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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dr Ashar : Cervical Cancer

Just wanna share this info about Cervical Cancer with you peeps.......yang dah tahu and aware about it , OK laa......kot-kot masih ada yang tak clear about it or yang ingat it's not important.....perhaps this video from my Dr A *wink* *yes....my Dr A , saja nak kasi die-hard fans Dr A cemburu....hehehe!* will help you understand more about the importance of getting the HPV vaccine for yourself and also your daughters.

To watch the video on Cervical Cancer with my Dr A *hehehe* , click here.
And yes , at the same site , Dr A also did another video on Menopause Issues.

Hmmm......tak senyum langsung doctor I ni........serius je.....sikda hal lah , nya senyum ka...sik ka.....mek suka ngan nya juak bah...hehehe! *wink*


  1. hehehe.....suke suke suke.....sangat sangat suke....miong kan??? hahaha!