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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eating Out......

Sometime earlier this month I ajak MP ke Kampung Baru. Hahahaha.......memang kelat laa muka dia bila I ajak ke area yang padat , sendat & jam.....hehehe! I told him dah jelak makan kat area Ampang-Bukit Antarabangsa ni,,,,,,,,,

MP cakap makan kat Kampung Baru parking susah but since I dah pernah datang sini dengan staff Dr A and I know kat tepi tempat makan tu ada parking space,,,,,I confident laa....tunjuk-kan tempat parking. MP dah lama tak datang area ni , so I tahu he doesn't know about the parking spot.

Sekali masuk RM5. MP kata apasal mahal sangat , I told him , this is Kampung Baru,,,,,,space is very precious. Kalau nak parking kat tempat yang OK & selesa.....kena bayar extra sikit laa.....kalau tak , sila-kan lah cari parking space kat mana-mana.

Gerai Ikan Bakar Pak Lang Gerak 21. Sentiasa ramai orang kat sini.

Macam-macam lauk ada tapi........dunno why , tak berapa berahi.

Finally , lepas berpusing-pusing tengok lauk.......ni yang I pilih. Pari Bakar , Ulam , Budu & Sambal Tempoyak.

I also took some Hati Masak Kicap with kuah gulai tempoyak.........but.......

......after taking a bite of the hati , I had to push them aside. I can't eat them. Too gamey for me. Tasted like an uncooked organ. I terpaksa ambil nasi baru , kaut-kan nasi yang ada kuah tempoyak kat pinggan pertama tadi. I cuba jugak nak makan nasi dari pinggan yang I letak hati tu tapi gravy yang terkena nasi pun rasa gamey jugak. Seriously cannot. Ampun.

Verdict from MP.....dia kata tak sedap makan kat sini :-( ,,,,, tu MP kata OK.

Last week , I bawak my student Shanna ke Bora Ombak. She's from Sabah , still new here and it was her first time going to Bora Ombak. Shanna turned out to like the place.

We both had the Set Dulang around RM13.90 with Ice Tea & dessert. Shanna had a beef rendang set & I had the pecel lele set.

Can't resist but to order this Seafood Otak-Otak , hmmmm....RM18+.

Shanna followed me the whole day today , pagi kat studio , had lunch then fetched Yna at school , sent her to mengaji class , then back to the studio till malam!

Long Overdue : Lots of eating out in May but am just gathering a few for my updates.

Can't remember when but I was invited for lunch at my dear Dr A's clinic by his staffs. Kali ni I tak payah susah-susah masak , cuma datang makan je. Orait! Selalunya kalau nak makan-makan kat clinic Dr A,,,,,it will be on a Friday. Why? Sebab on that day it'll be a non-clinic day as Dr A is now giving lectures at one of the local university. Kalau pun dulu masa Dr A tak mengajar , he'll be out for Friday prayers and will come back later in the afternoon to check on his patients and of course to have a taste of the food that we had tapau for him *wink*.

Kali ni lunch , staff dari clinic lain yang masak so Kak Ram kata tak payah tapau for Dr A.....wahhh! Hmmmm....entah bila lah I sempat lagi nak masak untuk makan ramai-ramai kat clinic Dr A macam ni......

Ni masa I tried out the set lunch at Bara 1 , Axis Atrium. Filling & cheap too.

For dessert........cucuq kodoq!

Lunch was good.

Mood was good too ;-)

One of the days , cuba makan kat Restoren Haji Sharin Low. Located kat Bukit Antarabangsa ni je. MP was very reluctant to go. Dah banyak kali I ajak tapi dia berat nak datang. Dunno why. Ada satu hari tu I tapau dinner from here , not bad.

Masa sampai malam tu , tak de orang. MP lagi laa berdengus........ngomel kat I,,,,,"nak sangat makan kat sini". I tahan telinga je lah....what to do , I yang ajak. Tapi dengan kuasa Dia,,,,,,,the moment we sat down,,,,,,satu demi satu kereta berhenti depan restoren tu. I know this coz we sat kat depan. More families coming into the restaurant for dinner..........I smiled when I know MP noticesd that many customers coming in. Alhamdulillah,,,,,,,You helped me proved MP wrong....hehehee!

I wanted to try the Roasted Duck but MP wasn't game for any itik gembo-gembo......hmmmm.....mana nak habis I makan 1 ekor itik panggang sorang-sorang. Lupa-kan....nanti lah....one day I'll buy for my dad , dia suka makan itik. So for that nite I ordered Rice with Sweet & Sour Fish.

Some Butter Prawns & Lala.....

BUT.........the real reason I wanted to come here......it was for the Peanut Soup. One of my favourite desserts ever! Peanutelicious!!!!

A note for me : 2 weeks ago I dreamt of you coming to my parents house for dinner. You asked my dad for some rice at the dinner table and my dad stood up and gave you some rice.

I dreamt of you last week........you wore red......I walked into your new quiet office and headed straight to the pantry. Then I discovered that you've turned the lower ground of your office and make it a nice home. Looking outside the home office I saw a river yang jernih-bersih-sejuk & air mengalir deras. You've requested that the backyard to be planted with beautiful flowers. I was running freely in your colourful garden. I was so happy to see & smell all the beautiful flowers in the garden. I also saw 2 twin wading pool which can only fit 2 babies in it at an open space on the roof top.

And......last nite , I dreamt of you watching out for the kids at the swimming pool. When I came to take over the duty to take care of the kids at the pool......you asked me if I wanted to swim with a smile on your face that I can never forget and I nodded.

I wanna dream of you again.....


  1. post yg sgt mengiurkan...
    heheheh sbb mkn3...
    kedai mkn kt kg baru tu tak pnh try lak kak...
    akak tak penah try mkn kt restoren nasi padang garuda tu... orite gk makanan dia...

  2. omg....sweetnya mimpi u. ; )

  3. sharin low tu not bad, i baca review yg dipercayai roasted duck tuh sungguh sedap.. walaupon i xmkn itik (xpenah and tak suka kot) tapi baca review n tgk gambo buat i teringin nk mkn haha