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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MP's 51

MP turned 51 last March 22. I ada quite a few studio sessions that day and didn't plan anything at first. I did ask MP if he has plans to go out for dinner with me & the kids in conjunction with his birthday but he said NO!. Hmmmm....OK lah , further more I was busy at the studio anyway.

Before MP dropped me off at the studio I told him that , I wanna go out for dinner. It's fine if MP tak nak celebrate birthday dia. I'm fine too not celebrating MP's birthday but I have to create a birthday mode for the kids. They're growing up and I don't want them to turn out cold-hearted like daddy.....*sigh*.....I wanted them to know that remembering one's birthday especially those who is close to you is indeed important.

Tengah duduk-duduk kat studio tetiba rasa nak buat small gathering to celebrate MP's birthday. Where? What time? Who to invite?.....
Surfed the net with my mobile to get phone numbers & etc......

Finally decided to have dinner at PappaRich. Called PappaRich at Nihonkan Club , Jalan Ampang & made RSVP for 10 pax. I sent text messages to few people and we'll meet for dinner later on. I called to tell MP that I wanna buy him dinner with the kids at PappaRich not telling him that a group of people will be coming to join us for dinner.

Lepas studio........we went straight to Nihonkan Club.....
Sampai sana , MP tengok Kak Siti pun sampai......then more familiar faces yang sampai.....hehehe!

Tu dia......I jemput students je.....sebab MP tak boleh nak marah-marah depan strangers. Sengaja I tak ajak my family. Malas. Malam ni Afiq aka Tuan Manager yang baca doa selamat for MP. Amin.

Makan.....makan......makan......birthday boy bayar....Panic kejap birthday boy tengok ramai yang I ajak dinner....hehehe!

Align Center

Celebrating 2 birthdays actually. This is Ikhmal *student vocal* , his birthday was on March 20th and MP's on March 22nd. Both guys tak tahu that we're here to celebrate their birthdays. Eh! Teacher Saleh....comel je senyum....tu lah nak tengok MP senyum payah sangat....

Actually this birthday dinner was on me. My treat :-) Like I said to Kak Siti , guna duit tabungan...hahaha!

Malam ni Adik Mok dapat freedom , boleh beralih-alih tempat time makan.....Adriel tak nak duduk atas baby chair pun MP tak terkata apa,,,,,why? sebab friends around. Kalau dengan I anak-beranak or my family , for sure MP nak tunjuk kuasa macam kat Sri Ayutthaya hari tu......Dowh! Malam ni Mak Iti ada to layan Adik Mok makan......

Chit chat , chit chat lepas makan........

Memang tak sempat nak beli kek. Ni je kek yang ada kat PappaRich ni. It's an ice-cream cake.

Bila dah keluar kek , hehehe.......baru lah Ikhmal tahu that he was being tricked to attend the dinner by his girl Bell. Ikhmal ingat cuma nak celebrate birthday MP je.....dia tak sangka that he's part of the celebration too.....Nice!

A group photo for remembrance......PappaRich....kot kot laa Papa si Yna & Adriel can be super duper rich too.....hehehe! All ended well without any kejadian yang tidak diingini :-) Happy Birthday Nan , Happy Birthday Ikhmal.

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