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Sunday, March 13, 2011

39th Birthday : Trip To Thailand

Been 2 weeks now since I got back from Bangkok. Been hectic around the house......I have to spend more time on the net sorting things out and that makes you know who uneasy.....hmmmm....have to put up with the bla bla bla......Oh God,,,,,,I need 'another me'.

Managing the studio is crazy lately with Kak Siti having another commitment with Felda...owh! and if you are an anak Felda or anak generasi Felda,,,,,Kak Siti has loads of plans up her sleeves. She's one busy woman now :-)

I have to find ways to market and sell the jeans that I just bought.......slowly,,,,,am learning the retail & online business.

Still , am a mother to 2 beautiful kids and mummy duty calls 24/7. Can't run from it.

Praying for the best in everything I do next.....May He be with me & help me go through hardships......I need You.

Let's see some pics now...hehehe!

This was the very morning I left for Bangkok. Took the morning flight and MP had to send Yna to school so he can't send me to the airport. Hanim *Kak Siti's niece* , followed us to Bangkok and she came to pick me up at the wee hours. I wanted to take Yna along with me to Bangkok but MP wouldn't let me. He doesn't want Yna to skip school and most important sekali , MP tak nak Yna rasa syok dapat pergi travel on school days and not feel guilty about it. OK , MP has a point and I'm with him on this matter too. Cuma , as a mother.......it's not an easy feeling for me to travel far away from home leaving your precious angels behind.

Before I left that morning , I slowly woke Yna up from her sleep to tell her that I'm leaving. Terus Yna menangis.........poor baby. I had to console her , hug her and gave her some pep talk....she was so sad.......and I was too.

I took Adriel with me and sent him to my parent's place. Had to leave him there while MP pergi kerja during the day. Well , Adriel ended up staying with my parents sepanjang I tak de.

Flight pukul 9am-ish.....

We flew by MAS sebab takut terlebih muatan.....hehehe!

2 hours later.......we safely landed in Bangkok , Thailand.

The last time I jejak Bangkok was when I was 8 or 9 years old. Some 30 years back! Where Thailand is concern , within the years adalah pergi Phuket - HatYai - Narathiwat - Songkhla - Golok and of course the Thai borders.

Taking our time to get pass the immigration.......sempat check out the duty free lagi....

Owh...yeah....queuing nak chop passport......

Selalunya before traveling anywhere , I'll be googling this & that about tempat yang nak dituju tapi masa nak ke Bangkok hari tu , I tak sibuk pun buat benda-benda tu. Why aaa? I did not google pun macam mana nak ke train station or dari hotel nak ke sana sini nak pergi macam mana.....seriously , I did not have any information langsung in hand. Tak macam kalau I nak travel pergi PD or KB or JB ke......selalunya I siap buat itinerary lagi! Semua info will be on paper. Nak makan kat mana pun siap I cari address & google map semua. Ni I nak ke luar negara and I was like so so cool. I sendiri hairan , why my preparations was not like always.....

All I had with me was the email from my jeans supplier in Bangkok and a printed hotel voucher from the hotel that I'm staying. I was told to take the train to the hotel to avoid massive traffic jams.......instructions given for me to take the train from airport , stop at a point given and walked to the hotel. That's it.

I think I tahu kenapa I tak sibuk nak kumpul info bagai macam selalu........it's because I'm traveling alone and with friends yang don't mind kalau kita tersalah jalan.....no pressure among us. Am traveling dengan friends yang satu kepala.......kalau salah , cuba lagi....tak payah marah-marah. Kalau travel dengan MP ke tempat yang I tak familiar.......kalau salah mesti akan ada argument. Unnecessary arguments , macam laa I dah pernah sampai tempat tu. I think that's the reason why I can travel free & easy this time,,,,,,sebab I tak perlu ada rasa takut atau bimbang when things didn't go according to plan. Tenang.

With the help of papan tanda kat airport & bertanya kat airport officials , we found our way to the rail ticket station , which is in the airport itself. Senang , convenience and you won't have a hard time locating it. Cuma you have to be certain sama ada nak kena naik Express or the City Line train. After asking the very attentive railway police officer that we met , we were told to take the City Line train. Dah lupa how much it cost to the Ratchaprapop Station. But it's cheap lah.

