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Friday, February 18, 2011

39th Birthday : Afternoon English Tea @ Carcosa Seri Negara

I seriously hate my Wimax WiFi at home lately! Selalu mati-mati je line. Kerap sangat tak de coverage especially at night. Hiiiiiiiiii......bosan. Sejak mula guna dulu , tak de masalah besar but lately memang makin menaik-kan darah! Kat Bukit Antarabangsa ni dah ada area yang boleh guna the high speed broadband TM Unifi , ada area yang depa dok korek sana & korek sini........3 weeks ago depa dok korek nak masuk-kan kabel near my area. Mungkin this has something to do with the disturbance of wave line or whatever terms you call it , dunno lah......

I need more time. Loads to do. When I got home , I'm sometimes tired to do anything. Struggling to cope with work , fun & play.......and yaaa....updating this humble blog of mine....hehehe!

As am starting an online business , friends suggested that I sign-up for the Nuffnang add. Hmmmm.......still thinking.

OK cukup cukup cukup about work.......back to my birthday....

Last Friday , February 18th I celebrated my birthday with my girlfriends. I decided to have this small gathering at the last minute. Didn't wanna do anything on my birthday at first because I have choir practice at the studio at night. But then after giving it much thought........I decided to give myself a treat on this special day. Come to think of it again,,,,,why not? I deserve it plus it's my birthday anyway.

Two days before my birthday I started inviting friends to my small birthday gathering. In between vocal classes at the studio , sempat jugak I beli & bungkus-kan gifts for my guests.

Comes Friday , Kak Aida fetched me at my parents place around noon and ikut dia hantar Ayah & Mama (her parents) ke Kampung Baru & ambil her daughters kat sekolah. While in Kampung Baru , we had a light lunch. Makan laksa je.

When time comes , we headed to the Carcosa Seri Negara , Kuala Lumpur for my small birthday party.

Occasion : Celebrating Rima's Birthday
Theme : An English Afternoon Tea Party
Date : February 18th 2011
Venue : The Drawing Room , Carcosa Seri Negara
Invited Guests : Aida - Noi - Intan - Shiema

Hope you'll enjoy the pics........

We parked the car and walked to the venue........

At the entrance before entering The Drawing Room

The birthday girl! Survived 39 years on this earth. Insya'allah next year I'll be 40. SO,,,,,,sebelum masuk 40 , I intended to continuously celebrate my birthday till February 18th 2012 comes! Yes....you read right. Before being a '4 series' , I would like to celebrate my last year being a '3 series' to the fullest. Every treat , every gifts , every happiness , every sweet surprises , every cherishable moments , every pleasant dreams , every fulfilled wishes........I'll consider it to be my birthday presents throughout the year till my next birthday.

Tasha & Sara at my tea party. I wanted to bring Yna along but she had to stay back at school for netball. I told MP that I'd like to take Yna along with me but MP was hesitant to let Yna follow me coz he said that my plan was to spend the day with my girlfriends and that's how it should be. One thing about MP , he has been exposed to official functions , protocol functions & etc , so when I mentioned to him that am treating my friends to an Afternoon English Tea at the Carcosa Seri Negara......he cannot visualize seeing kids running around the official guesthouse for Malaysia’s most important visitors. Hehehe! Yaaaa call him old fashioned but hey! since he gave me the permission to enjoy the afternoon peacefully with my girlfriends without disturbance,,,,,,I'm game for anything.

Yna was a bit upset when MP told her that she'll not be following me to the tea party but MP quickly made her a promise that he'll take her to the Carcosa himself , with of course Adriel & me........and the best part MP promised that we'll check-in at the Carcosa and enjoy the historical heritage mansion together. Wahhhhhhhh!!! I'm jotting this promise down for sure , kot kot MP lupa.........hehehe!

Looking through the menu & what tea to choose while waiting for 3 of my other guests.

The tea setting.......

Sebelum teh sampai.........more pics of the 39 years old birthday girl.

My tea's here.......I went for the Strawberry flavoured tea which is my fave.

Sambil minum teh , sambil menunggu kengkawan yang tak sampai-sampai lagi & of course,,,,,,bergambar laaa....apa nak buat lagi.

.......and finally the ladies arrived.......

What was being served.......

......dalam size yang sangat-sangat comel.......huhuhu!

Me : nasib baik tadi gua dah balun laksa.....hehehe!

Ahhhhhhhh! Then came scones with butter , cream & jam......yum yum yum!

Lastly , the strawberry sorbet.......sweet & tangy. Habis.

I had nice conversations with friends......I love hosting small gatherings. This way I can talk , spend more time & I'll be able to entertain my guests better.

Done with the food & chats......time for more photo sessions around the mansion.

In the middle of The Drawing Room

Naturally , we headed outside to capture memorable moments.....

Yaa.....itu dia.....di tangga pun ada.....

We headed inside to finish our tea & chat. I took the opportunity to present my guests with a gift.

And yes! Group photos at our lovely corner.

Ehhhhhh......tak habis bergambar lagi. Ni kat lobby.

The kids was our photographers.......and they became creative....nice.

Macam sessi photo shoot magazine....

Another atas tangga shot.

Most of the ruang we covered......cuma tak masuk ke suite je.....hehehe!

See , I told you......

Dalam bilik ayor pun sempat mozing......

Paying the bill time....

Us leaving the The Drawing Room....hmmm.....posing lagi!

Us leaving the mansion.......

Eh....berhenti lagi......nak ambik background rumah pulak........

Ni baru betul-betul berjalan balik ke kereta......

Akhirnya sampai ke kereta........

And yes...........we had to do this. A final photo at the round-a-bout of Carcosa Seri Negara.

A note for me : I'm so happy that I'm able to celebrate my birthday here. And MP knows the reason why. Been dying to do so for so long. Alhamdulillah , You made it happen. Thank You. That's a gift there already , from You. *Smiling* *Grateful* *Thankful*


  1. hepi 39th besday Rima!! wish u all the happiness! xoxo

  2. hepy belated bday to u kak...
    wish all the best to u

  3. Hi Bday Gurl,

    Memorable way of celebrating ur bday... but r u sure u wanna spend a nite @ carcosa?? tak takut ke?? spooky spooky... huhuhu.... but share d experience with us k..

    Hv fun...