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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Post OtroNami

Post my OtroNami post......I got a comment from an Anonymous reader telling me not to make a conclusion of what had happened to Japan.........Well , did I? Did I ask anyone to acknowledge what I had written? I remembered stating that all written was based on my personal thoughts.......so , mind me. I have rights to think whatever I wanna think and after all , at the end of it.....Allah knows best.

Memang Tuhan tak pilih negara maju & mundur untuk turun-kan bala....agreed. I was talking about massive nuclear technology this time around.....why Japan and why not US , German, or France.......Well , I have answers for that too. But must I tell you? And if I must.......my say would be it's because He wanted to tell the westerners that Asians are capable and strong. True , the US or Germans or France may be 'big' but Japan has the bestest nuclear tech perhaps. But can you terima the answer? Perhaps you'll counter answer back that He doesn't take sides and not racists.......hehehe! Hmmm.....He created us , so suka hati Dia laa nak turun bala kat sapa pun .

You said something about why God turunkan earth quake & Tsunami in Acheh.....I would say very frequent God does that to a 3rd world country like Indonesia , right? You want me to elaborate what's lingering in my thoughts on that? Boleh......I have an answer for why the frequent quakes & Tsunami and why mother nature is not being kind to Indonesia on the whole........Yes....I do have an answer for it. Tapi kalau I layout my reasons , jangan bilang I buat kesimpulan pulak....bare in mind that what I write & say here are of my personal thoughts. I will never ask anyone to agree with me.......Alah....no point explaining when a reader have not reached to the writer's level of thinking. So sorry.

You used the word Hakikatnya.....meaning you are sure about facts you wrote...and at the end you used Wallahualam......meaning Allah Maha Mengetahui...........Ahhhhhhh.......pulak....

Below was the comment sent to me by the Anonymous reader.....it seems that the Anonymous reader has facts on many world disasters which most I never knew and would like to share those facts which you peeps.......boleh kan?

Anonymous said...

salam....jangan pandai2 buat kesimpulan...dah tu naper tuhan turunkan gempa dan tsunami di Acheh tu?Indon bukannya negara maju mcm jepun pun...begitu juga gempa di Haiti dan Pakistan..

kalau kata hanya kerana tuhan pilih jepun pasal jepun mampu bangkit dalam tempoh singkat,kenapa tak Amerika,France,German yang sama maju mcm Jepun?
Hakikatnya negara jepun ,Indon Pakistan, semua tu berada di lingkaran api Pasifik yang memungkinkan berlakunya gempa bila perlepasan tenaga yang terhasil daripada geseran batuan di keretakan memanjang sepanjang batuan sempadan plat tektonik.

bukti tuhan tak pilih negara maju je nak turun bala

13 Sep 2007 Sei-Penuh Jambi ?
12 Sep 2007 Bengkulu 13 mati
27 Mei 2006 Yogyakarta 6500 mati
26 Dis 2004 Aceh lebih 230000 mati.
26 Dis 2003 Bam (Iran), 41,000 terbunuh.
21 Mei 2002 utara Afghanistan lebih 1,000 orang mati.
26 Jan 2001 India 13,000 mati.
21 Sep 1999 Taiwan 2,400 maut.
17 Ogo 1999 barat Turki 17,000 nyawa ?
25 Jan 1999 barat Colombia 6.0 1,171 maut
30 Mei 1998 utara Afghanistan dan Tajikistan 5,000 orang terbunuh.
17 Jan 1995 Kobe, Jepun Meragut 6,000 nyawa.
30 Sep 1993 Latur, India 1,000 mati.
21 Jun 1990 barat laut Iran 50,000 nyawa. ?
17 Dis 1988 barat laut Armenia 25,000 maut.
19 Sep 1985 Mexico Tengah lebih 9,500 mati.
16 Sep 1978 timur laut Iran 25,000 maut.
28 Jul 1976 Tangshan, China 240,000 orang terbunuh.
4 Feb 1976 Guatemala 22,778 terbunuh.
29 Feb 1960 barat daya pesisiran pantai Atlantik di Maghribi 12,000 maut.
26 Dis 1939 Wilayah Erzincan, Turki menyebabkan 33,000 orang maut.
24 Jan 1939 Chillan, Chile 28,000 maut.
31 Mei 1935 Quetta, India 50,000 nyawa. ?
1 Sep 1923 Yokohama, Jepun Meragut 140,000 nyawa ?


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  1. Kak Rima,
    Agreed with your thoughts about the Japan tsunami. Saya pun tak terfikir mula2. Just thought that Japan was the natural selection to be hit by the tsunami. Betul jugak kan..Tuhan nak tunjuk pada seluruh umat manusia yg kecoh psl teknologi nuklear. A reminder from Him. Good job on that Kak Rima.
    Sebenarnya saya dah lama jadi silent reader akak. 1st time comment in your blog. But after reading a few anonymous comment yang 'hentam' kak rima..I think I've to comment juga. Don't worry ada juga yang bersetuju ngn kak rima. So cheer up!!!

  2. emmm alahai...

    mcm mrh btl nampaknyer Anonymous tu...

  3. u perasan tak.. asal u ade pendapat aje.. sure ade org nk debate ngan u hehe..