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Saturday, April 16, 2011

39th Birthday : Late Korean Lunch @ Sweetree

On a tight weekend , after my studio time.....I ajak MP cuba makan kat Sweetree. It's a Korean restaurant tapi still ada local food in the menu. Almost everyday lalu depan restaurant ni tapi tak berkesempatan to try it out. My reluctant partner ngomel , tapi finally ikut jugak......

I had the Bibimbap..........I requested for the egg to be raw but it came semi-fried. Tak best laa makan Bibimbap with telur mata kerbau. Tak ori. Another set back with the Bibimbap that day was it came with chicken instead of beef! Alamak....another turned off for me. Lain-lain ok,,,,the veggies & kimchi was fine.....the one I had kat airport Bangkok hari tu was delicious. MP ordered the noodle soup.....not bad as the noodle was made when customers ordered them. There was also local favourites like fried rice & fried kuey teow here.......

I had strawberry smooties......they used Yakult in it's smoothies & some other drinks.

The sorbet was my favourite here! There were choices of mango , lemon , pineapple & coconut sorbet. Since tak kaki sangat benda masam-masam , I opted for the coconut sorbet. OMG! sedap.....I came in a cute small coconut shell. Nice.

Lepas-lepas makan.......I wondered around the restaurant........I love the tables. Very colourful , macam ada latino touch to it , very my taste.

MP suka feature pokok tiruan kat dalam restaurant ni......

Antara ruang-ruang untuk bersantap......kalau bersentap.....boleh head-banging.....dinding semua batu kaw-kaw punya....hehehe!

And.......I just had to snap this feature that was scattered on the floor.....unique.

It's a cool place to hang-out. Food's OK. Price pun reasonable.

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  1. Salam Rima.
    Dah lama I follow you...since your old blog.Really enjoy baca you blog because you sangat jujur dengan apa yg you tulis and paling i suka segment dumb Cooking....really admire you.