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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guests From Bangkok

"Hello.....this is Bapak Iblis....." , that was the call I got from my friend Sonny when he called me mid April. He came back to KL for a 2 weeks holiday with his family during the Songkran Festival break in Thailand. Yna pun masih cuti sekolah lagi masa ni , so I dragged her & MP along with me to meet up with Sonny. Kak Siti tak dapat nak join coz she's tied up with job kat Felda.....

Bapak Iblis was the nickname me & Kak Siti gave to Sonny coz he's the creator & owner of Iblis Clothing in Bangkok. Sonny designed interesting dark fashion clothing line & shoes & bedspread.....hoping to bring in some of it here......see how lah....

So one afternoon , I've decided to treat Sonny and his family for lunch at Bora Ombak , remembering that Sonny used to work in Bali before he settled down in Bangkok.

Sonny came with his brother Dino (who lives here in KL) , his designer wife Kate & his 3 kids. Sonny ni orang KL and he has many family members here in KL. Dia balik ni pun sebab ada wedding to attend........and..........adik Sonny was an ex-St. Marian , a year my junior in school.

Boon & Mok.....tengah tiup api yang dipasang atas burung aluminium tu.....inside the bird,,,,,hmmmm.......a very delish seafood otak-otak.

Antara makanan yang di-order......Pecel Lele , Ayam Bakar , Butter Prawn.....We did order some Thai food kat sini sebab kat Bora Ombak ni ada mix of Indonesian & Thai food. Sonny's wife Kate memang orang Thailand and she's a good cook herself. The Thai food that we ordered here got a thumbs up from Kate.

It was so good to be able to catch up with Sonny & family in KL. Many business talks & untuk trip ni I mintak Sonny bawak-kan some barang dagangan untuk dijual kat studio.....hehehe! Masa I mula-mula nak ke Bangkok for my jeans business , MP tak berapa ambil pusing but when I got back from Bangkok and brought with me few things......pandangan & persepsi dia about doing business with Bangkok changed. He understood now why I chose Bangkok to do trading.

A group photo

Sebelum balik.....more borak-borak kat luar Bora Ombak. Am so glad that Sonny & Dino & the rest suka tempat ni especially Dino. He said he'll come back to Bora Ombak :-)

Poo-chai & Poo-ying........

When we arrived hujan baru rintik-rintik , when we were in the restaurant,,,,,it rained heavily and when we're about to leave,,,,,,the rain subsided.......great. Don't be mad when it rains.....coz hujan is Rahmat dariNya. Nabi told us to Doa when it rains , mustajab katanya. So , enjoy the rain. I've always loved the rain *wink*

Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Burgers

Dah lama tak datang Syed Bistro ni. Rasanya sejak Yna lahir I tak datang sini. Dulu-dulu memang selalu makan kat sini. This place is in Keramat AU5. The place is famous for its Nasi Bukhara Ayam or Kambing. My main reason to lure MP to have dinner at this place was because I actually wanted to find this jumbo grilled burger stall that was said to be yummeh......hehehe! Not so much nak makan kat bistro ni.....

After ordering some light dinner at Syed Bistro , I excused myself and walked out of Syed Bistro to the said burger joint. Tapi I didn't get the name of the stall but very easy to spot coz it's just by the road side....and.....you'll notice a big 'black' guy doin' the grillin' :-)

I chose just a plain burger without cheese which cost RM7 each. Tapau 2 of those and another beef burger with cheese for Yna which cost RM8 each. Ow! Man!.......the beef burger was so juicy.......


On another hungry day , me & Kak Siti headed to the German Deli ImBiss in Ampang Jaya. Satu hari tak makan tu yang kepala teringat yang jumbo-jumbo sokmo...hahaha!

Kak Siti with my Megaton Beef Burger! "Tengok je Kak Siti????? Hehehe...."

Hmmm.....apa nak tengok-tengok lagi.....kita makan dulu! It was good but I only managed to eat half of the burger........tu pun dah mengah dah. Lagi separuh bungkus bawak balik.

A note for me : Yes , I love burgers.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

1st Term School Hols : Splashin' Good Time!

Been so busy this week with my vocal teaching job at MATIC. Memang tak sempat nak update blog or even stay online for long. Balik rumah I'll be too tired. What pisses me off more is the current P1Wimax punya connection. Memang macam siol. Kejap connected and within a minute or two it'll be disconnected. Kena sambung-kan balik then the repetition of online offline continues..........arrrrghhhhhh.........geram! Hari ni nak upload gambar-gambar for this post took me ages as well.

