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Monday, May 30, 2011

Back From HatYai

Salam all......It's Monday , and I've just got back from HatYai , Thailand. Taking this opportunity to wish everyone a good Monday even though I hate Mondays,,,,,,Waiting for my students to upload photos of us all in HatYai......now gonna go catch up on my sleep....yesss......had sleepless nites throughout the journey because I had loads of 'controlled' fun with my students. Fabulous time :-)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Off To Hat Yai

Hi peeps......guess I'll be away from my blog for few more days.......Am off to Hat Yai , Thailand. Pergi dengan Yna & my vocal students.......more about the trip when I get back OK.....Kiss Kiss Kiss.....Lot of love from me. Sawadeeee.....

A note for me : You go to NY , I go to HY *wink*

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shruthi's Birthday & Good Luck Ratnah

Ratnah didn't make it to the finals and we more or less can figure out the reasons why. I more or less told her that already when she came for her last rehearsal at the studio. Anyways , she did her very best and I have faith that she can perform on her own on stage with or without guidance of a mentor unlike the other finalists. Hope that she'll make it in this entertainment world. Good luck sista!

This was early May , lepas last class malam ni I have to attend a birthday party. One of our student will be celebrating her 16th birthday in PJ. Apa lagi , lepas kelas habis,,,,,,,,mula conteng-conteng muka. In the mood for green tonight ;-)

Hmmmm......black & white photos can certainly hide all make-up flaws....example uneven skin tones & etc.....hehehe! Hmmmmm......we're living in the new millennium.......with hi-tech gadgets & what nots.......but still.........they are idiots making videos in black & white,,,,,and mute some more,,,,, macam zaman filem Charlie Chaplin pulak.....wonder why? Is there any flaws to hide? have you heard of facial latex skin technique used in film making? *wink*

I have not been to House Of Pakeeza for ages! I love the food here. It's in PJ , Section 14....dekat masjid bulat. Here they served traditional Moghul cuisine from the Nothern part of India. Dulu-dulu masa my BIL masih dalam ministry selalu datang makan sini coz the owner kawan my BIL. The Palak Paneer is to die for.......

Nice setting.......loads of mirrors in here.

I went to the party with Kak Siti and her son Afif (of Idola Kecil 3).

Malam ni tuan rumah cater buffet dinner. The food was good tapi tak de Palak Paneer. I dengan Kak Siti nak je order...tapi rasa tak sedap pulak. So jilat tapak tangan je lah......kempunan Palak Paneer kat House of Pakeeza ni. Tak pe,,,,tak pe,,,,,,Insya'allah nanti will make a trip to makan here with my family.

Ini-lah birthday girl-nya.....Shruthi. She won an AIM recently in the Tamil artiste category or something. She's a very cheerful girl and she has a mind of her own at the age of 16.

With Shruthi & he mom Mrs Jaya.......

More pics before we left the party. Happy sweet 16th Birthday. Enjoy!

A note for me : Someone is flying off to Uncle Sam soon :-(

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dumb Cooking : Mee Bandung & Cucur Udang Adabi

So,,,,,,pada suatu malam yang sangat-sangat penat.......I just had to gagah-kan diri and cook something for the family for dinner. I ada class lewat petang and lepas Maghrib baru balik. Sampai bukit singgah Giant. Kepala blank , tak tahu nak masak apa. Yna suka kuey teow goreng. MP suka mee goreng. Adriel will eat anything.........hmmmmm.......
After cluelessly wandering around Giant......I thought I'd give Mee Bandung a try! The best part was........I've never cooked Mee Bandung at all in my entire life! My mom , my dad had never cooked Mee Bandung at home......I seriously do not know how to make Mee Bandung.....hehehe! Taking stupid risk here actually. Dah laa penat , hari makin lewat...now nak masak benda yang tak pernah hayat hidup buat......memang recipe for a disaster! Hahaha!

I beli ingredients macam terror masak Mee Bandung. Main ikut rasa je beli barang. Dalam hati ....hmmmm....kena ada rencah ni kot....kena ada rencah tu kot....semua main kot kot je.....
First , I rebus some daging tetel..........

Biasa laa......guna rencah instant.....hehehe! But I mixed rencah Mee Bandung Adabi with Tean's Gourmet's Prawn Noodle paste......In a wok in goes some water & both noodle pastes....in goes the daging tetel rebus and let it bubble away.....

