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Monday, March 7, 2011

Back From Bangkok

Dah seminggu balik dari Siam and I've been on my laptop doing this and that. Non-stop. Right now I'm crossing my fingers , in hope that my new venture of business will do some justice as I have no experience at all doing retail business. Tak reti sangat jual-jual barang ni even though kalau ikut family belah my Papa in Kelantan.......semuanya berniaga. Papa dulu masa I kecik-kecik bila balik Kelantan , he'll buy clothes , kain-kain , tembaga & etc,,,,,,bawak balik ke Taiping untuk jual. Tak sangka pulak hari ni I ikut jejak langkah Papa berniaga. Macam Papa , dia tak banyak mulut.....dia tak banyak cakap-cakap or pujuk-pujuk or pandai ayat orang to buy his stuff.....dia berat mulut , sama macam I. Orang kata kalau nak berniaga tak boleh berat mulut tapi that is my weakness....hehehe! Am no good in persuading people to buy things. Mati laaa aku nak berniaga macam ni. Hahaha! But,,,,But,,,,But one thing is for sure , Papa will always make sure that barang yang dia jual berkualiti. Itu I ikut , kalau tak sedap.....I takkan recommend kata sedap. Kalau tak cantik , I takkan kata cantik. We'll see how it goes,,,,,ONLINE....Tak payah cakap......kurang sikit malu kot....hehehe!

Do visit my online boutique if you are a fan of beaded & embroidered jeans to see what's available for sale *wink* --------------> BIG BUT BEAUTIFUL BOUTIQUE

In Bangkok I tak banyak ambil gambar sebab my camera got stuck *kerja si Adriel laa....asyik dok on-off on-off the power button* , then my N95 pulak buat hal. Arrrghhhhh......nak beli a new N95 jugak tapi yang lama I nak simpan coz there are sms's in there that I'd like to cherish , sayang......kalau trade in , I'll lose everything *wink*.

So while in Bangkok , ambil gambar guna jugak camera & phone I yang miung tu , tapi banyak guna phone Kak Siti. Tunggu-lah nanti esok-lusa jumpa Kak Siti baru nak bluetooth the pics to my phone. Then baru boleh upload & update kat blog ni.

Loads happening within myself. Part of me is worried about the new business , part of me is thinking about cash-flow , part of me is missing someone so much , a part of me wanna scream , a part of me wanna be somewhere else , a part of me wanna be someone else............Oh dear , emotionally exhausted. I want to sleep all day. But I can't.........haaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! *that's a long sigh peeps,,,,a long sigh*

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