupons to buy food from the canteen during tea break & lunch time. They've changed it to serving system , macam masa Yna kat Sri Inai School dulu. Meaning , we'll be charged an extra RM600 per term for food. That's an extra RM1,800 per year. You can imagine the anger on parents. I yang anak sorang pun rasa burden.....apa lagi parents yang anak 3-4 orang sekolah kat situ! Books costs almost RM400. Hari tu beli beg sekolah , activity beg & shoes & stationeries & potong rambut......more or less RM400. All in we had to fork out RM5,000+ for Yna alone sebelum dia naik sekolah. Hmmm......just wait till turn Adik Mok naik sekolah pulak......poor Papa,,,,,,must work extra extra hard for the kids' education and us all.

Lama tak bangun pagi,,,,,,,sebulan lebih dapat tidur balik lepas subuh......Tak sampai hati nak biar Yna pergi sekolah sorang-sorang even though dia dah darjah 4. I have to go and make sure dia masuk kelas mana , meet her teachers & etc.....

Yna in her new class , 4 Teratai......kat depan sekali. We wanna wait for their tea break....nak tengok macam mana the school kendalikan sessi makan berhidang for the first time ni. While waiting for 10am , me - MP - Sis Midah & Sis Nita pergi breakfast dulu.

Ni time tea break , table setting rapat sangat dah macam orang makan kat kenduri kahwin. Chicken burgers - fries & hot tea being served. Hot tea for the kids??????? Yna dah complaint dah.....anak Sis Midah pulak tak makan roti....hmmmm....tengok lah minggu depan macam mana......they're trying this system for a week.......

Yna with her classmates & class teacher. Selalu I tak bekal-kan air coz Yna selalu beli mineral water or drinks from the canteen. Now canteen dah tak de & dia tak minum teh panas,,,,,kena laa minum dari water cooler.

Lepas habis kat sekolah Yna , I kena ke studio. Ada kelas and singer Bahrain dropped by. Hari ni dapat good news,,,,,,our claims from previous jobs dah masuk. Lega......boleh buat bayar my medical policy for me & the kids. Alhamdulillah.

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  1. yna looks really good with her bob.baru nampak her face yg cantik.really.