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Monday, April 11, 2011

Happenings With Yna

Esok April 12th , Yna naik sekolah for her 2nd term........after her term holidays. Tak pergi mana pun school holiday ni. Kali ni bukan MP yang busy but I am. Memang MP banyak kena baby sit the kids this time around.*Smile* *Smile* *Smile*

I missed out on so many happenings in March and hahhhhhhhh....akan cuba sedaya upaya to update this blog. Seriously so much things to do. The set back is when I'm at the studio , I can't go online to do most of my work and by the time I balik.....I have limited time to go online.

And yes......I need sleep. Loads of it!

At last Yna dapat jadi prefect. She got her green tie & badge during the Prefect Installation Ceremony in school recently. So proud of her. Very proud *smile*.

Satu lagi school event Yna was her sport's day and this was a month ago , March 12th. This time it was being held at the International Islamic University Malaysia's Hamzah RA Stadium. It was my first time entering IIUM Gombak and I was so amazed to see how beautiful the university was.....I liked the environment so much. Cantik.

Yna was told to be at the stadium at 7:30am! Mak oiii...awal nya! This time we've decided not to take Adriel along with us as we have no idea kat UIA nanti macam mana. We went out early and sent Adriel to my parent's place and then headed to UIA. Didn't have breakfast in hope kat situ nanti ada laa tempat makan or something.

Acara pertama.......march pass.......Yna masuk march pass ni......

Antara 4 buah rumah yang buat march pass......personally I rasa rumah Yna which was the blue house , did a pretty good & creative job.

By the time perbarisan selesai.....matahari pun makin naik & perut pun terasa lapar....I'm sure ada canteen kat UIA ni *mustahil tak de laa kan* , cuma parent weren't being well informed about where to get food & etc. This was one of the set backs of the school.

I'm sure the sport's committee dah datang stadium ni way in advance to survey the place & facilities. They should know kat sini apa yang ada & apa yang tak de. Kenapa laa tak inform kat parents yang tempat ni tak de tempat makan and if so , bring your own food & drinks or something like that dalam sport's invitation card.

I nampak pihak sekolah ada sediakan refreshments but for who , I don't know. Tak kan nak pandai-pandai ambil makanan & minuman. No announcement pun saying that parents or guardians boleh jamah refreshments. Mengong!

Most parents went out of UIA to get breakfast. Ada yang pergi McDonalds bawak balik breakfast for family members yang datang menonton. Ni dah second time sekolah ni buat arrangements yang macam ni. The last time was during the school's concert last year.....entah lupa kat dewan apa tah kat Sentul. Tempat tu pun tak de tempat makan around the area. Kalau concert tu makan masa sejam dua tak pe laa....ni Ya Ampun.......dari before noon sampai dekat pukul 6 kena membatak kat dewan tu. Sekolah memang ada sediakan refreshments......tapi only for 2 person , Ya alahai....burger sebijik je. Bagi I yang datang dengan MP je OK laa....tapi for family yang datang dengan siblings lain & etc.....kebulur laa jawap nya.

Kalau sekolah tak nak sediakan food pun tak pe but let us know in advance keadaan tempat yang kita nak pergi tu.....senang , kalau tak de tempat makan....we can bring our own :-)

Tahun ni Yna masuk 2 event. Perbarisan & Gymrama. She was excited for her participation in this year's gymrama sebab katanya budak-budak senior yang choreograph the gymrama dance bagi dia buat solo part......kena gelek-gelek for the song Waka Waka.

Tapi......half way into the gymrama's performance.......the music stopped! And tak sambung-sambung dah lepas tu.....the kids were so frustrated. Entah laa salah siapa , music technicians ke or team mate dia orang yang edit lagu ke......hmmmm.......kalah laaa.

We didn't stay till the end. Perut dah lapor sangat-sangat.

Antara acara-acara akhir was event Tug-Of-War antara teachers & parents. Dari masa Yna di Sri Inai lagi , either me or MP will be the sporting parents to take part in the teachers/parents event.....tapi hari ni.......hahhhhhhhh......tak kuasa......

That's it.......masa event TOW ni , we left the stadium. The next schooling day dapat tahu yang Yna's blue house won the march pass! Yay!

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