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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shruthi's Birthday & Good Luck Ratnah

Ratnah didn't make it to the finals and we more or less can figure out the reasons why. I more or less told her that already when she came for her last rehearsal at the studio. Anyways , she did her very best and I have faith that she can perform on her own on stage with or without guidance of a mentor unlike the other finalists. Hope that she'll make it in this entertainment world. Good luck sista!

This was early May , lepas last class malam ni I have to attend a birthday party. One of our student will be celebrating her 16th birthday in PJ. Apa lagi , lepas kelas habis,,,,,,,,mula conteng-conteng muka. In the mood for green tonight ;-)

Hmmmm......black & white photos can certainly hide all make-up flaws....example uneven skin tones & etc.....hehehe! Hmmmmm......we're living in the new millennium.......with hi-tech gadgets & what nots.......but still.........they are idiots making videos in black & white,,,,,and mute some more,,,,, macam zaman filem Charlie Chaplin pulak.....wonder why? Is there any flaws to hide? have you heard of facial latex skin technique used in film making? *wink*

I have not been to House Of Pakeeza for ages! I love the food here. It's in PJ , Section 14....dekat masjid bulat. Here they served traditional Moghul cuisine from the Nothern part of India. Dulu-dulu masa my BIL masih dalam ministry selalu datang makan sini coz the owner kawan my BIL. The Palak Paneer is to die for.......

Nice setting.......loads of mirrors in here.

I went to the party with Kak Siti and her son Afif (of Idola Kecil 3).

Malam ni tuan rumah cater buffet dinner. The food was good tapi tak de Palak Paneer. I dengan Kak Siti nak je order...tapi rasa tak sedap pulak. So jilat tapak tangan je lah......kempunan Palak Paneer kat House of Pakeeza ni. Tak pe,,,,tak pe,,,,,,Insya'allah nanti will make a trip to makan here with my family.

Ini-lah birthday girl-nya.....Shruthi. She won an AIM recently in the Tamil artiste category or something. She's a very cheerful girl and she has a mind of her own at the age of 16.

With Shruthi & he mom Mrs Jaya.......

More pics before we left the party. Happy sweet 16th Birthday. Enjoy!

A note for me : Someone is flying off to Uncle Sam soon :-(

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