Sampai kat station yang sepatutnya kami turun , we went searching for the tallest building around....hehehe! Katanya we'll be staying at the tallest hotel in Bangkok! So tengok-tengok sekeliling dari train station , we saw Baiyoke Hotel! BUT we're not staying there , we're staying at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel. Tak de hal , we headed down to the streets and saw the Baiyoke Hotels signage. Kata my supplier , the hotel is just a few minutes walk from the train station. OK.....we followed the signage.

Masa sampai , beg masing-masing ringan...So tak de masalah sangat nak heret beg merah I yang besar tu....hehehe! Kak Siti bawak 3 luggage. Dalam beg 'teddy bear' yang besar gedabak tu ada 2 lagi 'anak teddy bear' , hehehe!

Our guideline was the hotel's tower.......hehehe! We take shortcuts *macam pandai-pandai* , lalu ikut lorong-lorong and at the same time we were looking at the shops that we passed by.......memang relax sangat,,,,,and finally.....tu dia,,,,,,,Baiyoke Sky Hotel. Jumpa pun. Can't imagine kalau MP ikut trip ni,,,,,,sure ngomel non-stop......hehehe!

Very nice hotel....lobby was on the 18th floor......basically semua ada kat hotel ni. Bukan setakat pool , spa , 24 hours mini mart , gym , money changer , disco......driving range pun ada!

Yay! We were given 3 room cards sebab we took an extra bed for 3rd person staying together.

Our suite was on the 33rd floor......very spacious.

The bedroom.......

......to the bathroom....

Hehehe......shot wajib.....

View from the room.

Iblis Clothing.....hehehe......my business counterpart in Bangkok.....spooky spooky huh! Relax dowh! Besides those beautiful exclusive jeans designs that they do , they're also into dark fashion and dark fashion is a favourite with youngsters these days. More on the dark fashion later......Alah , it's the name Iblis yang buat we Muslims takut or sceptical bila dengar nama brand or product tu but bila letak Ed Hardy??? OK pulak. Muslims boleh terima pulak. It's more or less the same thing......t-shirt or shoe designs with roses - tengkorak - ular - harimau - ikan & etc.....

After spending ample time at Iblis *hehehe!* , semua urusan pemilihan & pembelian jeans 80% selesai , then it was time to jalan-jalan cari makan. Tadi last makan kat atas flight. Kat KL I dah tukar dalam 80,000 Baht. Kat Bangkok , tukar around 30,000 Baht lagi......malam nanti nak shopping sikit. We were wandering around the area looking for Halal food when a handsome taxi driver approached us recommending a place to eat. His name's Noi.

Noi took us to a seafood restaurant.......about 10 minutes away from the hotel. No pork served here. Terpaksa. So we stick to seafood. We were told that the owner is a Malaysian. Somboondee Seafood Market , it was near the Phaya Thai Airport Link Station , situated just across the restaurant.

Hmmm.....lapar......memang lapar.

We ordered Pineapple Fried Rice , fried asparagus , squid with garlic & garoupa with oyster sauce. Food's ok but the waiters weren't friendly. They looked very suspicious too. Apasal pun tak tahu lah.

We were shocked when we got the bill. We had to pay almost RM400 for the seafood dinner! The ikan kerapu cost us more than RM150! Damn!!!! We were being ripped off! We later learned that it's a tourist scam seafood restaurant in Bangkok. Tuk-tuk drivers , taxi drivers were involved in this scam. They will take you here if you asked them where to eat & etc. No wonder Noi the taxi driver only asked us to pay around RM2 taxi to the place. Hairan jugak , awat murah sangat tambang taxi dia. Rupanya dia dapat commission to bring 'stupid first timer tourists' like us to the place. Please........never , never , go to :
Somboondee Seafood Market Restaurant ,
Thanon Phaya Thai
Ratchathewi, Bangkok, Thailand.

