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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sawadeekaaaaa.....Off To Bangkok Today...

Good Day peeps!

Just a quick note........am off to Bangkok today for a few days to purchase some goods for my new business. Please pray that things will be all alright for me there *hopefully itu kumpulan baju merah tak bikin hal kat Bangkok or anything.....*

For a sneak peek of what am gonna be venturing & getting myself into......hehehe......I've bluntly created this other blog here. Insya'allah , hope it will be a good thing for me to do.........hahhhhhhhhh....

So , see you in a couple of days........Sawadee!

Love ,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

39th Birthday : Retro Bash @ PNB Darby Park

My birthday celebration continues with another birthday party and this time am celebrating it with my St Marian's buddies. Mulanya nak celebrate in a small group je. Cuma nak celebrate my birthday & Harry's birthday but........terjemput dekat 30 orang! Tapi tak semua laa dapat datang.

Me & Harry got endless help from our good friends , Normi - Bob - Zack - Shiema - Raja - Laini and of course Kak Aida. Sebenarnya ramai yang nak tolong but we wanted them to come as guests........pertolongan dari kawan-kawan yang 7 orang ni pun dah lebih dari cukup. TQ all.

Using our school's motto 'United & Strong' , we all helped each other to make the party a success. We were all working happily , harmoniously & sincerely.

We divided chores among us tanpa ada rasa bebanan........

This is our goody bags. Kengkawan tak suruh buat pun tapi I yang saja gatal print beg-beg ni. TQ to Nadzri & wife from Kugeeku for accepting my last minute order and siap-kan on the date I requested.

Harry uruskan venue and she managed to get a good corporate rate for us to stay overnight and have the party in a 3 bedroom suite @ PNB Darby Park.

MP gave me the green light to stay overnight at the hotel with my girlfriends. Tapi of course laa , kena bawak passport.....hehehe! Yna followed me to the party leaving Adik Mok with my parents. Harry stayed in a room with her mother , I stayed in a room with Yna and the other room is for friends yang nak stay overnight with us.

View from my room.

A complete kitchen........

The party was held on February 19th , a day after my birthday & it falls on Harry's birthday. Dari pagi I was busy sorting things out at home , pack itu ini , takut ada yang lupa.....tak makan apa sampai pukul 3 petang. Sampai hotel Harry ada bawak Sambal Udang & Sambal Kerang......ahhhhh......lapik perut sikit lah.

Thanx to Zack for buying the balloons. Green green green........nice! Part gantung-gantung belon serah kat Kak Aida. Dia yang pandai ikat-ikat belon tu dengan benang. Kite-kite yang lain , tak pandai.

Finally , siap lah suite ni dihias , disusun atur perabot-nya and.....guests pun dah mula datang....

Kat depan pintu suite ni.....tu dia , I lekat-kan mini poster of the birthday girls. Normi yang buat poster-poster ni. Gasak dok lekat around the suite. Dulu kat sekolah Harry was House Captain for Pope House *rumah hijau*, I was Cheerleader Captain for Pope House jugak , Rick.....I lupa , tapi dia Pope House jugak. Semua rumah hijau dulu , that's why laa serba - serbi warna hijau hari ni....Last minute , Normi ajak Rick join to celebrate birthday dia sekali. Rick's birthday falls on February 16th......

I got this frame as a birthday gift for Harry

.....and this pretty bowl for mummy Rick.....Happy Birthday girlfriends!

Food........Harry cari caterer and I paid for it. Thanx to friends yang bawak makanan-makanan lain. TQ Camy for the Sardin Puffs. TQ Rick for the Oranges & Grapes. TQ Zack for the Tidbits. TQ Nik the Tapai Ubi & Tapai Pulut.

Goody bags dah siap. Lupa pulak I nak snap gambar isi-nya. I letak potpuri - fridge magnet - hand towel. We've told guests to bring along small gifts so that we can exchanged gifts among us....it was fun. All guests brought small gifts but thanks to Shiema for bringing extra gifts and also thanx to Zack for bringing bunches of flowers for lucky draws........

