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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding In Raub

Dalam sibuk-sibuk , I managed to squeeze some time to attend a wedding in Raub , Pahang. The journey was pleasant even though it was raining quite heavily.......berpusing jugak nak cari rumah pengantin......Taman Bukit Koman....hehehe!

On a Saturday , I had to leave my choir practice half way as am heading to Raub for this wedding. MP are not fond of weddings (honestly , same here.....). Simple weddings are fine but those too elaborated ones are a turned off for me. For this wedding MP made an exception coz our good friend's daughter was the one who got married. We left KL around 3pm-ish.......and by the time we reached Raub , the wedding's over.

Azwa & Syafiq.....congraulations!

When we finally jumpa rumah yang buat kerja kahwin , keadaan dah tenang. Tetamu dah tak de. Yang tinggal family members & friends yang tolong-tolong mengemas sambil rehat-rahat.

To us , we came because of friendship's sake. I kenal bapak pengantin Encik Stamam dari zaman I belum kahwin lagi. He was a fan.....hehehe! Masa first time I kenal Encik Stamam , I ada stage show di Raub and he attended. Ni kes from fan jadi friend. Then I kenalkan Encik Stamam to MP and they became good friends. They meet occasionally for either leisure or business purposes and we've been friends for more than 15 years. The thing is.....sampai sekarang I masih address this friend as Encik Stamam. Dunno why. Hahaha......

Lambat or not , still tuan rumah has some food for us......and......we ate dengan aman sekali...hehehe! Boleh tambah tanpa segan silu & Yna loves the ayam masak merah......dia bedal 3 ketul!

Ni anak Encik Stamam , the bride.......lepas ni will be base in Kuantan with her husband.

Lepas makan , I ronda-ronda ke dalam rumah....berbual-bual dengan wife Encik Staman & family.

Sambil-sambil tu , sanpped few pics of the pelamin its decors.......

MP pulak spent his time chatting and smoking kat luar rumah dengan Encik Stamam.

It was a short and sweet visit. Dapat spend quality time dengan tuan rumah. Earlier we've told Encik Stamam , kalau kitaorang datang pun it will be late.....and he said tak pe , datang je. Tu yang kitaorang datang walaupun lambat sebab dah dapat green-light from tuan rumah to come anyway. Hmmm.....Encik Stamam ni muai anak perempuan.......yang bergambor dengan I ni 4 orang anak perempuan dia.....yang lelaki tu menantu dia si Afiq , dah tukar uniform sebab kena duty mengemas.

A note for me : Used to hate Pahang but now I left my heart in Pahang........*wink*

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