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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Baby Boy Is 3 Today.....Alhamdulillah.

Time flies.....now my baby boy is already 3! June 30th......owh! how I still remember the day he was born. Dramatic but loved it. The day that I fell in love......hmmmm........Yes , a new love emmersed in me together with the birth of my baby boy.....3 years I've carried this love around with me......good signs coming my way , Insya'allah. You don't understand what am mumbling about?,,,,,hehehe! . Nevermind . *wink*

From prematurely born at 28 weeks (7months) , with only 1.2kg.....stayed in the incubator for 2 months.....baby Adriel grew up without major complications. Alhamdulillah.

YuP! Becoming cheekier and naughtier each day......


Hehehe.....kena marah....

Adriel Rashdy Noah today.

On his birthday today I took him to Dr A's clinic today coz ada urusan dengan staff Dr A. The moment he enters the clinic,,,,,,he was running & singing & climbing here and there......he was so happy there....

To my son , I love you and I love everything about you. You're naughty. You're stubborn. You're adorable. You also can be a pain in the ass at times.....but it's OK. I'm proud that you know your ABC's already. I'm proud that you turned out to be very smart and most of all,,,,,,I'm proud that you have music in you and you sang well too.....just like me. Yes! I love you dear A. *wink*

A note for me : Happy too.....

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