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Thursday, March 24, 2011

39th Birthday : Middle Eastern Lunch @ Al-Rawsha

Kak Aida ajak pergi makan makanan Arab laa hari ni. Mek OK jak.......bab makan sikda hal. Gambar ni Sara & Tasha yang ambil and they got creative with it......thanx girls.

We went to Al-Rawsha , Jalan Kampung Pandan. It's right after the Kampung Pandan round-about. The exterior resembles a huge castle , you won't miss it. It serves Middle Eastern cuisine.

Noi also joined us for lunch.

Basically a big fried fish with some tomato salsa , tomato & lemon slices....trust me , kalau kat rumah sure tak kuasa nak makan....hehehe! but it was good though.....

Yes! My favourite , humus & roti

The food was good.....the company was good.......

........and the gossips was juicy too.....hehehe!

TQ Noi.....apa??? nak belanja lagi?....boleh.....Kak Aida,,,,,arrange kan ye.....hehehe!

Sebelum balik , saja jengok-jengok butik jual jubah-jubah Arab kat restaurant ni. Harga jubah yang kat patung ni RM220........Kak Aida nak beli.....mintak discount tapi sekian. Mintak discount untuk jubah yang lain-lain pun tak kasi jugak. Hmmmm.....kau pakai-lah jubah tu wahai Cik Patung.

1 pic for the blog.........cheese!

Ni kat reception pulak.......

When we were there , it was raining......so tak dapat-lah nak posing kat sekeliling castle ni :-( ,,,,,nvm next time :-) Thought of taking my mum here........she'll love the food.

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