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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tea Time With Girlfriends

Oooooooo......nak update blog tak de masa,,,,,,,keluar lepak-lepak ada masa pulak noooooo,,,,,,,sorry..........hehehe!

Memang banyak nak story mory tapi bila on laptop,,,,,,nak kena check email , jenguk FB accounts , kena jenguk ladang , jenguk cafe , jenguk pulau........huhuhu! Mengalah YB kerja kat FB nih......bila dah start main game ni , tak syok laa pulak bila tengok orang overtake kita.....memang masa banyak terbuang dok memasak & menanam & meneroka pulau & menternak kat FB ni.....tambah pulak connection Wimax kat depan TV ni "al-lem bin bab" , kalau nak laju kena masuk my room.....malas.

So I have some time today , while virtually cooking at my Cafe World......hehehe.....I try to update this blog of mine........nothing fancy , just me jotting down what I did , what I went through & sometimes trashing down thoughts that's lingering in my mind and need not get permission to do so from anyone *wink*.

Am living life to the fullest with what I have even though I do have obstacles going on in my life. I don't think of it till I go crazy as I do not wanna be in the state of deep depression....simply not worth it as I clearly understand that no matter how hard I thought about what I dislike in life..........still , it's not in my hands to change it. Only Him has the say. Only Him can turn things around for me. Fikir masalah sampai pecah kepala pun nak buat apa......kalau boleh selesai masalah tak pe jugak.....but masalah lain pulak timbul,,,,,kepala pulak sudah pecah...aiyooo....tragik. So why fight with Him and what He can do. Gila????

To overcome my worries & disappointments & dissatisfaction , I acknowledged the problems that I have but put it away and go with the flow. I dreamed of the good endings & how I want things to be. I don't try to find a solution or a way out or try to fix things that I can't. All I did was to ask & pray , I tell Him my stories & worries. I have 100% faith in Him and never doubted Him. I wanted something , I told Him and leave it to Him to orchestrate it for me. Kalau Dia izin-kan ianya berlaku,,,,,it will happen and usually it comes with a bonus. Kalau Dia tak izin-kan ianya berlaku , I must not be angry at Him no matter how bad I wanted it to happen. He has His reasons to not make it happen , the beautiful part I came to understand that He is telling me "Hey Rima , you might not get what you want just now but you have ME near you , it that OK?" Wow.......of course it is OK. Meaning,,,,,,He was with me sepanjang masa even though He was not granting what I wanted. He was with me! He was with me the entire time! How cool was that???? He loves me & He is looking over me. That made me understand that getting or no getting from Him,,,,,,,both ways I must be grateful to Him coz both ways He is with me.

That simple act of understandings brought peace to me even though I can't see Him but I can rest assured that He can hear me. That's enough. That's a big relief. That gave me peace. Let Him do His job. Me? Wait laa.........apa lagi nak buat.....hehehe!

Hahhhhh.....enough of me ramblings about my love affair with the biggest A in my life.....

Now back to me & my girlfriends having tea.....I don't do this often or everyday but only whenever I can & when time permits. MP tak berapa suka sangat dengan aktiviti perempuan lepak-lepak minum kopi ni......have to respect that lah coz he's the boss. On the other hand , I'm OK with it but not often laa,,,,,,once a week is OK to me bila ada masa.

This was yesterday , 3rd week of January,,,,,,,I had a coffee session at Starbucks , Great Eastern Mall with my school mates , King & Fifi. We're going to Zakiah's house later to burn off some fat! Kate-nye.....So now , makan laa dulu....

Ni masa 1st week of January , lepak-lepak kat OldTown White Coffee , Taman Permata with Kak Aida - Kak Sherry & Kak Lizza.

After school........pergi makan petang.

Kak Sherry baru habis kerja. Me...am from home. Kak Aida....God knows where she's from....dia mobile,,,,,on the move non-stop. Kak Lizza dari rumah nak ambil anak-anak dia sekolah.

Adik Mok tengah makan dry wantan noodles......he loves it.

This was last week , 2nd week of January........I had tea & makan-makan session with my girlfriends at Sweet Bowl , Wangsa Walk.

This time dengan gang lain pulak not fully St Marians but gang ibu-ibu jelita except for me......huhuhu! I simply can't play dress-up everyday. Just not me. In the pics , Me - Kak Aida - Noi - Intan.

Intan - Shiema - Kak Noriz

Once in a while....lepak & giggle......best.

Hmmm....ni bukan cerita tea-time , saja nak story mory. 2nd week of January , I was at Dr. A's clinic,,,,,several times. Untuk apa? Ada lah , yang satu ni secret.....Yang satu lagi pun secret jugak tapi yang satu ni boleh cerita......hehehe! Saja nak wat saspen. Yang boleh dicerita.....You see , am finally applying a medical card for myself & the kids so I have to get all health documents ready upon submitting my application. I need for Dr. A to write a letter about the state of my gynecological health. I have to get some medical report of my kids & Dr. Nasir has to do the report for them. I also took the kids to Klinik Idzham to get their exact weight & height *including mine* measured & weighed and get the doctor in-charge to record them for me. I don't wanna be in trouble for not declaring this & that later on with the insurance company.

Hari tu balik Perlis , I bought lots of these stuff. Lama I cari. Masa pergi Kelantan baru ni pun I cari kat pasar tapi tak de. It's gula nira from palm trees.....something like gula kabung / gula kerek yang biasa kita jumpa kat sini but it is lighter in colour. Yang selalu kita guna warna dark chocolate but yang I cari ni warna kuning cair. Siamese used this sugar for their famous Som Tam or Kerabu Betik. I cari jugak palm sugar ni yang dalam bentuk pes tapi tak jumpa.

Since I beli gula ni banyak,,,,,,I gave some to Dr. A's staff :-)

I also bought these Ikan Manis.....it's ikan selar kuning and it's been coated with sugar. Kat Padang Besar I jumpa 1 stall je yang jual ikan ni. Ada lagi kedai lain yang jual rasanya tapi tak sempat nak explore. Tu pun jenis ni je yang ada kat stall tu , I was searching for another type of Ikan Manis , sama macam ni jugak tapi bukan ikan sekeping-sekeping , just the flesh. Yang tu lagi syok makan. You'll have to lightly fry the fish first before eating it. Yna loves it. I jamahkan ikan-ikan manis ni sikit kat staff Dr. A :-)

Ni buah mangga dari rumah my parents. I love eating them and sekarang ni pokok mangga tu tengah berbuah. Banyak! I told my dad yang I nak jamah-kan staff Dr. A sikit & my dad took all the trouble climbing up the mango tree and petik sendiri buah-buah mangga tu. I sik suka masam but buah-buah mangga dari pokok my dad ni I boleh makan. The sweetness & the tangy-ness is just nice , very balanced. It's crunchy when it's not fully ripen. The first thing that Kak Ram & Linda did bila I bawak buah mangga ni kat clinic Dr. A hari tu was to grab a few , rinsed them and makan!

A note for me : Was alive since the 12th......hmmmmmm......la la la la la la la la la.....


  1. Rima, gula siam dalam bentuk pes tu dia orang tak jual macam tu. kena tanya.baru dia orang akan keluarkan atau bagitau kedai mana yang jual. tak tau sebab apa, sebab hari tu kak yati pun tengok-tengok tapi tak jumpa. at last kak yati tanya. Ada 2 kedai saja kat situ yang jual.

  2. Kak Yati....

    oh ye ke....mana laa nak tahu. dah macam nak beli dadah pulak dah depa sorok gula nira tu....hehehe! next time tahu laa....tq for info sis.