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Friday, March 25, 2011

39th Birthday : Seafood Dinner @ Port Klang

Siang tadi lunch kat clinic Dr Ashar........left the clinic around 5pm-ish with Liza. Sampai rumah terus ke Port Klang to join my BIL Kadir for a yummilicious seafood dinner.

We had dinner at Boon Tat. My BIL Kadir's favourite place to eat seafood. Many VVIP's suka datang sini. It's actually a house kinda restaurant and you have to call in first to tell them dishes that you'd like to eat. I don't know the way here sebab selalu datang sini convoy 3-4 kereta. Jalan to this location is very complicated for a person yang jarang keluar dari kawasan Ampang-Hulu Kelang like me...hehehe!

The food was OK this time around. I love the sambal prawns.....and the crabs. Lama jugak tak jumpa my BIL ni , so dengan masa yang terluang lepas makan......took time to catch up on some story mory.....about family matters mostly.

Then when it's time for Uncle Kadir to get the bill for our dinner........bill came up to RM700+.....The kids salam dengan Uncle Kadir & dapat angpow. Me & MP pun dapat angpow jugak? Yay! Alhamdulillah.......rezeki berganda sieh.....

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My kids with cucu Tok Wan , Zidane........hehehe! Baru tahu yang Zidane panggil my BIL Tok Wan.

My nephew Zali with wifey Vee.

Me with V & nephew Zed........

Sebelum balik santai-santai kat luar , the kids were running around the porch of the house. Took the opportunity to catch up with the house helpers. The chief cook Kak Som is from Satun , Thailand. The house keepers is Kak Sam & Kak Ina *I think so , she's new* and they're from Indonesia.

It's always good to see everyone in happy spirits.....trust me , we all know the atmosphere of 'before' & 'after' *wink*

Gelap laa pulak kat porch ni........Cheers everyone!

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