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Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Burgers

Dah lama tak datang Syed Bistro ni. Rasanya sejak Yna lahir I tak datang sini. Dulu-dulu memang selalu makan kat sini. This place is in Keramat AU5. The place is famous for its Nasi Bukhara Ayam or Kambing. My main reason to lure MP to have dinner at this place was because I actually wanted to find this jumbo grilled burger stall that was said to be yummeh......hehehe! Not so much nak makan kat bistro ni.....

After ordering some light dinner at Syed Bistro , I excused myself and walked out of Syed Bistro to the said burger joint. Tapi I didn't get the name of the stall but very easy to spot coz it's just by the road side....and.....you'll notice a big 'black' guy doin' the grillin' :-)

I chose just a plain burger without cheese which cost RM7 each. Tapau 2 of those and another beef burger with cheese for Yna which cost RM8 each. Ow! Man!.......the beef burger was so juicy.......


On another hungry day , me & Kak Siti headed to the German Deli ImBiss in Ampang Jaya. Satu hari tak makan tu yang kepala teringat yang jumbo-jumbo sokmo...hahaha!

Kak Siti with my Megaton Beef Burger! "Tengok je Kak Siti????? Hehehe...."

Hmmm.....apa nak tengok-tengok lagi.....kita makan dulu! It was good but I only managed to eat half of the burger........tu pun dah mengah dah. Lagi separuh bungkus bawak balik.

A note for me : Yes , I love burgers.


  1. alamak... mmg besar n tebal daging bugernyer... msti bt sndiri kan...
    hmmmm pastu ngn megaton beef buger akak tuh... alahai mkn ber3pun blh kn

  2. Dana - Yaaaaaaa.....tebal & memang burger tu buat sendiri. rasa macam those yang kita makan kat hard rock...but only RM8 je....hehehe! As for the megaton tu , memang boleh makan bertiga pun....hari tu sebab lapar sangat tu yang belasah separuh.....

  3. Kak, yg burger black guy dpn Syed tuh, dia duk kt AU5D tuh gak. My mom pnya neighbour. They said lamb grill dia pon not bad. His wife is Msian.

  4. Kak, yg black guy bikin burger tuh duk kt AU5D tuh gak. His wife is Msian, my mom's neighbour. Dgr citer, lamb grill dia pon mantop :)