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Friday, February 11, 2011

Jam @ Studio & Tea @ Z's

One of the days during the CNY hols recently I was busy with my vocal group at the studio. Practicing for our up & coming performance. In between breaks I managed to run to my neighbour's studio for a drum jamming session! Awesome dowh!

Yna can't attend drum class today coz she had food poisoning. Took her to the clinic earlier and let her rest at home. I took an hour off from singing to go and hit the drums! It was great. Best! Best! Best! I wish that I'd have the time to sambung belajar drums.........tak pe lah , biar Yna belajar then she can teach me at home.

I wasn't alone at the jamming session. I was with Afif , anak Kak Siti. Dia pun sambung belajar drums kat sini dengan Yna.

Fast forward.......

I managed to squeeze some time to meet my school mate Sharifah Norihan at Z's place. Sejak lepas sekolah tak jumpa dia. She's now married with kids & leaving in Penang.

Petang ni masing-masing bawak something for tea except for me coz I sampai lambat.

Lepas makan , duduk-duduk minum kopi pulak , sambil borak-borak.

From left : Fifi - Ave - Camy - Nik

I tuang , you minum....I tuang , you minum....boleh cam tuh? Hehehe........Boleh je.....untuk kengkawan....

Some damn serious talk there........seriously , memang serious........huhuhu! spooky spooky.....

And of course some crazy moments with my gal Aimie.......

......and......karaoke among us.......

Eh.....sambung serious talk lagi........serious giler expression si Ave & si Z yang mendengar pun kusyuk jugak.

King - Aimie - Fifi - Me......hari ni hari kelabu ye?

Ni paling gerek........bukan band but beng....bengong! Macam Z cakap.....1st woman guitarist in a jubah! Hehehe!

Friends........happy. Alhamdulillah.

Sharifah Norihan edited this pic. Thanx beb.

A note for me : Nak cari balik mana I letak my Zildjian's drum sticks & practice drum pad.

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