Next in goes some fish balls & crushed sweet cherry tomatoes

Few minutes later I cracked 4 eggs in the gravy for the four of us. Carefully stir the eggs so that the yolk stays in one piece....

Then.....in goes a packet of yellow noodles into the wok.....

When the noodle's partly cooked , together goes some bok choy & prawns.

Within minutes , udang masak & bok choy pun masak.........give the gravy a taste.....add seasonings like salt or sugar to your likings if the paste doesn't satisfy your taste buds.

Done! Didn't really take a long time to prepare the noodle. Everybody loves it! Especially Adriel! Awesome!

On another nite.........hmmmm.......I made some cucur. Guna tepung cucur Adabi. Mixed tepung cucur ikan bilis dengan tepung cucur udang. My twist,,,,,I added loads of isi udang kecik-kecik yang dah dikopek kulit tu.....

I buat banyak and the whole family ate my cucur udang for dinner.

Before I end my dumb cooking this time , I would like to take the opportunity to answer a question by Leena who sent me a comment some time ago.....Leena asked me about the sambal paste that I used and about cili boh......

Dear Leena , my favourite sambal paste would be from Tean's Gourmet as it's complete and fine to my taste. It taste good on its own or if you have extra time , you can always enhance the paste with lime leafs or serai or coconut milk or tamarind paste......anything you desire. That's how I improvise my cooking when using instant pastes of any kind. Another brand is Kokomo.....it has all the complete ingredients for any sambal tumis but Kokomo gives a darker red effect on your sambal plus it's not sweet enough which I don't quite like.....when I use Kokomo , I'll have to add sugar & settle with a deep red sambal tumis.....not so pretty but OK.

As for cili boh.....I would say that cili boh has evolved dari rasa cili boh masa 80's dulu. Now most brands in the market is good to use in our cooking. I will usually look for cili giling on its label like Cili Giling Puteri.....you can still discover some chili seeds in it unlike those old school cili boh.....halus gilerrrr....hehehe!

Finally , I managed to update some dumb cooking post....hehehe! Entah bila nak masak lagi.....hahaha!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Highgrove In Suara Kekasih

Among the family , we've always known that Highgrove was once featured in the famous heart breaking love story film , Suara Kekasih acted by Azmil Mustaffa (Taufik) & Ogy Ahmad Daud (Ayu).

Sebelum tu just to walk down memory lane for myself..........the other day dok tengok album lama with the kids......tengoklah gambar-gambar masa celebrate another raya & buat open house kat Janda Baik.

A green pagi raya in quiet Janda Baik.....

A Raya open house in the jungle.........

Among the guests , MP with Datuk Sani Abdullah (veteran actor) and Tan Sri Dr Hamid Othman (ex-Minister & Penasihat Agama to PM , a very close family friend)

Me with my SIL - Puan Sri Jamilah (Hamid Othman's wife) & their daughter in law. Also with Dato' Yusof Haslam (my former boss for many years while being the regular cast of Roda-Roda Kotaraya) & Dato Mustaffa Ma'arof (former president of Seniman)

Ni part paling best for the kids (& us too).....dapat duit raya from Uncle Kadir. Yna became the favourite with Uncle Kadir because she's the only rose among the thorns!

Fond memories I cherished & there were unpleasant ones I'd rather not think about had happened at the family estate in Janda Baik........I love this place :-)

Moving on to Suara Kekasih...............

I can never forget the 'bila ayam berkokok' scene......the lovers were to be separated when dawn comes....oh my.....so so heart wrecking. Berderai-derai air mata.....hahaha! The above pic was taken from the last shot of the movie. View of Highgrove from the jalan kampung that's above it.

The same hallway.......

Hmmmm.....and we're sitting at where Ogy sat :-)

The same ol'grill from the 80's till now :-)

Yna's sitting at almost the very spot where they filmed the 'meeting' scene.....

MP & Adriel walking across the same bridge as Ayu & Taufik.

The same bridge as above but from a different angle

Side view of the bungalow.......

See the statue in the above pic,,,,,,now being shifted to the apartment lawn.

Ni gazebo yang Ayu & Taufik meluah-kan rasa rindu & cinta & segala-galanya......huhuhu!

A note for me : Rindu yang teramat *wink*