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Sunday, June 5, 2011

HatYai Trip : Day 2

Day 2 starts with the entourage arriving at the Padang Besar check-point.

Malaysia & Thailand shares the same Immigration Complex. Upon arrival , we were on the Malaysian side of the complex and few steps ahead , got our passport chopped , we're already on the Thailand side of the complex......awesome.

Sementara menunggu train ke HatYai,,,,,,minum-minum & makan-makan dulu kat Immigration Complex tu. We're free to wonder around the complex......hmmmm......cam senang je nak seludup barang coz from the complex ada jejantas ke carpark lagi.......tapi tu dilihat dari mata kasar je,,,,,I'm sure they've thought of all that , don't they *wink*

......see the black dividers on the left of these pics......tu counter untuk chop passport by the Thai Immigration Department. Lepas chop passport.......berlonggok kat belah Thailand tunggu train.

I was lucky that on the way to HatYai , I dapat naik event coach. Walaupun tak lama , Alhamdulillah.....merasa jugak naik. OK OK je , cuma kat depan coach tu luas......boleh bentang tikar lagi. Nampak tak a guy standing in the pic on the right? Dia tengah berkaraoke........huhuhu!

Ni bahagian depan coach.........lapang. Ada lampu lip-lap lagi. Ni si Afif , anak Kak Siti tengah dok menyanyi. Lagu tip-top.....song lists semua dalam laptop........

Akhirnya after more or less an hour , we arrived in HatYai......safely.

Assembling everyone & a group picture at HatYai Station.

Then we all marched to the buses that's waiting for us outside the train station. Kat seberang jalan from the train station ada shopping centre Robinson......hmmmmm.....As you can see there's a stretch of double-decker buses waiting. 1 of it was for the sekolah agama students & their teachers.

Now this groovy bus was for us!

....tak de aircond but ceiling fans!

......just look at the colourful interior of the bus , ada disco lights and all.....it's a mobile disco bus! Gerek siehhhhh!

We later arrived at HatYai Paradise Hotel & Resort. It's a nice hotel but it was tucked away from the city centre or tempat shopping. Actually tak lah jauh mana pun , kalau naik tuk tuk less than 10 minutes (kalau tak jam) dah sampai ke the famous shopping area in HatYai.

OK,,,,,,masing-masing dah dapat kunci bilik......2 person in a room.

I'm OK with the hotel cuma the staff was a turned-off! Most of them spoke very minimal English. We arrived , got our keys and up we went to our rooms only to find out that the housekeeping have not make-up our rooms! We had to wait for more than an hour for them to get our rooms ready.

I had a quarrel with the front desk after they hung up on me. I had to charge my phone and I had forgotten to bring along my international plug/socket adapter and this time around Kak Siti pun lupa bawak jugak. So I called the housekeeping asking to borrow or to rent one but they don't understand what I was asking for , spoke Thai to me and put down the phone. Fine.

Then I called the front desk , telling them what I wanted but they hung-up on me. I called again & again , they picked up the phone and hung-up......Housekeeping letak telefon I boleh tolerate lagi,,,,,,but the front desk buat macam tu????? Too much , bodoh laa tu. Apa lagi,,,,,,I terus turun bawah ke front desk dengan hati yang panas and.......no.......I tak marah depa pun because tak de guna marah-marah.......they won't understand a word I said. I told them that I need to borrow or rent a plug adapter to charge my phone.........Eh.....elok je dia bawak keluar dari laci dia satu plug. Dia try kat my phone and naturally lah , it works. So I told the lady kat front desk tu yang I nak sewa benda alah tu.....she said it cost 80Baht. Dalam RM8 laa....tak kisah laa berapa pun then I tanya rental ni untuk 1 hari ke and I mintak nak bawak plug adapter tu ke bilik coz I have 2 phones to charge......the lady tak kasi , dia mintak balik adapter tu.......she asked me to give her money and suruh I tinggalkan my phone to be charged at the front desk.........Hoooooo.....No way! Sorry lah.....gila ke nak tinggalkan my phone kat orang-orang yang tak faham bahasa. Kang kalau selamba kodok dia cakap phone I tak de kat situ........huhuhuh! Tak pe lah.....terima kasih. Took my phone and went upstairs.

A lesson for me to remember.........always.....always bring along an international plug/socket adapter kalau travel overseas.

By the way , bilik I tak siap lagi. Pack lunch yang organizer nak kasi pun tak sampai-sampai lagi........

I pun bawak Yna for lunch kat coffee house. Alhamdulillah , the coffee house is certified Halal.

Just the two of us having lunch.....

