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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guests From Bangkok

"Hello.....this is Bapak Iblis....." , that was the call I got from my friend Sonny when he called me mid April. He came back to KL for a 2 weeks holiday with his family during the Songkran Festival break in Thailand. Yna pun masih cuti sekolah lagi masa ni , so I dragged her & MP along with me to meet up with Sonny. Kak Siti tak dapat nak join coz she's tied up with job kat Felda.....

Bapak Iblis was the nickname me & Kak Siti gave to Sonny coz he's the creator & owner of Iblis Clothing in Bangkok. Sonny designed interesting dark fashion clothing line & shoes & bedspread.....hoping to bring in some of it here......see how lah....

So one afternoon , I've decided to treat Sonny and his family for lunch at Bora Ombak , remembering that Sonny used to work in Bali before he settled down in Bangkok.

Sonny came with his brother Dino (who lives here in KL) , his designer wife Kate & his 3 kids. Sonny ni orang KL and he has many family members here in KL. Dia balik ni pun sebab ada wedding to attend........and..........adik Sonny was an ex-St. Marian , a year my junior in school.

Boon & Mok.....tengah tiup api yang dipasang atas burung aluminium tu.....inside the bird,,,,,hmmmm.......a very delish seafood otak-otak.

Antara makanan yang di-order......Pecel Lele , Ayam Bakar , Butter Prawn.....We did order some Thai food kat sini sebab kat Bora Ombak ni ada mix of Indonesian & Thai food. Sonny's wife Kate memang orang Thailand and she's a good cook herself. The Thai food that we ordered here got a thumbs up from Kate.

It was so good to be able to catch up with Sonny & family in KL. Many business talks & untuk trip ni I mintak Sonny bawak-kan some barang dagangan untuk dijual kat studio.....hehehe! Masa I mula-mula nak ke Bangkok for my jeans business , MP tak berapa ambil pusing but when I got back from Bangkok and brought with me few things......pandangan & persepsi dia about doing business with Bangkok changed. He understood now why I chose Bangkok to do trading.

A group photo

Sebelum balik.....more borak-borak kat luar Bora Ombak. Am so glad that Sonny & Dino & the rest suka tempat ni especially Dino. He said he'll come back to Bora Ombak :-)

Poo-chai & Poo-ying........

When we arrived hujan baru rintik-rintik , when we were in the restaurant,,,,,it rained heavily and when we're about to leave,,,,,,the rain subsided.......great. Don't be mad when it rains.....coz hujan is Rahmat dariNya. Nabi told us to Doa when it rains , mustajab katanya. So , enjoy the rain. I've always loved the rain *wink*

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