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Sunday, March 20, 2011

39th Birthday : Big Western Lunch @ Victoria Station

Cerita birthday lagi.....well....hehehe!

*In my mind.......missing YOU , so much*

One of the days , my dear sister Nita insisted to buy me a birthday lunch. She's not well but still find the time to celebrate my 39th birthday. TQ sis :-)

Having a big western lunch at Victoria Station , Jalan Ampang.........

With Datin Nita & her son Tengku Sufrie.......

Just 3 of us and so much food to eat! We had Potato Skins , Lobsters , Fish & Chips , Ribs , Steaks......huh! Tapi peeps , if you are a rib lover like me , the ribs kat sini was nothing compared to the ones at Tony Roma's. Around the same price range you'll get 5 mouth watering , tender & to die for ribs at Tony's but you'll get only 1 not so fancy rib here at Victoria's :-( Sorry.

Choc fudge with a candle........

Wishing , wishing , wishing........and yes......another blow.

To sis Nita , TQ for the lunch.........hey! you are still baking me that cheese cake aren't you? *wink*.

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