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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dumb Cooking : Mee Bandung & Cucur Udang Adabi

So,,,,,,pada suatu malam yang sangat-sangat penat.......I just had to gagah-kan diri and cook something for the family for dinner. I ada class lewat petang and lepas Maghrib baru balik. Sampai bukit singgah Giant. Kepala blank , tak tahu nak masak apa. Yna suka kuey teow goreng. MP suka mee goreng. Adriel will eat anything.........hmmmmm.......
After cluelessly wandering around Giant......I thought I'd give Mee Bandung a try! The best part was........I've never cooked Mee Bandung at all in my entire life! My mom , my dad had never cooked Mee Bandung at home......I seriously do not know how to make Mee Bandung.....hehehe! Taking stupid risk here actually. Dah laa penat , hari makin lewat...now nak masak benda yang tak pernah hayat hidup buat......memang recipe for a disaster! Hahaha!

I beli ingredients macam terror masak Mee Bandung. Main ikut rasa je beli barang. Dalam hati ....hmmmm....kena ada rencah ni kot....kena ada rencah tu kot....semua main kot kot je.....
First , I rebus some daging tetel..........

Biasa laa......guna rencah instant.....hehehe! But I mixed rencah Mee Bandung Adabi with Tean's Gourmet's Prawn Noodle paste......In a wok in goes some water & both noodle pastes....in goes the daging tetel rebus and let it bubble away.....

Next in goes some fish balls & crushed sweet cherry tomatoes

Few minutes later I cracked 4 eggs in the gravy for the four of us. Carefully stir the eggs so that the yolk stays in one piece....

Then.....in goes a packet of yellow noodles into the wok.....

When the noodle's partly cooked , together goes some bok choy & prawns.

Within minutes , udang masak & bok choy pun masak.........give the gravy a taste.....add seasonings like salt or sugar to your likings if the paste doesn't satisfy your taste buds.

Done! Didn't really take a long time to prepare the noodle. Everybody loves it! Especially Adriel! Awesome!

On another nite.........hmmmm.......I made some cucur. Guna tepung cucur Adabi. Mixed tepung cucur ikan bilis dengan tepung cucur udang. My twist,,,,,I added loads of isi udang kecik-kecik yang dah dikopek kulit tu.....

I buat banyak and the whole family ate my cucur udang for dinner.

Before I end my dumb cooking this time , I would like to take the opportunity to answer a question by Leena who sent me a comment some time ago.....Leena asked me about the sambal paste that I used and about cili boh......

Dear Leena , my favourite sambal paste would be from Tean's Gourmet as it's complete and fine to my taste. It taste good on its own or if you have extra time , you can always enhance the paste with lime leafs or serai or coconut milk or tamarind paste......anything you desire. That's how I improvise my cooking when using instant pastes of any kind. Another brand is Kokomo.....it has all the complete ingredients for any sambal tumis but Kokomo gives a darker red effect on your sambal plus it's not sweet enough which I don't quite like.....when I use Kokomo , I'll have to add sugar & settle with a deep red sambal tumis.....not so pretty but OK.

As for cili boh.....I would say that cili boh has evolved dari rasa cili boh masa 80's dulu. Now most brands in the market is good to use in our cooking. I will usually look for cili giling on its label like Cili Giling Puteri.....you can still discover some chili seeds in it unlike those old school cili boh.....halus gilerrrr....hehehe!

Finally , I managed to update some dumb cooking post....hehehe! Entah bila nak masak lagi.....hahaha!


  1. seriously Tean's Gourmet tu mmg sedap haha.. i pn selalu gak guna tapi kt Giant Bukit aje ada.. tmpt lain susah sungguh.. ur mee bandung version mmg i akan cuba! haha

  2. Ely - yaa...the paste makes my life easier...hehehe! cuba je...i belasah je....janji mee tu masak....hahaha!

  3. suke nyer tgk dumb cooking akak nih... simple n lazat, saya pun selalu gk gune perencah mee bandung adabi tuh... sedap gk
    time2 rajin je baru beria2 bt yg btl2