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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Al-Fatihah : Dr Lo' Lo'

Ramadhan comes and I'm taking this opportunity to do tahlil for individuals that's dear to me through out the Holy month of Ramadhan , that includes family & friends and Yes....persons that I've never met.

My prayer goes out to Almarhumah YB Dr Lo'Lo'......since the landslide tragedy that hit Bukit Antarabangsa on December 6th 2008......arwah Dr Lo'Lo' became my friend. She offered help to fly my newborn premature baby out of Bukit Antarabangsa. She kindly arranged for a helicopter transfer for baby Adriel who was 5 months +. So what if she was in the opposition party......I simply do not care. To me , she was one lovely soul. She helped me and for that I shall remember all the good deeds that she had done to me & my baby & my mom. She also medically treated my mom at the relief center.

Ever since the tragedy Dr Lo'Lo' constantly sent me text messages asking about my baby & my mom. She also at times forwarded me beautiful short tazkirah & precious Islamic quotes. And I still keep the last text message she sent me in my mobile.......

had a wonderful lunch with Bapak Iblis & family from Bangkok........hehehe!
April 11 at 10:13pm · ·

Not only via text messages......we were connected on FB too.......

You shall be missed but never forgotten doc,,,,,thank you for your help.....I love you. Another doctor in my life is gone.........

I miss Dr Haliza........

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