We had fruit punch & ice cold water at Fern Restaurant.

I had Crab Curry Fried Rice (left) & Yna had Prawn Fried Rice (right). Lunch costs around 250Baht.

Entrance to Fern Restaurant.

Finally after lunch......bilik pun siap. Spacious and very basic.

Shot wajib.......hotel toiletries.

Ni view from our window...........tak menarik langsung! Hotel ni kat kawasan residential.

Tapi view dari corridor hotel was beautiful......Boleh nampak terrace Fern Restaurant & the garden.

Ahhhhhhh........beautiful view of the pool too!

Dah settle dengan bilik,,,,,,,me & Yna headed to the pool. Dari semalam duduk atas train , dengan tak mandi tak apa........taking a dip into the pool with the humid weather in HatYai seems to be the next best thing to do........hehehe!

Afif joined us at the pool too......

Pics taken from the 2nd floor.

We had 2 hours of swimming and then it was time to get ready for a trip to a local religious school.

Dalam perjalanan ke destinasi , I suka tengok wayar-wayar elektik yang berselirat kat HatYai ni. Dari first time I visited HatYai dulu.....I was kinda amazed by it. Was wondering kalau-lah sebuah rumah terputus bekalan elektrik......how long will it take for the electrical company to re-connect the electric power back to the house......hehehe! I'm sure they have a way tapi tu lah......serabut sungguh wayar-wayar di sekeliling bandar.......rendah-rendah pulak tu....

Another thing is the parabola........depa pakat pasang kat tepi jalan je......hehehe! Menarik menarik....

Dalam setengah jam perjalanan , sampai lah ke destinasi yang di tuju , Hatyai Wittayakarn School. It's an Islamic boarding school in Songkhla. Most students & teachers kat sini boleh bercakap dalam bahasa Melayu sebab kat sekolah ni diaorang ada belajar bahasa Melayu as one of their subject.

Selepas sessi suai-kenal , pelajar-pelajar dari Hatyai Wittayakarn School mulakan persembahan nyanyian lagu nasyid.

Their female students pun tak ketinggalan buat persembahan.

Murid Sekolah Agama Simpang 5 pun dah prepare sebuah lagu......

Para penonton di merata ceruk sekolah......

We sang a song too.....Belaian Jiwa.....hehehe! Nasib lah labu.....lagu nasyid belum practice lagi.....

Lepas selesai persembahan segala.......time to posing-posing........

Me & Kak Siti with students.......

We took our time to explore the school.......

Then headed to the canteen........Beef Noodle Soup.......hmmmm......

Lepas solat Maghrib baru we left the school.

Tu dia our bus waktu malam........lampu neon & lampu disco semua on.....

We asked the bus driver to leave us at Lee Gardens Plaza / Central Hotel shopping area. Bila malam tempat ni meriah. Ada street show , lots of street vendors , street food.......best best best.

Trip kali ni I tak banyak shopping macam pergi Bangkok hari tu. I just bought few t-shirts for Yna & Adriel , 3 shirts for MP and an I Love HatYai t-shirt for myself. The rest I cari fridge magnets & some keychains for Yna's school mates. Tapi penuh jugak laa beg.....huhuhu!

Unlike Bangkok , HatYai was quite a street food heaven for Muslims. From fried seafood to fried chicken to dried sotong & dimsum.......semua Halal. Kalau ada yang kita teringin makan tapi tak Halal.....walk few more steps and you'll find someone selling Halal ones. Great.

Dah penat jalan-jalan.......kita minum air kelapak dulu!

The last time I came to HatYai with MP , my BIL Kadir & family , we stayed here at the Central Hotel.

Dah almost midnite our time *baru 11 lebih Thai time*, tapi masing-masing dah keletihan. Sebelum tahan tuk-tuk to go back to the hotel , lepak kejap kat tangga Lee Plaza......betul-betul depan Central.

Finally we all shared a tuk-tuk back to the hotel,,,,,,just 20Baht each.

Back at the hotel , me & Yna enjoyed these delicious udang galah goreng! They're fresh & juicy.

For dessert , Yna had her favourite pulut mangga and I opted for some fruits. Mangoes and one whole and large sweet & juicy pineapple! The pineapple cost me 100Baht.....but worth it. It's yummy!

I really enjoyed the night out with Yna and my students. We had a great time. My students were easy to handle , they respected me & we understand each other. Most of all I enjoyed the street food the most!


  1. hi.... i would lik to ask a question about the plug at hatyai. izzit the plug voltage supply different wif malaysia or juz the plug head shape different?

  2. Hi....sorry I took so long to reply. The head plug shape is different....the voltage works fine.