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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Love Temerloh : Day 1

Hope that I can cover 3 days of my Temerloh posts kat CC hari.......picture tale laa ye....too many photos to share.......most of it kat FB......while writing , am also uploading pics to my 2 other FB accounts.....hah.....berpinor mata tengok same pics over and over again....but it's OK coz am seeing blueeeeeeeeeeee.....*wink* *you'll know why later-later....hehehe!*

I'm here in Temerloh with my vocal students since last Friday , July 22nd. Mulanya 15 orang nak join tapi dah akhir-akhir......only 6 of us came. I dah booking and made arrangements since May lagi.....not knowing that there'll be more agenda 'installed' for me........happy ones of course. Dari May lagi I dah tetap date & etc.....Am glad that everything went on smoothly and the trip was a memorable one.

We stayed at Kampungstay Desa Murni in Kampung Sanggang. Mulanya ingat nak duduk kat Homestay Desa Murni in Kerdau but I was told that kat Kampungstay will be much more comfortable for me an my group as we will be staying together in a house. Great. Anyway , Kampung Sanggang & Kerdau is just 2-3 minutes away.

This is the Kampungstay.....Cantek. 4 houses in operation , 1 modern bungalow & 3 kampung houses. All newly build.

Kat keliling rumah ada pangkin , alat tuai padi ni and a dewan in construction.....

Upon arrival........angkat beg sendiri. No bell boy , bell boy aaaa......

Kasi ketuk kuat sikit.....no bells! just burung belatuk kayu OK....

Spacious ruang tamu......

....with cute chairs around the living room........

The guys depan bilik diaorang.......

Ni master bedroom , my room. Very spacious.

LCD TV in the room lagi.....

Clean and pretty bathroom.

All rooms ada aircond & kipas. What more to ask......I'll come to this kampung at any time derrr!

All bathrooms ada hot shower....wohoohoo.....ada hot & cold drinking water supply lagi....

A complete kitchen......siap ada washing machine , detergent pun disiapkan.....melampau tau....hahaha!

Ruang makan.......you can cook and eat comfortably. Tapi me & group paid all in for this trip , from breakfast - lunch - tea & dinner.

Will be my home for the next 3 days :-)

Teacher Saleh , cikgu drum Yna pun join trip ni. Lepak kejap sebelum aktiviti petang mula....

Petang ni my group kena lead a group of school kids from London to cook either nasi goreng or mee goreng or both! Hehehe! Fun fun fun....

Tengah bahagi-bahagi , siapa masuk team siapa.....

Team I semua lelaki. Team Teacher Saleh semua girls.....

Shanna with her mix gender team. Octe & Khalil with their all girl team.

Gather to get the ingredients needed.....not a competition but just to show the kids how to cook our local food.

Best part......I taught the boys my short cut way of making NasGor....hehehe! Even ada reps from Tourism Malaysia that day was clueless of what was I doing , hehehe! Biasa laa......method dumb cooking I , mana semua setuju nak ikut.....but....dowh! Janji cepat & janji ingredients semua masak. Firstly , I asked the boys to splash some oyster sauce & sweet soy sauce onto a bowl of rice and mix them well with their bare hands....hehehe! Lupa pulak I yang nasi tu panas....hehehe! Merah-merah jari diaorang mnenahan panas...hahaha! I then told them to go and wash their hands and I'll finish the task for them....

......with a spoon of course....Sorry boys....

Pihak organizer sediakan cili paste , mixture of garlic-shallots-anchovies , fish balls , fish cakes , sawi , salt , cooking oil. Next thing to do , I tumis-kan cili paste & garlic mixture. Fry till fragrant and added the fish balls & fish cakes & sawi.....after a minute , in goes the rice mixture......done! I told the boys that there will be no salt needed as the soy sauce & oyster sauce dah masin. They were happy to tell the gang that they didn't use any salt in their food. The boys timed the cooking process and it took us only 8 minutes to finish.

Then the boys requested to try cooking the fried rice by themselves using the method that I've just taught them....Ya....why not kan? They did it in 6 minutes! Awesome! They wanna keep on cooking another batch of fried rice by themselves.....they did it very well. Proud!

We were done way before the other teams....hehehe!

Chefs resting...hehehe!

Then it was time for an early dinner.

Menu was the fried rice & fried noodles that we cooked with some chicken barbeque & fish crackers. Simple & filling.

Later at nite........we enjoyed ourselves to an impromptu dance performance from the kids. A simple step dance.

My group sang a number too....

Organizers invited a group of local trditional dancers from Temerloh to come and perform that nite. We ended the nite with couple rounds of Poco-Poco and yaaa.....we also did the step dance lead by the anak-anak Mat Salleh! A very entertaining nite for us all to share......short and sweet.

A group photo......a must isn't it?

We headed to our 'house' to take a shower & watch TV. LCD TV with Astro Beyond yo'all! Kat hall pun ada aircond! Kalau tak nak aircond , boleh bukak kipas. Free WiFi pun ada siol. Nak complaint apa pun I tahu pasal tempat ni. At night it was peace & quiet around the house.

Dah pergi outstation mana laaa mata nak tidur awal kan.......we then make a trip to bandar Temerloh which was 15 minutes away from Kerdau. Tapi malam-malam ni banyak kedai makan yang dah tutup. Mission-nya nak beli some drinks & snacks kat 7 Eleven........we then ended up tapau-ing some fried chicken from ChicKing. Fast-food joint like KFC , baru 2 hari bukak kat Temerloh ni.

Bonnet kereta penuh minuman & makanan.......kalau ada road block alah balik ke Kerdau ni and kalau polis suruh bukak bonnet belakang.....semerbak laa bau fried chicken....& also barang-barang lain yang polis akan jumpa will be loads of snacks & bottled drinks....hehehe!

Sampai rumah , hujan ribut! Tapi nasib baik kat sini guna Astro Beyond.....so siaran tak lah tergendala.....We all layan thriller 'My Bloody Valentine' malam-malam buta ni sambil makan ayam goreng ChicKing with the girls screaming every now and then! Nasib laa I dah tengok cerita ni , tak lah berapa nak takut sangat...hehehe!

Malam ni tak berapa boleh tidur......tempat baru. Tapi no worries , tiada kejadian-kejadian mistik or what so ever.....the place is safe.


  1. Kak Rima, who organised the trip from London and why were they in Temerloh?

  2. salam Maz....trip from london to was arranged by their school...they were in temerloh to do some voluntary work kat tempat gajah in kuala gandah.