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Monday, July 11, 2011

My DELL's Gone Forever.......

I've use my Dell since 2002. And it died on me yesterday. It's motherboard can't be saved , no juice anymore. Sad. I could have bought a new notebook when new models were being lured into the market but.....I stayed faithful to my old Dell. Tempted to get a new one when others around me did but my Dell's still working fine. So why should I abandon you just like that....

Now am at the cyber cafe updating this post. Am sad that you're gone dear Dell but life must go on. Not having you around made me reassessed myself , Yes,,,,,,we're living in an IT era but without IT , we can still live. I thought I'd be very very lost without going online everyday and every single minute but I was wrong. Well , I was a bit lost for the first few days but with a bit of mind tuning , *telling myself that things will be better*....hey presto! I am OK laaa......no laptop , no net all day....it is fine. I am still me. I found the more relax me. Hmmmmm......

All that's missing is my work on my laptop. I can't do my written work , that's all. Other than that , I'm OK. *Sushhhhhh......I still have my I-Pod....hehehe!* Cukup lah untuk nak update FB status.

Am not saying that am turning myself back from the Maya World ,,,,,,,,Hell NO! Hahaha! All am saying , I know that I can live for couple of weeks now without having to rely fully on the world wide web. That's some personal achievement for me I'd say coz , I know......MANY of us are addicted to the internet. It's hard not to be able to get connected..it's hard but it's not the end of the world. Yaaa...that's what I told myself when the computer technician called me today to tell me that my Dell's gone forever,,,,,,,,I would have freak-out or be angry coz all my work was in my Dell.......but....amazingly,,,,,,,I took the news well and after putting down the phone , I told myself......it's not the end of the world. I wasn't happy though but I was in an absolute calmness. Awesome feeling. The energy was so positive.

So hari ni , here I am at a cyber cafe.......telling my story. Susah sikit laa.......from the comfort of my home to the publicly used PC.....but it's not a big problem right? Need not complicate things.

To my dear 2002 Dell , I owe you so much. TQ very much , you know that I love you.....Yes! Even though you are just a thing but you've served me well and appreciate it full-heartedly. You shall now rest in peace. And as for me , guess I'll have to go look for a new Dell now.

Good bye Dell.

A note for me : The glass is always half full not half empty *wink*.

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