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Friday, July 8, 2011

Still No Laptop.......

Am so lost without my laptop! Balik rumah rasa empty.........am so not a mobile-internet person , setakat nak login to FB via the phone....alah....it will be the last thing I'll do,,,,,,kalau memang nak sangat update status jam tu jugak,,,,,I'll do it lah , kalau tak......yang ado.

I updated my last post about Adriel's birthday pun kat studio. Guna PC studio. Kat studio tak de wireless connection , so I bawak my P1Wimax ke studio. Connection speed from the studio teramatlah lembab. One day tu I nak upload photos to my FB,,,,,it took me hours! Aiyoo. Nak upload pics to blogspot pun seksa sangat. Hmmmmm.......

Banyak nak cerita tapi skrip semua dalam kepala,,,,,uwaaaaaaaa......jangan sampai kepala jam dah. Insya'allah boleh bertahan lagi. Lately lots in my mind......dari family ke financial ke studio ke relationship ke friendship ke emotion matters........all being uploaded onto my shoulders & kotak minda but amazingly *dengan izin-Nya* , I still feel great. Alhamdulillah. He's with me , He gave the strength to lead my daily life......and YES.....I have You & YOU in my life to make things OK for me. TQ. *wink*.

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