*will sent a comment to Thailand Tourism about this.....later-later nanti lah*

Time balik , memang ada taxi kat restaurant tu but they were asking for over RM30 for us to get back to the hotel. We decided to walk to the main road. We asked few Tuk Tuk's and they wanted RM20 for us to get back to Baiyoke Sky. We walked further down the main road and finally got a Tuk Tuk asking only RM5 for us to get back. Hmmmm......well , if only I had prepared myself with info on the area and went looking for infos in tourist forums like I used to....I'd probably would have avoid this tourist scam.

On the way back we stop at the night market nearby the hotel.......shopping.

Breakfast at Bangkok Sky on the 78th floor......an International Buffet Breakfast. Ada local , Japanese , Chinese , Indian , European spread but........ni je yang I berani makan. Dalam bubur ada pork , dalam salad ada ham......huhuhu!

Breakfast overlooking Bangkok city.

Ni memang a must thing for me to do bila I travel jauh. Dari zaman anak dara lagi I dah practice hantar postcards to love ones back home when I go traveling.

There's a Thailand Post letter box at the Observation Deck on 77th floor of the hotel. Beli postcard & stamps on the same floor jugak. Siap boleh chop postcard tu sendiri guna chop Baiyoke Sky........cool.

Langsung post......sampai sekarang pun belum sampai lagi snail mail tu.....esok lusa sampai laa kot.

On the 2nd day......we did more shopping & scouting around. Then lepak kat Iblis to settle-kan urusan penghantaran jeans via fedex. 30kg +.....too berat nak bawak balik sendiri. Tonight , we were being invited for dinner kat rumah Bapak Iblis.....hehehe! So for lunch today we went to Noor Restaurant an Iranian food joint. Food here are Halal.

We had Humus & bread.

Beef Keema , some grilled prawns , beef kebab , herb rice........food was good and the price was very reasonable. After lunch , more shopping but we later part ways. I went shopping by myself while Kak Siti went with Hanim. Janjinya jumpa kat Iblis pukul 5pm.

Tonight we were being invited for dinner by Mr Sonny & his lovely wife Mrs Katie. We were invited to have dinner at their home , jauh sikit dari town. It was somewhere nak ke airport. From Iblis , we walked to the nearest Airport Link Station. According to Sonny , naik lrt ni lagi cepat and to avoid the heavy traffic lepas working hours. After 15 minutes or so , tiba kat entah station mana entah.....baru naik van Sonny to his home.

Sonny ni Malaysian but dah tinggal kat Thailand ni lama. Cakap Thailand all the way dengan his workers. Tapi bila kita orang Malaysia datang sana , dia masih boleh converse in Malay. His wife Katie memang orang Thailand. She's the one yang design all those beautiful beaded & embroidered jeans yang I jual sekarang ni. More or less , I'm now their Malaysian agent for those beautiful jeans. Alhamdulillah.

Dinner was superb! All seafood....memang sedap. Tapi the pics of food ada kat phone Kak Siti.....we had prawns , eggs , fish , green curry with laksa......best , best , best! Lepas makan.......hehehe! A bit of entertainment. Anak perempuan Sonny ni pandai main guitar and she can sing too. She sang 2 lagu Siam....and I main itu bongo! Kak Siti jamming main tambourine.....Hehehe!

Ahhhhh! Karaoke laa pulak....Katie nyanyi lagu Siam.....and we sang English songs yang ada dalam karaoke system. And yes....I dapat nyanyi lagu Thailand yang cukup minat dulu...."Made In Thailand".

Siap ada back-up dancers OK.....hehehe!

It was a fun nite for us all. We made new friends in Thailand , learned a thing or two about business from Sonny & Katie. And yes , dinner tonight was good too! Around midnight we headed back to Bangkok city with a cab that Katie called. Katie & Sonny dah biasa dengan cab driver ni so Insya'allah we're in safe hands. Nak add drama to our trip , half way into the city , the cab broke down! Alamak!!!!!! And worst , the cab driver can't speak in English. Nak bayar dia pun we don't know how much. Memang taxi tu pakai meter tapi sebab dah after midnight , ada extra charges......yang extra charges tu yang jadi macam ayam dengan itik bercakap. Hehehe! The cab driver tahan another cab and we continued our ride back to Baiyoke Sky......dengan selamat.

Hari ni dah nak balik KL. About time coz beg semua dah sendat! Padat! Duit pun dah sekian......hahaha!

