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Sunday, April 3, 2011

39th Birthday : I Finally Met Afdlin Shauki

Many many years back *I think in 2006* through my Myspace account , I wrote this :

Who I'd like to meet:

I'd like to meet Madonna. Why? To introduce Islam to her. Hmmmm....why that look on your face mate? Tak percaye ke? :-) Yeah! Why not? She was searching for a true religion at that time....she tried many things but didn't get to see Islam. That's all am saying ya know. Dia terlepas pandang about Islam. Just imagine what would it be like if Madonna were to embrace Islam...... :-) That was before OK. Kapish!

I'd like to meet Tuanku Sufri Bolkiah of Brunei again. Last time I saw him was in the early 90's @ Liza Aziz's album PC & before that at his own palace in Brunei. Buat show lah...Was there with my mom , Azlina Aziz , Francissca Peters , S. Atan & my mom. Yeap! My mom was there coz at that time I was 15-16 years old. So what for nak jumpe dia lagi??? Hahaha....Nothing. Saje je. A friendly prince & friend. And you believed me when I said nothing??? Hahaha.....there's that look on your face again mate.....But betul laa beb.....tak de ape- ape. Saje nak bikin gubra skit. Tuanku tu baik (mase jumpe dulu lah). He signed an autograph to me saying that we'll be friends forever (again , time tu lah)....sekarang ni entah die ingat gua ke tak...i wouldn't know beb. Tu sebab teringin jugak nak jumpe....kalau dia masih mengaku ingat lagi kat gua , Alhamdullilah....taklah terputus silaturrahim....

I'd like to meet Afdlin Shauki. Oh my god? Why him? Kenape yang terperanjat beruk sangat ni beb? Again, biasalah...jawapan standard...nothing. Tak de ape - ape. Sebenarnya , I minat kat dia. Tu je. Infact he is the reason why I have this blog thingy on Myspace! I wanted to tell him how much I adore his work of art. Suka , suka , suka siehhh! But I accidentally hit I don't know what button , next thing I know I have to sign-in & etc...(i memang bodoh banyak when it comes to things like this on the internet ni...sikit - sikit tu OK aaa...) I mula - mula tahu that there's an Afdlin Shauki when I saw him performed with Zainal Abidin kat Baze disco, years back. Was there , saw him performed & liked his soulful aura...hehe! Tau sikit - sikit pasal Afdlin from his little sisters (& mom) who was a National Choir member together with me those dayz. Keep track of his work , ideas , music ....Yeap! Am a BIG fan dari dulu lagi. Dari masa orang tak nampak dia sampailah sekarang ni bila orang dah nampak Afdlin Shauki. Biasalah Malaysia. Kalau kat negara luar , dah lama orang angkat bakat seni dia. Tak perlu terlalu bersusah - payah nak convince members of the press that his work of art is worth looking at. Been there. So frustrating. So back to Afdlin Shauki being what & who he is.....naturally , I wanna meet him. AND OF COURSE NOW SINCE I'M AT MYSPACE....I'D LIKE TO MEET NEW NET BUDDIES :-)

I'd like to meet My Creator. Nak sangat. Insya'allah. ~PEACE~

And yes......finally , after 5 years of admiring this man's work or art and being his fan.....I met him! The best part , he came to me! Well , tak laa dia datang cari I tapi Dia atur-kan cara agar Afdlin datang to my studio. Walaupun atas urusan kerja , still......I could have gone to him but He says otherwise. Berkat sabar kot....hehehe! God knows how much I sincerely adore Afdlin's movies and basically apa jua kerja seni yang dia buat. I sokong , walaupun dari jauh. Waktu Afdlin won best actor for the first time,,,,,,I was so so happy for him. I remembered sending him a pen as a gift to his office address as I don't know where to go looking for him to say congratulations. Entah laa dia dapat ke tak pen tu. I tak malu to say that,,,,Yes! I minat dia.....simply because he is an artiste with brains *wink*....

FYI Mr Afdlin Shauki was at the studio to send his protege Ratna who's now competing in TV3's reality show Mentor. Ratna didn't get good remarks from the jury in both rounds she competed and Afdlin decided to send her to Cikgu Siti Hajar.

This is Ratna , Afdlin's protege in Mentor with Cikgu Siti Hajar. We've more or less detected Ratna's strength & weakness and will work on it the best we could.

Afif *anak Kak Siti* , dia memang dah lama involved dengan show biz. His latest was as top 10 contenders in TV9's reality show Idola Kecil 3. Afif memang dah lama kenal Uncle Afdlin. Afif pernah berlakon dalam filem Sumolah with Afdlin.

Yna.........hmmmm.....like her mummy , she's also a big fan of Afdlin Shauki and I never did ask her to like so and so....It was her call totally. She loves all of his movies especially Baik Punya Cilok.

Big....big star & big fan *wink*

A note for me : Another sweet 39th birthday gift for me. I Thank You. Another addition to my 'A' lists........*wink*

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  1. Ayyyaaakkkk wa pun banyak suka sama ini olang....

    dari duluuuu jugak.... cari laki pun gebu cam dia..ahahahahah, suka lakonan dia dalam soal hati, sukeee sgt...