Lama tak datang Sunway Lagoon. Rasanya masa Yna 4 ke 5 tahun dulu was the last time I jejak Sunway Lagoon. So masa Yna tengah cuti sekolah ni laa I ajak MP to make this trip with the kids. I told him that it will not be congested with people sebab time ni bukan weekend & it's also not the Malaysian school hols. He agreed :-) Hmmmm.......memang laa tak ramai locals tapi foreigners tetap ramai........hehehe!

Me and my boy hitting the waters at Kalahari Kids......best sebab orang tak ramai sangat.....

We were there on a weekday and Yna basically got the playpen all to herself.....

......and the swirl river too......all ours!

Both my angels loved their splashing time here......

Only Yna playing with the slides........awesome!

Ahhhhh......and pappy was in a good mood too.....yay! Seeing MP took charge taking care of Adriel,,,,,,me & Yna took the opportunity to wander around the water park.

Upon entering the man-made beach.....an auto shower!

Off we went to the Surf Beach!


White sands on the World's Largest Man-Made Beach.....

Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa behind me & the Sunway Lagoon volcano behind Yna.

Among activities in the Extreme Park , bungee jumping & flying fox. I tak beli pass for Extreme Park coz I don't think that I'll manage to cover the Extreme Park with Adriel around.....simply no way.

We went back to Little Zimbabwe just in time to catch the Captain Quack's show. A bunch of Mat Salleh performers performing 'Glee' / 'High School Musical' kinda show.......

Us enjoying the show in the water.......just look at my son......tekun menonton!

Whoa! A giant RIO 'bol'! Awesome.......Adriel just had to put his hands on the ball.

More shots on the RIO ball.....

The giant bucket's full!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adriel is enjoying the knee-high pool......

After the show we made 1 round along the swirl river at Waters Of Africa.....

We just loved the water......

.....more water fun ahead......

I like this one......water running down from the man-made water fall......

kena laa ambil gambar sendiri.......

Yna bravely tried the bouncing water slide.......and she did it! Twice!

Pappy & Mummy did it too , dowh!

While MP took charge taking care of little Adriel again.......me & Yna headed to try out the more adventures rides. I didn't snap pics coz there's no way for me to let go of my hands in those water rides. We had a great time trying out the Cameroon Climb. The first-in-the world double tube water ride that steeply drops two riders at one time from as high as 15 meters and shoots them up again to a height of eight meters. It was awesome!

After we're done at the Water Park , we headed to the WildLife Park.

Enjoyed the mini zoo here......unfortunately Adriel was too tired to visit the Amusement Park (no buggy lagi) , so we skipped the park.

At Zulu Walk.........gonna go change.

Waiting for MP to change while consoling my cranky baby....

Now , it was a long elevator ride & walk back to Sunway Resort Hotel where we park the car.

Oh! Yes! Before we left the park........upon entering Sunway Lagoon , we were given a watch like wristband and before leaving we were being offered to exchange the wristband with souvenirs like watches , t-shirts & etc from Sunway Lagoon at no extra cost and if you do not wanna exchange it with any souvenirs the park will give you RM10 for each wristband returned. MP & me took the money and Yna exchanged hers with a Sunway Lagoon watch.

The walk back to the hotel.......

Some photos taken by the water photographers at the park.......

My favourite under water shot......peace!

Basic admission info to the water park for those with MyKad (and they will asked you for your MyKad , seriously)....

All Parks
(Water Park - Amusement Park - WildLife Park - Extreme Park & Scream Park)
Adults : RM75
Children & Senior Citizen : RM60

3 Parks
(Water Park - Amusement Park - WildLife Park)
Adults : RM60
Children & Senior Citizen : RM48

*Strictly NO FOOD & DRINKS allowed into the themed park....(they'll inspect all knapsacks & bags in-search for outside food & drinks before entering the park)

Operating Hours
Monday : 11am - 6pm
Tuesday : CLOSED (except during the Malaysian school holidays & public holidays)
Wednesday - Friday : 11am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday : 10am - 6pm

Masuk je kereta , the kids tidur! I asked MP to go to the Taman Melawati Night Market to buy dinner that nite. Another great family outing........in KL but an exciting one.