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Saturday, January 15, 2011

That's What Friends Are For

Last Saturday , 8th January 2011......my girlfriend Fifi held a birthday party for her 2 kids Aniq & Iman. Since Fifi just moved back here from Singapore,,,,,we friends decided to give Fifi a helping hand.

On the day of the party , a group of us came early to Fifi's house. Kak Aida fetched me at home and sent Adik Mok to my parents place. Kalau ada si kenit tu macam mana laa I nak buat kerja.....

Ni Bob , my senior in school. Time tak kerja , dia duty ambil gambar.....so Bob started by taking gambar sendiri......bijak,,,,bijak,,,,memang bijak....!

The party starts around lunch time and we have lots of work to do. Me & Bob settle-kan meja. Pasang meja & the kids atur-aturkan kerusi.

Kak Aida contract ikat belon dengan benang while the kids tolong pump belon.....pakai pump tangan ok....jenuh! Disebabkan panas,,,,,,,,most belon dok meletup. I hate balloons! I love balloons! Ya , I have a love hate relationship with balloons.....hehehe! I've told the story before....kenapa I phobia dengan belon. Rewind story balik lah for my new readers,,,,summary-nya....pada suatu hari , I tiup belon & the belon meletop betul-betul kat mata I. Punya laa sakit , buta kejap pandangan mata. I was so scared sebab I can see a thing probably from the air pressure kot. Lepas tu I was scared of them! One aspect , I love looking at them , they're beautiful bila diikat banyak-banyak & dihias cantik. Tapi setakat tu je for me. So if you have to use balloons as party decor.......get a good quality one. The best get them from stores that specializes in balloons. Pay a bit more and let them do the puffing & hanging for you. Hmmm......mun birthday party jak mesti ka ada belon? Mun sikda , sik bulih ka?

Back to work , lepas susun meja siap , I tolong Fifi with the party packs....Ehhhh.....ada laa pulak buat sibuk ye....kes nak posing for the pics.....hehehe! Tak pe , janji kita semua HAPPY!

Hmmmm.......budak-budak take 5,,,,,,my girlfriend Shima ni pregnant but she too wanna join in the fun so we told her to baby sit....hehehe!


Penat kerja.....we take 5 too. Minum-minum & makan-makan kejap. Then Zakiah datang bawak pump belon elektrik. Senang laa sikit kerja Kak Aida.

Lepas makan sambung kerja........gantung sana , gantung sini. Normi kurus,,,,,sila-kan panjat. Fifi bought lots of these birthday banners. At first Kak Aida nak lekat kat dinding.....tapi payah ya amat. So I suggested that we hang them kat canopy. Tengok laa tu Kak Aida enter frame dengan belon-belon-nya.

Siap gantung birthday banner ni.......senang kerja sebab kat hujung banner ni ada loops & kat canopy memang ada cangkuk.

More banners to hang.......

Sweets for the kids.....

The chicken pie was good. Tadi masa I sampai , Bob tengah cucuk sausages ni dengan lidi satay.

Ada banyak lagi food but ahhhhhh........can't wait for Mr. Lamb & its mint sauce!

Sebelum ramai orang.......jom makan dulu! Ni semua budak-budak St Mary's.....classmates Fifi.

2 tables occupied by St Marians.

The birthday cake from Secret Recipe.....Kek Treasure Box tu sama macam Yna punya , 2 years ago.

All gathered for cake cutting ceremony......

All the happy faces during the party. No virus , of course laa happy , kan kan kan????

Birthday girl & boy with their grand-dads.

All in the family.

Back inside for some games led by Tante Aida.......Yay!

Emak-emak yang excited tengok anak-anak main game....

I've always love this final game......hehehe!

Hohoho! Mummy Lina simpan titbits yang anak menang dalam handbag aaaa........& since tuan rumah sibuk melayan tetamu kat luar,,,,,,Kak Aida take charge kasi party packs to the kids.

We all had a great. Seriously a great time. We put everything that had just happened to us behind & far far away. Dari dulu lagi , we know that we can count on each other....the usual suspects *wink*

Along the way our group lost some friends & some being reunited , like Kak Lizza & Fifi. Apa yang jadi was pain but we know that it is for the best. God has plans for us. As much as I want my friend back but at the moment , she's happy with her new find comfort. So let it be and am letting her go........I was a bit taken aback when I learned that a friend that I thought I was close to *seriously* didn't think the same of me. We did stuff together whenever we can. We've never had any problems with each other before since school days. All we did when we meet was to laugh , crack jokes & be silly. Oh God.....I was in disbelief & shocked! Anyways,,,,,,It's OK......I know you know that you have made a mistake by throwing such a remark my friend. Right here waiting. Come back , anytime.

Sebelum balik , dapat party packs for the kids , mummy pun dapat sebab Fifi buat banyak. Yna pun dapat some presents through the games she played at the party. Yang best-nye,,,,,me & other girlfriends dapat gifts from Zakiah. Dia baru balik dari Swiss & Paris. I tak tahu kengkawan lain dapat apa but I got a beautiful pink Pashmina.

I also got chocs from Swiss & a box of miniature perfumes from Cartier.....TQ Z.

Owh! ada lagi.......my favourite,,,,,fridge magnets! I have 1 from Paris already & Z gave me 2 more magnets from Paris.......Yay!

A note for me : Damn happy!

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