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Thursday, March 24, 2011

39th Birthday : Sound Of Music @ The Studio

Ye Ye Ye.....masih tak habis lagi cerita birthday.....hehehe! This was a day after I got back from Bangkok.

Saja nak celebrate birthday I dengan Kak Siti with our students kat studio. Birthday Kak Siti falls on February 26th , so naturally we have a reason to celebrate our birthdays together.

I took charge ordering the food from my favourite caterer , pergi beli-beli barang sikit and siap-siapkan the studio. Kasi mood birthday sikit.

Well , I didn't do it alone.....student-student tolong.

By the time Kak Siti sampai..........semua dah siap.

I jemput Teacher Saleh , cikgu drum Yna. We've been neighbours , studio jamming Teacher Saleh satu floor dengan our vocal studio , so wajib laa dijemput :-)

Cikgu Siti Hajar dengan student-student.....Tuan Manager & Wan.....

Hmmmm.........all set. There was music being played kat studio on this day. We were all singing & humming to the songs that was playing while preparing for the party.

Makan time......Alhamdulillah , guests loved the food yang I order especially the Ayam Masak Merah.....terbaek!

Among the guests invited was my beloved family......Mama , Papa , Ramos , Yatie , Rhyan & Rhyzad :-)

Makan-makan , sambil borak-borak , sambil dengar music........

Then it's time to cut the cakes.....Hanim kasi short speech welcoming everyone to the party.

Cake kiri was from Bell & Ikmal. Cake kanan was from Mujaheed , Wan & Tuan Manager.....TQ all.

Papa baca doa......

I hope that my friendship & partnership with Kak Siti akan kekal selamanya , Insha'allah.

Hmmmmm......tak lama kemudian........kek-kek itu menjadi bahan mainan Adik Mok....comot!

We just had to do this.........hehehe!

Lepas acara potong kek , semua santai-santai je.......

There were loads of music talks between teachers & students......

Not forgetting the kids yang meriuhkan studio......

Shot-shot ini hanya lakonan semata.....hehehe!

Sama jugak dengan shot gila-gila ni........

Eh....dapat hadiah le....

Me & Kak Siti with Bell & Teacher Saleh.

With students MOSTI....

With family Ramos & with family Fadely.....

Jamming vocal

With our students , as it was a last minute party,,,,,,ramai lagi yang tak dapat datang.

Colourful music family........Alhamdulillah.

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