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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Israk Mikraj Celebration

Baru-baru ni kat surau near my parents place ada buat sambutan Israk Mikraj. Ajak MP attend. Mula dia reluctant tapi I cakap , just by hearing the ceramah pun dapat pahala......well , Alhamdulillah,,,,,he agreed to attend.

I duduk kat belakang sebab si Adriel dok ke sana , ke sini. Kejap dia meluru ke depan ruang surau where my father was sitting. Nanti ikut suka hati dia , he'll walked cross to my brother then crawled to MP.....and I'll be standing by kat belakang ruang solat surau....coz ada ketika dia nak keluar pulak.......

Macam mana laa I nak pergi terawih kat masjid or surau bulan puasa ni. Adriel is not a 'stay put' kid. He has lots and lots of energy. Not fair kalau I tinggal-kan dia kat my mom or dad sebab diaorang pun for sure nak perform solat terawih. Tak-kan nak tinggal dia kat rumah dengan Yna berdua je while I pergi masjid buat terawih.....gila pulak jadi mak bapak tinggal-kan anak-anak kat rumah unattended macam tu......looks like it will have to be a solo terawih again for me at home this year.....what to do.

Lepas acara di dalam surau selesai , ada jamuan makan-makan. My neighbour kebetulan buat aqiqah kambing 2 ekor untuk cucu dia. Macam selalu,,,,I tak makan kambing tapi I jamah sikit. Turned out that it was good! The Kari Kambing was damn good! Auntie Faridah , my neighbour yang masak. She's a good cook & well-known caterer kat area rumah my mom ni. I yang tak suka makan kambing ni boleh makan dengan selamba kodok je. One serving after another. Sikit tak de rasa hamis kambing.....syok sieh! Adriel pun suka......my dad sampai tak percaya yang Adriel boleh makan kari kambing yang Auntie Faridah masak.....best best best! Malam balik sure kepanasan!

These are cute isn't it........hmmmm.....if only I can bake......hahhhhh!

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