OK , kat depan semua dah siap......time for us to get ready pulak. Tema birthday ni is Retro! Make-up sakan , siap dengan bulu mata bling-bling bagai...hahaha! Cool sangat!

I dah siap! Hehehe.....blue blue blue....

Shiema & Aida with the birthday girls.....

Makin ramai guests sampai. Urusan jemput-menjemput ni kerja si Normi. Finally party started..........TQ for all the gifts for me......best , I dapat banyak hadiah. My girlfriend Fifi was so eager to open up my presents........hahaha! No no no!

Camy - Normi - Rick - Lyna - Zack.......makan , makan , makan.....nanti nak joget....Hehehe!

Time to cut the cake........

Tadi sebelum datang ke hotel.....I singgah Ukay Perdana ambil birthday cake yang I order for myself. I suka the vanilla flavour , so I ordered a 2kg cake for myself. Nak jadi cerita , masa I sampai rumah baker tu , I bumped into Normi there. She was there to pick up birthday cake that she ordered for event hari ni.....hehehe! Dia nak surprise-kan I , coz dia tahu I suka kek yang baker ni buat tapi dia yang surprise tengok I kat situ.....hehehe!

MC of the day......siapa lagi , Kak Aida kite laa....

Our Retro Birthday Cake.......TQ to Normi & Kak Aida *tu yang I tahu....kalau ada friends yang I tak mentioned,,,,,TQ from me ye...*

Nyanyi birthday song & lagu panjang umurnya.....

Everyone's in the pic.............great!

Birthday girls , Rima Rashidi - Hariana Sariyo - Nurika Sari.

Ahhhh......so sweet , ada show surprise from the girls.....*walaupun I dah tahu they're gonna do this....hehehe!* They've been practicing this Poco-poco dance everyday for a week kat rumah Zack. Kebetulan ada 1 hari tu I datang for Poco-poco session,,,,,terkedu kejap diaorang.....hehehe! Tak pe , I kan pernah jadi pelakon......gua berlakon konon-konon surprise laa.....hahaha!

Then birthday girls pun kena tarik menari Poco-poco sekali..........hentam je laa labu! Steps bukan setakat ke laut je.....ke bukit , ke gunung , ke gaung terus! Hahaha!

Ni paling best , diam-diam , tak pernah nak join kita semua Poco-poco....tetiba si Bob layan poco-poco sorang-sorang kat pintu bilik.

Pose yang tak berapa kurang nak maut.....hehehe!

Now it's joget time! Dancing to the retro beat.......


Sambung borak-borak....

Retro girls , born in the early 70's!

From left to right : Camy - Zack - Rick - Nana - Aida - Aimie - Ainon - Rima - Lyna - Harry

Minah-minah retro terlepas kandang.....

Going down to the pool......

Retro girls at the pool.......golap le,,,,tak nampak pool pong. Nampak silhouette Bangunan Tabung Haji kat belakang.......lariiiiiiiiii!!!!

Ni apa kes???? Tapai pulut tinggal satu , so time to bottoms up air tapai!

Night comes,,,,,,tukar uniform.....disco time! *Hmmmm.....ada laa nanti species Kak Noripah yang query about waktu , about solat & etc.......hello,,,,,,,happenings posted here have been edited bukan time line sebenar plus , it's non of your business*

Few of us stayed overnight at the hotel. Besides me & Harry , Fifi - Ainon - Raja - Laini - Bob & Normi stayed overnight. We spent the night talking & watching tv & laughing the night away till 3am!

All set to go home. It was a great way to celebrate my 39th birthday. I had a great time.

Apa nak cakap lagi ek???? Oh ya.....besides being happy celebrating my birthday , am missing someone & something terribly. That someone & something is in my mind every single second. Ya Allah.......kabul-kan permintaan ku yang satu ini. Amin.

A note for me : Rindu yang teramat.......moga ketemu lagi di dalam mimpi......