Masa hari pertama sampai , Kak Siti ada tempah suit. 2 pasang. Sebelum balik , singgah ambil suit-suit tu dulu. Cantik & cheap & cepat. 2 hari je dah siap.

Hanim nak sangat ke area Silom to check out Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok.

Sebelum pergi airport......we did a last minute shopping which I ended buying another cabin size luggage! Masing-masing pergi shopping sendiri-sendiri. Janji jumpa kat hotel pukul 2pm. We gathered our luggage kat concierge area. Kak Siti decided to leave her big teddy bear luggage behind with Sonny. I pun tinggalkan beg yang baru I beli tu with Sonny. Suruh dia tolong hantar balik barang-barang via fedex including some of my stuff. Bukan apa takut terlebih muatan kat airport nanti. Sebab we did bring back few jeans with us. Tak pe lah , better be safe than sorry sebab kalau lebih muatan kat airport we have to pay quite a lot for each extra kilo. Dengan fedex much cheaper. Nanti in April bila Sonny balik Malaysia during the Songkran holidays , he'll bring our bags with him.

Our flight is at 5pm and we arrived at the airport around 3pm-ish.

Terus check in only to find out that our flight was being delayed. Taking off from Bangkok at 6:30pm local time. That's already 7:30pm in Malaysia.

Dah banyak masa......posing posing posing laa kat Suvarnabhumi Airport ni. Bila lagi nak sampai sini.....

Memang trip ni tak pergi ke tempat-tempat pelancongan , Insya'allah ada rezeki nak bawak budak-budak datang sini. Time tu baru laa pergi to all those places. Still kena tunggu si Adik Mok easy to handle sikit.

We have not eaten lunch and we were very hungry. Kat dalam pamphlet airport , we notice ada restaurant makanan Halal kat dalam airport ni. We asked airport officials for directions to the Halal restaurants. We were told that it was situated at the very end of the terminal. It was so far and it was a very long walk! Memang sakit-sakit kaki kena jalan jauh sangat. Hanim siap buka kasut , jalan kaki ayam dalam airport. Bila sampai kat hujung terminal.......cari-cari restoren Halal tapi tak de. Tanya info counter and we were told that it's situated kat hujung terminal belah sana pulak. Aduhhhh!!! Memang betul-betul cobaan. Dengan lapar....dengan sakit kaki.....sabarrrrr......seriously jauh from one end to one end of the terminal.

Akhirnya sampai jugak.......kat corner ni ada 4 restaurant Halal , all in 1 small crowded space. Ada Japanese , Korean , Italian & Arab food. Penuh orang Islam & non-Muslim yang makan kat sini.

I had the Japanese Salmon Sashimi & Korean Bibimbap. Yum! Yum!

We got the last seat on the plane! And we got simply crazy and we were laughing & giggling all the way back to KL. In short , we make the best out of crap situations......hehehe! Well , that's the way to lead life anyway. Bila situasi teruk , kita lagi put salt to wound.......lagi parah laa jadinya. I don't want that in my life. What's meant to be , is meant to be. I can't change that but what I can change is how to address the situation *wink*

Time to take off........

........and we took off , leaving Bangkok behind us.

Kak Siti nak sangat I snap scenery ni........Mentari merah di ufuk timur......much more beautiful witnessing the phenomenon from the plane.

We had problem landing sebab ruang udara sesak. Oh! My!.......ada je sangkak hari ni *which I know why.....*. Terpaksa laa plane berlegar for at least half an hour , baru boleh landing. Finally , Alhamdulillah........we landed safely.

In short , I could sense that this new venture will not be an easy one for me & friends. Many obsticles but with positive mind set , we managed to pull things through. And of course with Him looking upon us , Insya'allah.......we'll survive. Have faith. Insya'allah.


  1. .."Before I left that morning , I slowly woke Yna up from her sleep to tell her that I'm leaving. Terus Yna menangis.........poor baby. I had to console her , hug her and gave her some pep talk....she was so sad.......and I was too"...this is very touching part la....as a mom i pun sendu jadiknye!!!!!huhuhuhu...

  2. panjang entry kak rima..
    but puas hati giler baca..
    gud luck with ur new business...!