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Monday, February 14, 2011

Saint Valentines vs Prophet Muhammad

Alhamdulillah more Muslims are aware of the celebration of Valentine's Day. I was one of those yang sangat suka pada sambutan Valentine's Day ni suatu masa dahulu especially during my school days. The red hearts decors here & there , sangat-sangat memihat hati. The atmosphere it creates......lovely. Simply romantic.

Masa sekolah menengah dulu , days before Valentine's Day akan keluar circular where those yang nak order bunga to be given to so and so on Valentine's Day can do so. Ada committee yang akan ambil order & collect payment from students. Students can place their flower orders and letak sekali bunga-bunga tu nak di hantar pada siapa & kelas mana. Deliveries can also be made to send flowers to sekolah St. John's & etc.

Waktu sekolah half day , lepas waktu rehat........we're free to spend the day with friends at school and pop music will be played through the school's PA system from our headmistress room. Satu sekolah boleh dengar. Ada song request & dedication lagi on Valentine's Day. Cool school. Time tu laa.....

At the end of the day........wahhhh........tengok lah siapa dapat banyak bunga.....hehehe! Ada yang dari secret admirer , dari adik angkat laa , dari kakak angkat laa.....masa tu I dah jadi 'artis' dah....so time Valentine's ni,,,,,,,hmmmm , boleh tahan laa banyak dapat bunga carnations & roses....hehehe!

I grew up celebrating Valentine's Day without knowing the facts about the day from the religious point of view. All I know Valentine's Day is a lovey-dovey day to spend with your partner. Ya....that was how shallow I was. I stopped celebrating Valentine's Day when I was in my mid 20's. That was when I went soul searching , learned a thing or two about Islam and finally introduced to Amar Ma'aruf Nahi Mungkar.

I'll be 39 in a few days and am so grateful that after years since my school days , this year,,,,,,the Malaysian government through few Ministers , stood up and alarmed Muslims about celebrating Valentine's Day. Pok Nik dah buat lama tapi it's only suara seorang tua yang tidak mahu didengar. Tahun ni ramai yang bangkit bersuara tentang sesat-nya menyambut Hari Valentine's. Alhamdulillah.

As a manusia,,,,,,I do not wanna be too extreme. Hormat budaya & agama orang lain tak salah walaupun bukan budaya & agama I.

Today is Maulud Nabi , banyak acara perarakan sempena Maulidur Rasul dianjurkan......dunno why. Kalau Maal Hijrah I'd understand the significant of berarak beramai-ramai. It symbolizes penghijrahan Muhammad saw from Mekah to Madinah.....so berarak dari one point to another point is the way to do it but a parade on his birthday? Pok Nik has a say about this too and many said he's wrong. Tunggu lah 39 tahun lagi baru pemerintah nak acknowledge that Pok Nik is right......Insya'allah.

To my dear Prophet Muhammad aka Ahmad (saw).....happy birthday. I love you. Yes! You're another A that I love in my life *wink*.......

A note for me : A private gathering jamu friends & family makan while telling stories about Ahmad (saw) and accompanied with lots of Salawat to our dear Prophet Muhammad (saw)........in mind.

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  1. betul lah kak rima..
    dulu masa skolah ren/men memang ada hari v kat skolah..kelakar ingat balik..time tu lah tau sapa yang minat kte..hehehe