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Monday, February 7, 2011

CNY Hols With Friends & Family

1st day of CNY baru ni I checked-in kat Flamingo Hotel with the kids. MP joined us during the day but tak tidur kat hotel. Actually it was a last minute thingy. With Fifi's help , we managed to get rooms at Flamingo during peak period. Syok laa sebab checked-in dengan Kak Aida & Shima bersama keluarga masing-masing.

I took the suite for me & the kids. Bilik luas and senang nak turun naik dari room ke pool.

Saja suka ambil gambar benda-benda alah ni.......hehehe!

The lake view from the suite......pan to the right is the chalet units.........

Kak Aida , Shiema & family checked-in kat chalet......

Hmmm.....tak ramai orang kat pool and Adik Mok dah tak sabar nak "miming"......

So off we went to the pool..........watching over the kids as they went 'berendam' in the wading pool.

Adriel loves the water.....he can just wade & play in the water. So naughty & cheeky now.....don't know what I'll do without him.

Time to take a dip in the adult's pool with the kids.....mummy's duty starts......why????

....coz daddy didn't wanna go into the pool laaa.....

The pool was calm , quiet & peaceful. Just us & 2 Arab family...........at the chalet,,,,,,the kids are getting ready to rock the pool!!!!

.........and there you go,,,,,,moments later,,,,,,you jump! I jump!.....

It turned into a super packed pool in a blink of an eye.....

I mean super duper packed pool of kids!

The boys & girls having a blast in the water.

Fun pool......Kak Aida brought along her nieces & nephews......It instantly became a mini water theme park.......hehehe!

Mums on duty.....

More friends joined us......Normi & Bob dropped by. Harry's coming.

After having a fun time in the pool......the gang decided to go for an aquabike ride in the lake.

I can't join the gang coz by this time MP dah balik ke rumah and Adik Mok pulak tidur. Too tired in the water , I guess.

Jaja , Aida & Shiema..........without me.......uwaaaaa.....

Couple-couple , Shiema & hubby Azlan....on the right , Jaja with hubby Archie Nasution *adik Kak Aida*. Archie ni song composer & music arranger.....he's attached with KRU. Kalau tengok record labels or movies terbitan KRU , you'll see Archie's name in the credit. The latest you can see is in the film Magika :-)

Since the gang dok berkayuh-kayuh aquabike di tasik , I decided to head back to the suite to join Normi - Bob & Harry yang dok terlambai-lambai dari balcony tu. Adriel masih tidur so I had to carry him up to the suite. Nasib baik I ambil bilik kat main building......kalau I ambil chalet,,,,,,,azab laa nak kena berjalan ke chalet sambil dukung Adik Mok yang lena tidur.....

Sampai jugak kat bilik & tucked Adriel to bed. Agenda berkumpul petang ni is to discuss about my up and coming birthday celebration. Planning-nya nak co-celebrate dengan my classmate Cik Hajjah Hariana Sariyo aka Harry. Alhamdulillah , dah Hajjah dah my friend ni. Harry buat Haji musim baru lepas ni. Back to our birthday talk.....mulanya tak de plan apa pun but the idea of a small gathering grew just slightly bigger. Seram.....tunggu je lah , apa jadi nanti. Hehehe! My birthday falls a day before Harry's so we'll try to celebrate together whenever we can. Owh! Yes....another schoolmate is co-celebrating the birthday with us , Nurika Sari. Her birthday falls 2 days before mine.

Harry - Aida - Bob - Normi.....lepak-lepak & makan-makan in my room. Just us girls.

Scenario kat chalet Kak Aida......wow......berbeza dengan kat my suite. Meriah & riuh.....ramai siol! Kalau Adriel tak tidur nak jugak join but too bad he was so sound asleep.

Tadi lepas pool time , Adrenna quickly took her shower & pergi join the others kat chalet.

Ayah & Mama Kak Aida pun datang jugak.

The boys with their games & the girls taking the buggy to????? Owh.....nak hantar Yna balik ke main building.

Night comes , MP dropped by.......he brought dinner. Then my girlfriends left. Later MP left.......It's just me & the kids.

Night view of KLCC from my room. OK......good nite for now. *Dear God , cepat-lah sampai-kan hajat di hati ni....Amin*

Esoknya , pagi-pagi lagi......Kak Aida dah sms. Kids nak terjun pool. But before that they headed for another round of aqua-bike session at the lake.

I tak boleh ikut coz , payah nak jaga Adik Mok....nasib Yna ada Tante Aida dia. Hehehe!

Since I tak turun ke pool pagi ni........I layan Adik Mok mandi dalam bathroom je....

Seronok jugak sesekali check-in ramai-ramai.....Insya'allah will do it again.

This is so nice to see. All siblings together.......walaupun tak cukup seorang lagi.....Abang Kak Aida tak dapat join.

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