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Monday, May 16, 2011

Highgrove In Suara Kekasih

Among the family , we've always known that Highgrove was once featured in the famous heart breaking love story film , Suara Kekasih acted by Azmil Mustaffa (Taufik) & Ogy Ahmad Daud (Ayu).

Sebelum tu just to walk down memory lane for myself..........the other day dok tengok album lama with the kids......tengoklah gambar-gambar masa celebrate another raya & buat open house kat Janda Baik.

A green pagi raya in quiet Janda Baik.....

A Raya open house in the jungle.........

Among the guests , MP with Datuk Sani Abdullah (veteran actor) and Tan Sri Dr Hamid Othman (ex-Minister & Penasihat Agama to PM , a very close family friend)

Me with my SIL - Puan Sri Jamilah (Hamid Othman's wife) & their daughter in law. Also with Dato' Yusof Haslam (my former boss for many years while being the regular cast of Roda-Roda Kotaraya) & Dato Mustaffa Ma'arof (former president of Seniman)

Ni part paling best for the kids (& us too).....dapat duit raya from Uncle Kadir. Yna became the favourite with Uncle Kadir because she's the only rose among the thorns!

Fond memories I cherished & there were unpleasant ones I'd rather not think about had happened at the family estate in Janda Baik........I love this place :-)

Moving on to Suara Kekasih...............

I can never forget the 'bila ayam berkokok' scene......the lovers were to be separated when dawn comes....oh my.....so so heart wrecking. Berderai-derai air mata.....hahaha! The above pic was taken from the last shot of the movie. View of Highgrove from the jalan kampung that's above it.

The same hallway.......

Hmmmm.....and we're sitting at where Ogy sat :-)

The same ol'grill from the 80's till now :-)

Yna's sitting at almost the very spot where they filmed the 'meeting' scene.....

MP & Adriel walking across the same bridge as Ayu & Taufik.

The same bridge as above but from a different angle

Side view of the bungalow.......

See the statue in the above pic,,,,,,now being shifted to the apartment lawn.

Ni gazebo yang Ayu & Taufik meluah-kan rasa rindu & cinta & segala-galanya......huhuhu!

A note for me : Rindu yang teramat *wink*


  1. alamak cmne cite tuh? nk kena kenang2 balik nih.. sumpah tak ingat hehe.. Adik Mok sebijik muka Yana!! hahahahahhaha cute betol!

  2. cite suara kekasih tu mmg syahdu, saya siap nngis lg masa kt ending tuh...n everytime tgk cite tuh msti nngis gk huhuhu

  3. Rima
    baru nak tanya sebab rasa2 mcm bungalow dlm citer Suara Kekasih.....rupa2nya memang betul.

  4. Sangat suka cerita Suara Kekasih ni. Ala la sikit sikit macam cerita yours Truly :). Akan tengok bila keluar kat TV.

    http://BegItuBegIniBegituBegIni (my setting tak betul so kena tulis kat sini.


  6. Anonymous....memang tak boleh rent :-( ni holiday home my BIL kat Janda Baik tu....