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Monday, April 18, 2011

1st Term School Hols : A Visit To The Zoo

Early April Yna started her 1st term school break. Tak de plan pergi holiday mana-mana pun. Nantilah........biar reda sikit my work load at the studio and MP's work. On a week day I took the kids to Zoo Negara. It will be Adriel's first time going to the zoo. MP had to work plus I tahu sangat that MP is not an outdoor person. Tambah-tambah nak jalan-jalan tengah panas......wohoooo.....seriously not his thang. I pun tak suka berpanas , siapa yang suka pun ,,,,, right? But kalau I tak bawak budak-budak tu melawat zoo masa diaorang tengah nak membesar & mengenal itu ini sekarang ni......siapa lagi nak bawak. Panas pun panas lah,,,,,,pakai topi....kalau penat , berhenti rehat. Tak susah.

I asked MP to drop us at the zoo before 11am coz I wanna catch the 11am animal show. I insisted to bring along Adriel's buggy. Nak pulak si Adriel duduk kat buggy dia. Nasib baik I bawak........coz I tahu si Adriel tu malas berjalan lama *hmmm......in the blood* , tapi MP tak nak percaya cakap I. Bila keluar outing , dia nak Adriel berjalan......bila budak tu buat perangai , nak didukung , member temper.......pening akak dek.

We arrived Zoo Negara just in time.....few minutes sebelum the animal show started. Adriel was excited to see........errrr.....the 'bol' being tossed here and there by the sea lion.

Ada show burung copet duit!....Pak Arab belah kanan kasi RM10 , burung tu sambar. Pak Arab belah kiri hulur RM1.....3 kali burung tu terbang kat dia tapi tak sambar pun duit seringgit tu...hehehe!

After the animal show we headed to the aquarium......tengok fish.......

At the same area we saw Mr. Penguin with his family & friends berenang-renang dan berjalan dalam an air-conditioned room........

Kat Penguin House ni , a group of tourist from Middle East suka tengok si Adriel , especially this man. Dia geletek , dukung , lambung-lambung si Adriel the best part diaorang ingat yang Adriel ni baby girl. They couldn't believe it when I told them that Adriel's a baby boy. One of them even throw a question at me "Are you sure?"...hahaha!

Hari yang I pergi ke zoo ni tak ramai pengunjung........sebab it was a week day plus it's during schooling hours. Yang ramai masa I pergi tu was foreign tourist.....So mana-mana pergi pun we kept on bumping into group Pak Arab yang suka-kan si Adriel tu. Bila bertembung je , mesti diaorang gomol-gomol si Adriel. Sekali tu when we were on the tram , Pak Arab yang dukung Adriel dalam gambar tu siap kejar tram sebab nak menyakat si Adriel.

After visits to the aquarium , hmmmm......laluan nak tempat-tempat lain kena lalu souvenir shop ni.....Adriel nampak 'bol' , bukan dia menangis......I yang menangis sebab banyak sungguh 'bol' kat kedai tu. We spent some time here choosing & buying key-chains......and of course.....'bol'!

We then walked slowly to The Wild Restaurant for lunch.

Here they served fast food & finger food at reasonable prices. Ada fried chicken with rice , burgers , hotdogs , spaghetti , chicken porridge , fish & chips and etc. Paling penting kat sini ada air-cond......hahhhhhh.......lega!

Since tak ramai orang kat dalam restaurant ni (...and MP tak de) , I bebaskan Adriel to wonder around the restaurant......kalau MP ada , tak boleh ooooo.....

Perut pun dah kenyang & dah tukar diaper Adriel kat bawah pondok Dato Ismail Hudson (dah keluar restaurant pulak si Adriel gasak poo poo...hish!...) , malas pulak nak pergi toilet.....tu lah bila pergi outing macam ni with a toddler in tow , kena laa prepare semua necessity like changing mat - wet tissues - plastic bags (to wrap dirty diapers before throwing them in the trash can & etc) - extra clothing - small pillow - baby blanket - topi..........just in case. Ah.....all mums with small kids knows this lah............

Me and the kids had our leisure walk around the zoo sampai ke Savannah Walk.

Jalan-jalan lagi tengok banyak haiwan....

Ada Rima.....ada rimau! Auuummmm!!!!

Penat , lepak kejap kat Flamingo.....Flamingo Lake bukan Flamingo Hotel macam selalu.....hehehe!

Entah burung apa......so big....

Jalan-jalan lagi........hahhhh......finally sampai jugak kat Ribena Hut ni. Rehat lagi. This hut is air-conditioned. Awesome! Actually ada 2 hut yang ada aircond,,,,,satu lagi Nuri Hut tapi hari yang I pergi aircond tutup pulak.
Align Center

See.....only us in the Ribena Hut overlooking the Flamingo Lake.

So.....if you ever visit the zoo , do watch out for the Ribena Hut berdepan dengan kandang gajah :-)

More pics before finishing our round at the zoo.

.....nature , who doesn't love the nature........oh boy , I know a person who doesn't.....huhuhu!

Finally , we caught the tram to make 1 last round to enjoy the zoo again before MP comes to pick us up. Almost 15 minutes we're done and walked our way to the entrance to meet MP. 4 hours at the zoo and I had a great & quality time with my kids. Just us. I will definitely do it again......on a week day of course :-)

A brief visitor's info on Zoo Negara..........

Opening Hours : Opens daily from 9am - 5pm.

Entrance Fee
: With Insect Zoo & Butterfly Park
RM25 (Adults)
RM9 (Children)

: Without Insect Zoo & Butterfly Park
RM20 (Adults)
RM6 (Children)


  1. Salam rima,
    if u really enjoyed this zoo, u shud go to singapore zoo as well. Sangatlah amazing, animal dia pun gemuk-gemuk n sihat. Its an open zoo, so animals not caged. Its clean n well-maintained. Satu hari pun tak cukup jalan. Ajaklah MP turun Singapore *wink*

  2. Salam beb...
    I've taken Yna to the Singapore Zoo in 2007 during the Chinese New Year break. In fact we stayed and visited the Night Safari as well. It was awesome....we enjoyed the animal show at the so called 'island' which we had to queue for hours but it was worth it,,,,takut jugak sebab masa tu part of the show a python escaped! Uurghhh....and am very terrified of snakes!....we even stayed on and enjoyed the food & music at the Night Safari....Me & MP waited till Yna can really appreciate things then only we took her there , no point of taking her at an early age like Adriel coz she won't remember a thing....dah laa mahalllllll!!!! I remembered that we spent more or less RM1000 at the Singapore Zoo that day & nite for just me- MP - my BIL & Yna......yes , sure....will make that trip to Singapore Zoo when Adriel is 4 or 5....*wink*